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Friday, 27 July 2007

London life....

It's been 2 days in London with my friend. Didn't manage toget anything done yesterday as my friend was waiting for some mail from DHL to deliver. Quite surprised that they have lousy service. It didn't came at last. We had a bad time at home as the internet next door which we usually use can't connect like usual. Sirens every now and then on the street... damn it.. so noisy...

Anyway, today continue for job hunt.... In CC now though... 15 minutes left. I need to continue my work... updates again as soon as possible...

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

I feel stupid

Why am I in this position now.... hate my life.... I don't wanna involve in something like that anymore again for the rest of my life!!!! When can this end!!!!!!! ARHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

feel better now.

food smells nice from the kitchen.... hungry....

Sunday, 22 July 2007

The Most Tiring Day

Today, is the most tiring day in my life in UK!! RUSH RUSH RUSH like crazy when reaching London... So I was concerned that I might not have enough time to get on the next train... well, I did it... but! I nearly collapse when i hop on the train. Story below....
My bags were like heavy.... even when I walk 5 minutes from my house to Park Lane Interchange consumes hell lots of my energy... so I decided to call my friend in London to help me for a lift of my bags... but in the end he didn't showed up.. damn it... When reaching London Kings Cross, I pulled myself with all the bags, don't even know the direction of the tube station... I stood there calling my friend again but he didn't picked up... so I tried to look for the tube station then found it... I had a very bad time there... seriously. I hopped on the wrong tube, stopping one stop before the station which I'm suppose to go. Damn it!! I need to carry all my bags... going down the steps... then carry up again to another platform... STUPID!!

When I reached Liverpool Street Station, I got only 5 minutes for the next train... The stupid guy who worked there don't even know where the heck am I going... I gave up asking him and go ask others... when I got to know the gate... The gate was crowded with hell lots of people, I really don't know what luck... I can't get in!! I tried another gate but the guard refused to let me in and ask me back to the gate before... So I got in finally and hopped on the train. I was SWEATING LIKE CRAZY!!! I never sweat like that since I came here... dripping all over... my hands sore... muscle pain... damn.
I hurt my finger when moving the damn big suitcase on my bag on the train to London... don't even know who's so stupid to put a damn big bag on my smaller size bag... no brain at all... and cause me to hurt my finger as that damn suit case landed on my finger when i try to move it aside... damn it... can't even type normally now. Still hurts if i use that finger to type...

Anyway, still need to Thank God that I made it through all the way here....

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Final hour....

Well, final hour in Sunderland now... leaving at around 1p.m. later to catch the 1.20p.m. Metro as I'm carrying hell lots of luggages, and I don't wanna rush in such a weight... damn it... 2.58p.m. train from Newcastle to London. Guess I'll either be watching Detective Conan or sleep when on board.. hehe...

Just quite concern about the transit by tube from Kings Cross Station to Liverpool Street Station as there's only around 50 minutes in between arrival at Kings Cross and departure from Liverpool Street Station. What's more... stairs... many mini stairs which only have a few steps, up and down in both stations and I'm carrying like heavy... no lifts at all for those steps....

Anyway, more updates to come tonight if I still got the energy to blog.

What's Your Blog Rated??

Well as I look through some blogs, I found out this interesting rating page from IcyQueenGoddess's blog. I had a try on the page but I decided not to copy the html codes directly from the page. I rather cut the page down and paste it here as the words below the ratings are the ones which are interesting. Take a look.

My own blog.
Click to enlarge... so mine is rated G, but there's something down there in red...

Jeannie's Blog
So Jean's is around the same as mine...

Chloe's Blog
Hmmm... some colour there... PG-13 as the word "Rape" appeared 5 times...

The following 3 blogs are rated PG though...
Angel's Blog
It's funny that the word "bomb" could be rated as well....

Clement's Blog

Ellen's Blog

So the next 2 are the awards for the best rated blog and worst rated blog...

Best rated blog
Reason: No bad words found in the page


Worst rated blog - Berberboo

Reason: The word "bitch" appeared for 9 times... well... her blog's name is "My Life is A Bitch"... what to do.... -.-"

Anyway, this is just for fun... and the ratings are not accurate at all.. Don't have to take it seriously though...

Friday, 20 July 2007


I was tagged 77 days ago (saw from Technorati Profile) in Sabrina's blog, but I didn't even bother to do it until now. Well, she didn't do it for a period of time as well as you can see from her post... keke.... So... here I go....

