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I'm officially broke..

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Pret A Manger

Have you heard about this shop before? Guess most of them who are not in England won't know about this shop as Starbucks is far more popular... What is the different? Starbucks is famous for its coffee while Pret A Manger is famous for its sandwiches and the use of all natural ingredients for its food produced everyday. Anyway, "Pret A Manger" means "Ready to Eat" in French.

This is a typical Pret A Manger where you can find in many big cities in England.So basically, here are some of the food from Pret... baguettes, soup, water.... healthy...

cookies... cakes... pies...
even crisps....
and of course, sandwiches.... which I don't have its photo...

So why am I writing about Pret suddenly? Well, I got myself an interview at Pret, and I will have my 'one day Pret experience' on Monday and get voted by the existing team members whether I can stay to work or not... Anyway, I will work in this shop...
18, Hanover Street, Mayfair, London. It is near to Oxford Circus. Click here for info.

Wish me luck people!!

More Info:

Marsden Grotto

What is that? Well, it's a place which I went with Sunderland's mates during my university. Why suddenly brought that up while I never updated it? Well, basically, I saw this 1950's Marsden Grotto picture when I was looking for other photos. It suddenly made me interested to update it.

Comparison time!!!

This is the 1950's Marsden Grotto which I found online at
This is the 2007's Marsden Grotto picture which I took with Nic's camera.
Are there any difference? 57 years...

Anyway, what were we doing there then? It's not just a visit to the beach really... It was Jeannie's and Alvin's Birthday that day. We went there to Smuggler Jack's Fish Bar which is in that building below.

Here's the story....

That day was 11th June, we went there for lunch as the exams are finished already and it was Jean & Alvin's birthday. It was sunny when we started our journey from Sunderland, but as we were on the bus, suddenly weather changed, from sunny sunshine to moody foggy.... So this is the entrance of the building which is located on top of the cliff which you can see from the picture above. There is a lift going down or you can use the stairs.
So these guys prefer to sit in the corner....
While we trio, Alvin, me & Nic.... sitting in the middle of the fish bar...
Birthday guy & girl...
This is one interior part of the building. As you can see, the building is half built in the stone cliff so it's something like in a cave.
We went outside after our meal to walk on the beach, which was supposed to be sunny & warm... but we were feeling cold as the stupid fog suddenly "drop by" and we didn't prepare extra clothing... Anyway, I like this photo very much though.... ;)
And this is the coolest pose in this set of photos... duh....
Actually there are still some photos of me spied by dunno who... Don't dare to post those photos though... quite sensitive... those who got this set of photos should have those photos as well... see for urself...

Anyway, that is all to update in this very very late post of Marsden Grotto trip which was supposed to be updated during mid June 2007.

Saturday, 29 September 2007

My first Krispy Kreme Doughnut

During my previous job, I use Liverpool Street Station everyday to commute. I passed by this Krispy Kreme shop everyday, wondering why is it not open. Last week, I just understand that it just started business there. I continue passing by Krispy Kreme everyday. Then, last Thursday, I can't stand it anymore as I heard Krispy Kreme make nice doughnuts... so I went in... when on the way sending out my application forms to Starbucks...

Wow.... more than 10 types of doughnuts displayed and so many people were waiting for their turn to get some. As I'm already broke, I can't get too many, so I chose this, Glazed Lemon Filled. It cost £1.35. That's why there is only 1 in the special waxed bag.
Sorry about the poor quality of the photos as I used my phone, didn't bring my camera out though.

Anyway, when I first bite that doughnut..... Oh My Goodness.... The texture of it... The filing... the sugar glaze on top with some lemon flavour... Heaven!!!! Suddenly, I felt it worth £1.35 for a 1 to 2 minutes enjoyment....
Well, the next doughnut will have to wait till I get my pay... Craving for another one already... urgh!!!!

Thursday, 27 September 2007

New Job?

*It's so cold outside this few days... that I need to borrow my friend's winter clothing already... Need to get back to Chelmsford to grab my own winter clothing this weekend...*

After a week of hard work gaining no money, I decide to quit the job even though I learned a lot. I need money!! That's all that matters to me now. I am really really poor and I need cash!!!

So what am I doing now? I am applying for more jobs again.... gee.... even Starbucks...

What the heck... over qualified for that?

