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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

New Job Starts...

in 7 and half hours time from now. It's a 3 day trial but just a procedure... Back to the waking up at 4.30a.m life back then... and I'm still on my daily job which starts at 11a.m. so I'm gonna be working from 6 to 7 then.. it's a.m. to p.m.

Hopefully I won't brake down.. gee... life...


Monday, 12 May 2008

New Banner Old Banner

What do you think of my new banner above? Well, just a facelift actually, not really new. The old one is uploaded at 19/5/07 and new one is uploaded yesterday, 10/5/08. So the old banner is around 1 year old.

Comparison. The first old one and second new one. What are the differences? Can you spot it beside the pictures in the banner?

Which one is better? Any other suggestions? Drop a comment.

Saturday, 10 May 2008


Having disgusted by the way my shop's manager treats us. I made my decision!!

I QUIT!!!!!

Today the General Manager pissed off closing shift!! Even Team Leader!!! He's totally stupid!!! For God's Sake!!! Treating us like Superman or Power Rangers with super strength and speed!!! He totally has no idea of anything that we do. Asking us to bring 2 tables and 4 chairs from the other shop at a distance of 5 minutes walk. Tell you what!! The tables are more than 20kgs each and chairs are at least 5kgs each!! Telling that we can do it in 5 minutes!!! Is he STUPID??!???!? and the kitchen manager just dumped all her work which she started and ask us to clean up all her bloody mess then she just left!!! It took over an hour extra to close the kitchen.


I am going to write my resign letter later giving bloody 2 weeks notice (2 weeks!!!) and tomorrow morning I am gonna go to the shop just to stick my letter into the assistant manager's throat!! He didn't talk to me whole day today, not even asking me to make his coffee. Not even look at me at all. Now he knows. He wanna say that my attitude is bad. Look at yourself. Talking with fingers, treating employees like dogs. Being a manager, the first 2 things you need to do are RESPECT your employees and secondly, APPRECIATE!! not pulling employees nose here and there!!


Friday, 9 May 2008

I am rebellious

Yes, I am a rebellious person. I have a rebellious character. It's not the first time I act like that. I just hate when people force me to do something, shout at me to do something which I know of what my decision is. I hate it when the manager treats us like dogs or machines, or just slaves, doing whatever they like to us until we are out of breath for their own pocket. I hate even more when the managers manipulate us but didn't show any appreciation for our work towards their pocket.

Recently, the business went better, we are all tired, I feel that I, as lowly team member, still get the same pay like we do a bit less job, is unfair. We get no appreciation, not even a sincere thank you from the manager. Out of 4 managers, I can only feel the sincere of the Delivery Manager, Dan, the only English working in our shop. I will serve him more than any managers, even if he ask me to run as fast as possible for deliveries like there is no tomorrow. I know I am gonna be loyal to him as he knows the meaning of appreciation.

The Ops manager, is a jerk. manipulating us like what I said before. Yet, adding more pressure and workload for the closing shift, me and other 2 colleagues. I once heard him saying to the kitchen leader, "I give you XXX (any colleagues), please make the most of him/her in the kitchen" It's like sending us to hell. Today, I am utterly disgusted by his doing during closing hour. Before today, he only called 1 nearby shop so we can send our leftovers sandwiches to them, today he called 2!!! that makes 3 closing people with 2 sending sandwiches for him to other shop while there is only 1 person closing. Why sending sandwiches to other branches? He claims that the waste levels are high!! I don't give a damn!! Cutting waste levels is only making his pocket fatter!!

My shop, 3 of 4 managers are ££ signed in their eyes and mind and everything. Short of staff, lack of communication between themselves, manipulating workers like slaves, ops manager ordering workers like dogs to do anything he wants, in the end we get screwed if our performance is not as good causing by too much work to be done, etc.

So much for that, I just slowly realized that the workers who work here are mostly stupid as well. Letting them do whatever they want then stabbing them at the back saying this and that. They just don't know their entitlements and rights as employees in this company and they don't give a shit about it.

Now I realize education in business area makes me think more advance than others, especially in management.

I am NOT gonna let him do like what he does to others. I am gonna be rebellious as long as he doesn't respect and appreciate me sincerely as his subordinate because that is my way of thinking and I am gonna stick to it!

~~~Gonna face him again in the office again for today's fiasco.~~~ See what's gonna happen.... He claims it's about my attitude. Go bloody look himself in the mirror godammit!! Go ask my colleagues how is my attitude!!! _)&@#@#&*&(*_)+_)*^%%$#$@(

Thursday, 8 May 2008

I am extremely lonely

It's not a joke, it's not just a temporary feeling. I feel like this most of the time. I felt more lonely before shower just now as I watched an episode of Scrubs on E4. JD is so lonely that only him who doesn't have a girlfriend while other colleagues do have a partner but they screwed up their relationship. He was so furious that he scold everyone and ran out. Scrubs is meant to be a comedy but this episode really don't make me laugh. In the end of the episode, he said that no matter how many people around you everyday but you still feel lonely, that is the worst thing.

I feel it totally. Especially in this "World's Greatest City to Live In". I feel the loneliness growing in me as days passed by even though my relation with colleagues grow more closer. In fact nearly every of my colleagues are married or at least having a partner. When I go to the park, or just a simple walk around, I realized that I am the only one walking by myself most of the time. For the past weekends, I went out all by myself with my camera, to bring my readers great spring in London. Actually I am just so lonely, depressed and bored that I really need something for me to do, enjoy and cheer myself up. Some people might ask me to go clubbing for some socialization, but that's not me at all going to the clubs alone and start talking to anonymous people and start boozing like the rest and in the end get drunk. I tell you what, I talk to anonymous customers every single day at my work. I talk to my colleagues every single day at work. But I still feel extremely lonely.

The lady who lives next room haven't sleep as well. She's Burmese. Recent cyclone had made her worried about her family back in Burma. I totally feel her but I can't do anything. Sleepless night again for her... how about me tonight? Am I going to sleep well?

As loneliness grows within me... I am still waiting for her. Does she know that?

I am extremely lonely.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Spring in London

Warning: Large number of photos. Loading might be slow depending your internet speed.

Date: 26 April 2008
Venue: St. James's Park, Soho, Regent's Park.
Camera: Canon Powershot A430 4.0MP

Last Saturday was a good day to go out as the sun was shining above the sky with temperature reaching around 21'c. I decide to go out to have a walk and take some photos of parks.

I start my walk from St. James Park which is near to Buckingham Palace, not very far from North Bank of River Thames.

The PKR poker webpage's advert was on the sky flying by a helicopter

As I finish St. James Park, I walk my way towards Regent's Park, which is at North London. As I walk, I passed by Piccadilly Circus then I decided to go to Soho to take some photos as well.

Look at all the people in Soho Square...

After Soho... I walk till Regent's Park. The view was stunning and it is very well looked after. Buildings around the park look very expensive. Like other parks, there were many people lying on the grass reading, chatting or just enjoying the sun.

Some photographic club members practicing. Wish I can be one of them.

I love the following few photos of the swans in the lake. I spent around 15 minutes observing them and took some interesting photos.

I spent around 4 hours walking from one end to another of Central London including taking photos. I really do wish I have a better camera than the one I use for the past 2 years, which is my first camera which I bought myself.

What do you think of the photos and scenery? Which photo do you like best? Which one is the best taken? Let me know by giving some feedbacks.