Layer One : On The Outside

Name : Jeremy
Birth Date : 27th June
Current Status : Available
Eye Colour : Black
Hair Colour : Black
Righty or Lefty : Righty

Layer Two : On The Inside

Your Heritage : Pure chinese
Your Fear : Failure
Your Weakness : Moody always
Your Perfect Pizza : Thick cheese topping, thick tomato base with pineapples & mushrooms!!

Layer Three : Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Your Thoughts First Thing When You Wake Up : What to do today?
Your Bedtime : Recently around 3a.m.
Your Most Missed Memory : None.

Layer Four : Your Pick

Pepsi or Coke : Coke
McDonald's or Burger King : McDonald's
Single or Group Dates : Single
Adidas or Nike : Adidas
Tea or Nestea : Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla : Both
Cappucino or Coffee : None

Layer Five : Do You ...

Smoke : Nope
Curse : Sometimes
Take a Shower : Of course!!
Have a Crush : Yes
Think You've Been In Love: Yes
Go To School : Yes
Want To Get Married : Not now
Believe In Yourself : Not really
Think You're a Health Freak : Nope

Layer Six : In The Past Month

Drank Alcohol : Nope
Gone To The Mall : Yep
Been On Stage : Nope
Eaten Sushi : Nope, never.
Dyed Your Hair : Nope

Layer Seven : Have You Ever ...

Played A Stripping Game : Nope
Changed Who You Were To Fit In : Nope

Layer Eight : Age

You're Hoping To Get Married : Infinity

Layer Nine : In A Girl/Guy

Best Eye Colour : Blue
Best Hair Colour : Depends
Short Hair or Long Hair : Depends

Layer Ten : What Were You Doing

1 Min Ago : Typing answers above
1 Hour Ago : Watching Detective Conan
4.5 Hours Ago : Browsing with Firefox
1 Month Ago : Starting to prepare for moving out of The Precinct
1 Year Ago : Working, sitting in office, bored.

Layer Eleven : Finish The Sentence

I Love : Cars, Music
I Feel : Indifferent now
I Hate : Being alone (sometimes)
I Hide : My true self to others
I Need : Job, Money

Layer Twelve : Tag Five People

1. Angel
2. Berberboo
3. Chloe
4. Ellen
5. Jeannie

Why all the tags are girls???

Second Last Day in Sunderland

It really come to an end of my life here in Sunderland for 10 months. Time really sure flies. As there is lack of job opportunities here, I have no choice but to leave, although I quite like to stay back here. Even though is quite boring around here, but its small and convenient, adding that the living expenses is lower than many parts of England.

Well, just some random photos of Sunderland to share with all.

After the graduation ceremony last week, I never had a proper meal... eating left over ingredients, hoping to finish as much as I can, and I succeeded!! There's only some bacon left and I'm prepare to throw it away before I go as I can't do much about it anyway. What else?? some noodles, 1/3 can of canned fruits, 1 frankfurter, a little bit of Bovril, a little bit of frozen mixed vegetables, 1/3 Häagen-Dazs limited edition Mango & Passion Fruit ice-cream, and a little bit of pasta sauce. Sounds a lot? Not really. I got more junk food than all those. I can smell my house mates eating some other food but I'm only eating the same thing everyday, they had Chinese takeaways, or chicken wings etc... I can only smell and envy... ARH!!!! *sob sob* so today I went to town to get myself one whole ready roasted chicken... but the chicken I got today is over-cooked.. ARGH!!!!! damn it!! First time eating some over cooked dry chicken from that shop after buying so many times... and KFC in Sunderland was closed since December last year... see.... so sad.... :(
The nearest one is at Newcastle... sigh~~~ I want fry chicken!!!!!!!!

Hungry again now.... still need to tidy and pack up some remaining stuff.... back to work.....

Wednesday, 18 July 2007


What a bad start of the day.... internet speed sucks.... my mood sucks.... what's next.... damn it!

Life isn't what you expected

You expected to have some bad relationship with some people, but in the end, you seem to get along quite well with them, you even know more interesting people around them.

I have this kind of experience recently. I felt relief now as I don't need to worry that much anymore (hope so). At least I don't feel so stressful anymore after what happened this 2 days.

And I got a chance to know a pretty girl out there. Charming...