Saturday, 22 September 2007


It's Saturday finally... still not Sunday.... I thought I will only be online tomorrow but, I can't hold on anymore. I felt so so so tired after whole week walking around... my feet hurts now... so I quit the Saturday optional team day session.

Anyway, I made my first sale yesterday and manage to make £30 out of that. Yesterday was my first day solo. Sadly I didn't manage to get 2 sales so I didn't get the £50 bonus. DAMN IT!!!!
Gee... I feel so not motivated today though... I went to the Team Day session but I lied to the manager that something happened and I need to get back so I got to go earlier... My trainer quit yesterday and I only get to know this morning when I called him... It shaken me a lot... and my team here, left only 4 people and 1 of them is going to change to another campaign starting Monday. 1 more newbie coming in on Monday and that will still be 4 person in the team, with no leaders. SHOOT!!!

I wonder how long can I hang on in here.... If I don't get any other job soon I guess my leg will break.... DAMN!!!! Why is it so damn difficult to get a proper accounts job.... It's just stupid. every single vacancy wants experience and damn it, if everyone wants experience then where are the newbies gonna get the fuckin' experience they wanted??

Damn tired now...

Friday, 21 September 2007

My First Week

I started my first week of training finally. It's basically a door-to-door sales job at the beginning and slowly climbs up the career ladder. It's really a damn tiring job which requires hell lots of courage and patience to do. Attitude is extremely important as well to keep myself going. It's so tough... Even after 4 days of training I still doubt that am I able to hang on to the training till I get to the next level in around a month's time.

But in the last 4 days I really learnt hell lots on my skills in talking to people and sales techniques. Pray for me that I will make some sales as I will be on the first day going out by myself to an area starting tomorrow.

Going to sleep now... tomorrow I need to wake up before 8a.m. as usual...

More updates this Sunday. I'm damn lucky today to get internet connection...

Saturday, 15 September 2007

I'm Back!!

Coming back from London after 2 interviews and got a job... which I didn't quite expected and none related to my qualifications... I'm becoming a salesman!! OMG!!!

Rather than sitting on the couch everyday and getting negative response from the other jobs I applied, I decided to take up this one. No basic salary for first 2 levels.... I'm gonna be surviving by Tesco Value instant noodles which cost 8p per packet. Need to survive like that for at least 3 months I guess... I'm gonna work from 9 to 10, not 9am to 10am, it's 9am to 10pm!!!!! What does that mean?!? That means I can't blog every now and then anymore!!! I have no internet access at my friend's place where I'll be temporary staying (till I get enough money to rent my own) and I'll be laying straight on bed already after a day's work from Monday to Friday with Saturday optional which I will also work for extra earning. I'm gonna have a continuing "work-sleep-work-sleep" pattern in my everyday life from next Monday onwards!! Sunday is the only resting day...

Something about the environment I will be working in. I will be working in a advertising firm which helps clients to get more sales of their behalf. The team which I will be working in is the top sales holder in all the teams in the London office, that means I will have a great leader support then. My first task will be selling out Sky TV to new customers and upgrades for existing customers. So ANYONE OUT THERE WHO IS INTERESTED IN SKY TV, FIND ME FOR CHEAPER UPGRADES AND INSTALLATION PRICE!!!!!!!!

Finally, I'll say welcome back to all Uni. Sunderland mates who come back for the new semester. Really hope to see you people sometime around Christmas if possible.

Monday, 10 September 2007

Dragon Boat Race

It was a lovely Sunday (2-Sept-07) morning and my aunt was suggesting the previous night that we go to the dragon boat race held at Hanningfield Reservoir nearby. It is an event for the 50th anniversary celebration of Essex & Suffolk Water. Before going out, aunt's friend called to ask for extra hand for her team as their drummer was injured and was unable to attend. Aunt suggested me....