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight

It's been some time since Linkin Park release their album. I just downloaded the new album yesterday. The songs are all very very nice, I can say better than previous albums. It has 12 songs. In all the previous albums I never like every song, while in Minutes to Midnight, I love every song. The music composed are a lot better if compared to previous albums.

Song List:
1. Wake
2. Given Up
3. Leave Out All The Rest
4. Bleed It Out
5. Shadow of The Day
6. What I've Done
7. Hands Held High
8. No More Sorrow
9. Valentine's Day
10. In Between
11. In Pieces
12. The Little Things Give You Away

I personally love Given Up, Leave Out All The Rest, What I've Done, Hands Held High, and In Pieces a little more than other songs.

Recommended for listening if you like metal and rock music.

What an Interesting Day

Don't think that I had done anything special or whatever, I didn't do anything much today. Chatting mostly, go out do stuff for an hour then chat again. Well, I got an interesting story to share though.

Have you ever have that kind of experience where you love a person deeply then some other people love you deeply but not the one who you love? confusing? read few more times.

but hey, it's not happening on me k. Don't think too much.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Nuffnang Ads

This morning I decided to place the advertisement from Nuffnang Malaysia. Now it appeared already. Not bad having some colourful advertisements in my blog eh...

so.... Click the advertisement when you see it!!!!! and come back as many times as possible to my blog and ask more people to visit my blog!!!!! Leave some comments or write something in the chatbox la.... the whole damn blog looks so sad and quiet le....

Thanks for those who always come back to support my blog.... Without you people I'll stop blogging already.... Arigato!! Gam Sia!! Do Cheh!! Thank You!! Xie Xie!!

Might be posting more advertisements by Google Adsense in the future though. Consider first. ;)

Saturday, 14 July 2007

My Day

-Slept at 4a.m.;
-Wake up at 11.30a.m.;
-Daily internet browsing routine - e-mail, blogs, Friendster;
-Tidy files & folders in laptop
-Lunch - spaghetti, chicken breast meat, & Pepsi;
-Continue watch Singapore series - Love@0'c;
-Chat - Cathy;
-Continue series;
-Dinner - instant mee goreng with fried egg, boiled king prawns, boiled Iceberg lettuce & Pepsi;
-Continue series;
-Chat - William;
-Finish final episode;
-Blog browsing - found Lydia's Blog;
-Then now - blogging.

Weather: Morning - Cloudy, Afternoon - Rain, Evening - Cloudy.
Record: See nobody since wake up till now.
Achievements: Freed space in hard drive, Finished watching Love@0'c. :)
Mood: Indifferent, slightly low spirited.
Blog Status: No response. :(
Environment: Quiet.
Bank status: £10 :(
Cash status: £4.70 :(
Refrigerator: Enough food to survive.
Pots used: Lunch - 2, Dinner - 2.

~~~~~End of crap~~~~~

Friday, 13 July 2007

My Graduation Ceremony

It's my graduation today and until now after over 12 hours of the ceremony I still feel indifferent like usual days. Since I woke up this morning, the weather is not very good. It rained. Luckily the cloudy weather doesn't gave us much problems throughout the ceremony, just some sprinkles during the ceremony, no big deal.
As you can see in the picture above, I look horrible. Taking picture early in the morning with indifferent feeling, in that gown... troublesome... and I look short and nerdy though.... I can't imagine how will be my official graduation portrait look like... LOL~~~

School of Business, Law & Psychology has lots of graduates this year, maybe more than 300 in amount, didn't bother to count though. Most of the time for the ceremony goes to the "shaking-hands & get the paper procedure". LOL~~ luckily Lord Puttnam, our Chancellor, has great sense of humour during his opening and closing speech.
After the ceremony, I had taken some photos with my fellow course mates, lecturers and tutors and had some food at the buffet before going back.
This one is my favourite of all the photos taken this morning and mom like it as well. She's just a bit disappointed as I didn't have the mortarboard on my head in this photo. Anyway, I think I look better without the mortarboard on. kekeke....

As today is my "big" day, I brought along the bag which is given by the 7 girls, Cathy, Alison, Jeannie, Liwan, Chloe, Lily, and Jacquelyn for my birthday. It looks compact, but I'm quite surprised of how many stuff I can put in. It's a Malaysian local brand, Fred Lenzo. Thanks girls. I like it. Proud to bring it out for the first time on my graduation ceremony.
Finally, this is the ticket and booklet for this morning.
The ticket wrote "kickoff: 10.00am" so funny.... Academic Awards Ceremony with kickoff time... what to do... it's a football stadium standard ticket.

And final of final, congratulations to my uncle on obtaining his PhD in Beijing.
Should I say double happiness??? I wonder....

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Feel like Saying Something....

Before I update this, I don't even feel like updating anything as I don't have anything to say, but now I feel like writing something. What to write?

Just now MSN notification popped up, showed AiChing Lee is online... I just finish watching an episode of drama back then. So, who's AiChing Lee?? She's a lecturer back in my college, Computer Science Department Head.
Although I never had her lecture as I'm not in Computer Science, but we get to knew each other though my friend. She got 2 kids back then, but not sure about now though. We're like friends more than lecturer-student relationship. That photo above is Mdm Lee with my junior, which is taken this year at the prom night. She didn't change at all.. haha...

Looking back at my college's website, it improved a lot. Pilley Heritage, our newsletter, is available on the net as well. clicking it lets me missed my college life. Memories.... and what's interesting, Lily told me that she was a TOEFL English course student at MPI, then I found something that she wrote for Pilley Heritage. I even saw her in the group photo... hehe... click here to view it. It is an Adobe file and Lily's stuff is at the last page, page 8. You can find her in the top picture.

Other than that, I can be found in some of the pictures back in previous volumes as well, but sadly, I'm too small to be found in the pictures. I found my photo here in page 5. The yellow shirt guy is me... haha.... I was one of the committee members of Pilley Heritage that year, you can see my name at the end of the 2004 volume 3 issue 2 copy as well...

Ah... just a brief introduction of my college life back in the days... really miss all of the staff and friends whom I knew back there....

Anyway, sleeping now. 7 and half hours to the ceremony. can only have 5 and half hours sleep from now. Be right back tomorrow night for updates on the ceremony.

So Quiet.....

Sending Alvin off... that means now I'm officially alone..... Sent him off this morning at around 9.30a.m. then came back at noon. Tidied room and change the place of the study desk and computer table. Keep the extra mattress and clean the floor. Ate Maggi curry noodles then watch Chobits then Singapore drama until now. It's so quiet....

Everyone is busy or sleeping... nobody in MSN, and none came online... It's so quiet... only the knocking sound of the renovation next door.

Tomorrow is my graduation ceremony but till now, I still don't feel anything. Don't feel any excitement at all. Need to prepare for tomorrow's ceremony later.... in a quiet evening....

So quiet....... so quiet....

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

2007 Audi TT

It's been 2 months since I went to my aunt's place in Chemlsford. As I promised earlier I'll be updating some photos of the new Audi TT which I had tried.
The second generation Audi TT comes in 2.0L and 3.2L Quattro. The one I sit in is a 2.0L and it's powerful enough already as it produce 200hp, it's a front wheel drive by the way.

As you can see in the photo, this is a retractable spoiler which will automatically rise when reaching 75mph. It can also be manually set by just a button. As a result of the button....
The interior comes with black leather bucket seats which comfortably fits but the leg room will be small if someone sits at the back. As it's a 2+2 design, the rear bench is small and it can be said that there is no leg room for adults. Rear headroom? worse than Gen-2. Foldable rear bench increase the limited boot space.