I was shocked and surprised that me, a spectator, suddenly turn into a participant!! So we head out. It was amazing seeing so many people at the lakeside waiting for the event to start off. The main control tent of the event

There were actually 16 teams participating but one of them pulled out... or chickened out? So this is aunt's friend, Caroline, who's very friendly. Our team members were all wearing viking horns.
And this is our team... named "Hidden Tiger Crouching Dragon Boat" What do you think about that name? cool? Soon it's our turn... and there we are listening to the briefing and preparing ourselves. That white t-shirt guy with 2 hands stretching is me. I'm standing in front as I'm their drummer.. We compete against the green shirt guys who were beside us.
So we went off... and this is the first round...
Crossing the finishing line, just a close win, with our time nearly at the bottom of the chart. LOL~~
This were other teams competing...
This is the second round for our team and we had a great win over the same team in first round... but sadly our time only improved 0.21 seconds... we had fun though.
Then it's time to have lunch and I had this. Chinese stir fry with sweet & sour chicken, costing £4.50. The other choices are with vegetables or curry. There were other food around as well. After that, it was our final round but sadly we failed badly as we even lose to the previous team which we won twice.
So this is the winning trophy. What do you think? I think they were stunning.
This is the time chart in the end of the qualifying rounds. The fastest 4 teams compete in the final round. Here is the video of the final round.

In the end, the winning team is "Super Heroes"!! How great were their costumes...
This is the announcer's car. He had been in Dragon Boat events for many years, so his car's number... DRA66ON = DRAGON. This registered number must had cost him a bomb.
For more official photos, go to and click for Events > September - Oct > Sunday 2nd September - Billericay, Essex - camera icon and look at the photos. You can spot me in 2 of the photos. Sorry that I can't provide the direct link of the photo page as the page is in Flash format.

Saturday, 8 September 2007

1 year ago....

1 year ago... at this moment... I'm still on the plane with 4 more hours reaching Heathrow Airport.
1 year later, now, at this moment... I'm sitting here bored waiting to work... and writing blog.

Should I say happy 1st birthday for my stay in England?

Friday, 7 September 2007

The Orsett Show

First day of September, that's last Saturday, I went to The Orsett Show with aunt and granny. The Orsett show is a traditional agricultural town show held in Orsett since 1895. The show provides a mix of both town and country attractions to provide a great family day out with plenty for all the family to see and do.
The weather was fine that day, sunny, windy but not freezing. The entrance cost £9 per person but you can stay there for whole day and watch any shows. Too many shows to see though. You can even go out the show ground and come back again whenever you want.
I didn't took many photos of the crowds, more focussed on the events. The first event which caught my attention was the motorcycle show. They really got guts to do that. There are 2 riders taking turns to showoff their skills and in the end, they both 'fly' together...

Sorry about the video, it was not taken properly as I can't see the screen of my camera.

After that, I went around the tents... and I saw this...
Our very own Proton Satria Neo on display... this is the basic 1.3L version, selling at £7995. I wonder how are the sales figures....

Agriculture Tent

It was very interesting seeing that there are competitions going on. Contestants brought their best harvested fruits or vegetables to enter the competition and the judges will judge the best of all.
Home-made Wine
The Heaviest: pumpkins and marrows

other categories are like cabbage, onions, turnips and etc. That's for the agriculture tent...

Arts & Crafts tent

Basically I didn't took many photos as most of them were arts. This is the baking contest where the concept is basically similar to the one above.
This is the one which impressed me. How are the ships look? Nice? Printed? Postcard? No. They were painted by hands on a piece of stone!! This marine artist really impressed me. He can draw every ship in the world as he has all of the ships' informations.
So much for the art & craft tent... we move on to the outdoors...

Steam engines

So here is the steam engines' show. As you can see, this one below is huge, and it's the biggest in all others.
while this one.... is the smallest... cute eh? even the whistle sounds so cute..
This is 1 of the 2 early steam rollers in the show...
and this... is the oldest engine. And it's my favourite. It looks like a sports car design though.. Long wheel base and low central of gravity.
Coming up next is the classic cars' show. As of space reason, and I know readers are not fan of cars, I just show you this picture. Behind the classic cars are the steam engines earlier on.
That's all the shows that I was able to watch. Some random photos below to share with you all...
This wooden cow here is for you to milk it. Of course, brown fake wooden cow comes with brown fake milk...
This is one of the horse in the stables. There was a horse race later in the afternoon which I was unable to watch due to time limit.
Horse shoe making... which is interesting to see. I think this industry is becoming rarer nowadays.
And this is the photo which I like the most in all the photos which I took that day. I don't really know the reasons though. Just like it.

Anyway, other than the above events, there are still dog shows, donkey rides, amusement park, terrier racing and etc which I was unable to see. Farm rare breeds were available as well. There was also helicopter rides which cost £25 per person for don't know how long is the ride.

That's the Orsett Show.