The I.C.E. system is a CD Player with MP3 and 6 speakers. For me, I don't need any upgrades for that already. The sound doesn't crack when reaching nearly the max volume and I bet it wouldn't have any problems turning to the max.

This is an automatic version with paddle shift. The paddle shift respond fast for gear changes. ESP off and spoiler settings were just a touch of a button. Audio volume and radio tuning on the steering wheel is not the usual button type, just scroll it, easy.

Well, that's my short review of this gorgeous new Audi TT. For the low quality video which I took by my phone in the car, click here. The video is at nearly the end of the post.

My "Wife's" Graduation

It's such a great day today as the sun shines brightly on the sky. It's a great day for graduation ceremony as well. Alvin, my "wife", went out for his graduation ceremony which was held at the Stadium of Light since early while Felicia and I catch up later as we didn't get tickets so were unable to go in. Chit-chatting with Felicia to pass our time and i managed to grab some photos of the stadium. As you might be asking, Felicia can join as she got an off-day today, just a coincidence by the way, so i tag her along.
Sunderland AFC's Stadium of Light entrance with sun shining above the sky....

After waiting for around an hour, the ceremony ended then we got a chance to go into the stadium to see the grand stand of the ceremony.

Alvin with me.
Alvin with Felicia.
Alvin's course mates throughout the year.

So he had done his, while I'll need to wait until this coming Thursday for the ceremony.

Congratulations Alvin!!

Monday, 9 July 2007

Graduation Week

It's the beginning of a new week again and it's University of Sunderland's Graduation week. I'll be one of the participants but until now I still feel indifferent. Alvin's ceremony, engineering school, will be in around 8 hours time from now and mine and Nic's, business school, will be at 12th, that's coming Thursday, final day of the ceremony.

Alvin will be leaving for home on the 11th, before my ceremony, and Nic will be leaving for home on the 14th, while me, big possibility of leaving Sunderland to somewhere else on the 20th if I don't get any response of the job applications in this few days. Moving again... sigh~~

For the past few days, besides meals, sleep and daily routines, I had been watching a TVB Series with Alvin, and only until this afternoon we finish watched it. Rushing everyday from noon till after midnight and sleep late for few days continuously. Well, nothing to do actually, that's why I watch..

For this coming week, besides preparing for the ceremony, I might be starting on my slide show project if I got the mood, but I'm wondering if there's enough space in my harddisk to fit in my project... such a pain that my harddisk's volume size is small.... if anyone got any unwanted usable external harddisk, don't hesitate to GIVE me... hahahaha.... cos I can't afford to get one at the moment.. broke already... and DVD Writer as well... My Laptop model is a Dell Latitude D510. Please tell me if there's one for it... hehe....

Coming up with the graduation ceremony photos if it's available in the next few days.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Sending Nic off and.....

Feeling so sleepy now... YAWN~~~~~ but I still can't sleep yet as I just finish dinner with Alvin and haven't take my shower. Introduction to what we ate for dinner first.
Lamb Casserole. It's easy to prepare and delicious to eat. Alvin and I prepared it with another stir fry cauliflower and rice.

So why am I so sleepy? I woke up at 6a.m. this morning with Alvin and Nic to send Nic off to London to meet his parents and sister who were here for his graduation ceremony. We took the 6.57a.m. Metro to airport as Nic's flight is at around 9-ish. So, again, I stepped into the airport again and I lost count already of the times I visited Newcastle Airport.
As the weather for past few days were really crap as it rains like never rained before, we were glad that today's weather is fine and quite sunny. 8a.m. in the morning, both of us were thinking of where should we go as we don't wanna waste the ticket... it's more expensive to get it before 9a.m. everyday!! We then decided to go to The Coast at Cullercoats again as Alvin didn't join me, Nic, Jeannie and Felicia for that Metro yellow line round trip last time.
We stop at South Gosforth from Airport then change train to The Coast at Cullercoats. Last time I didn't manage to stop there as it's quite late and we were quite tired already. This time Alvin and I stop at The Coast and walk.... It was 8.30a.m. in the morning and the whole street is quiet... so nice....

Many dogs on the beach.. fine weather, windy, just nice. Alvin and I continue to walk down the beach and reached the ruins which we haven't visited since we came here. Never know it's there till today.
The ruins is actually called Tynemouth Priory and Castle as you can see from below. It is the Guardian of the River Tyne.
We didn't go in as it requires admission fees and we never bother to ask for the price. As we were there, we realized that we walked a long way from Cullercoats to North Shields already. My goodness...
As we were holding the MetroSaver and it is applicable for the Ferry, we decide to try it out as we won't have chance anymore if we miss it.
Wow.... first time see the Shields Ferry....
This ferry's name is called Spirit of The Tyne....
Such a nice view from the ferry when crossing River Tyne... from far, the white ship is the DFDS Seaways cruise to Europe. We saw it entering Tynemouth from far since we arrive The Coast.
After few minutes, we arrived South Shields and we went to Boots to see Felicia as she's having placement there and brought Alvin around South Shields for a visit. We went to Asda to get some groceries as it's quite cheap. After that we went home and arriving home around 1.30p.m.

Why not taking a nap as I wake up so early this morning? After lunch, I was quite full, then for some reasons, my MSN keep on blinking... my goodness... I dunno why so many people wish to talk to me today... so I didn't sleep till preparing dinner, then now.

Now, shower, online a while, then sleep. YAWN~~~~