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Monday, 31 March 2008


For the second consecutive days in a row, I can't sleep! My stomach feels horrible and I can't sleep! But stomach doesn't matter at all, I just don't have any feeling of sleeping! I went to bed 3 hours ago and now I'm here typing this post. 40 minutes ago, there were 4 black people outside switching music like crazy in their car and singing and dancing like mad people... 3am... Then people from upstairs pour water.... LOL~~~ Are they high on drugs or what....

Anyway... I feel horrible now.... start to feel sleepy again and I hope I can sleep... damn!!!

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Easter Holiday Trip - Trowbridge, Salisbury

*British Summer Time starts in 30 minutes, now the time is 12.30am, after 30 minutes, the time will be 2am.*

Last weekend was Easter, the manager was kind enough so I had 4 days holiday. I went to visit my aunt at Trowbridge. Trowbridge is a small county town in Wiltshire, South West England. According to the signboard at the train station, the town only has 500 population. Click to enlarge to read the sign. It really is a very beautiful place.

Arriving Saturday but only went out on Sunday afternoon for a day trip around the area. This is my aunt's house and the surrounding area. It's a very very quiet and peaceful neighbourhood.

We went out at around 2pm and headed to our first destination, Stonehenge. On the way, the countryside view is stunning... I really feel like staying there already!

We approach Stonehenge around 20 minutes later. It is in the middle of nowhere, all open fields around it and there is only the site with lots of tourists and buses. I didn't go into the site as the admission is £6 and the only thing is to go nearer the stone and there is audio tour. I decided to only take some photos from outside the fence.

This angle is from the other side, with sheeps around the stones, making it a very nice view.
After that we headed to Old Sarum, something like a fort. Again, I didn't go in as it's near to closing time already. The view was also very good around the area. It was very cold that day that my hands were numb while I was taking all the photos.

This is the entrance of the Old Sarum. I only went in until the end of the bridge which is the gate.

Our next destination was to Salisbury. The main attraction in Salisbury is the Salisbury Cathedral.

As I went out from the back door of the cathedral, I caught some stunning views of the houses nearby, it was fantastic. I would really love to live in any of those houses.

We left Salisbury and went back home after that. On the way, we stop by Longleat, a very nice place as well, famous of the show Animal Park of BBC. Before arriving Longleat, we saw this at the side of a hill with black and white sheeps surrounding it. Strange view....
Anyway, Longleat. So this is the safari park from another side. It was closed already when we got there so again, we didn't manage to get in.
We headed towards the Longleat House which is a very very posh house which is open to public.

What a nice view around county Wiltshire.... the next day, I went back to London as I started working again at Tuesday... On the train, I manage to catch this.... The Westbury White Horse... My aunt say they can see the crop circle from the horse and many people try to wait for aliens to come as they believe that the crop circles were made by aliens. Read more from the link above.
That's the end of my trip to Trowbridge and Salisbury of Wiltshire.

*The time now is 2.19am, 1 hour lost.....*

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Signs of Spring

I had lots of fun and relaxation this Easter weekend. It's cold, but not that bad at all as wherever I go, the sun will shine and there will not be snow. Sunderland didn't really snow that much last year, this year snowing continuously for few days; I went to Chelmsford, there is no snow, the day I left Chelmsford, after few hours, my cousin is playing snow outside, before I reached Trowbridge, there is some snow, when I arrive, there is sunshine. :(

Anyway, as the sun shines last Saturday morning, I went outside the house before departing for Trowbridge, to take some photos.... signs of Spring....

Granny's Orchids in the conservatory

Updates of my Easter trip will be up shortly...

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Amazing vocal....

Adrian just sent me a link from Youtube which interested me to share with you all. This guy here, Nick Pitera, really has amazing vocals. He can sing men and women voices... look at one of the videos. This song is originally by Alicia Keys. Song: No One. I posted the original music video below in case you never heard before.

It's amazing... hehe... you can view Nick's profile for more of his singings.

Parking in Central London

*My computer is back to normal after 5 days suffering from Malware.. No reformatting needed all thanks to ComboFix software...*

Just some pictures which I took with my mobile phone (again) at work (again) to share with you all.

Well, it's just so difficult to get a parking space in central London yea. This car is the very famous electric car called G-Wiz. It cost a normal super mini's price, which is run only by electric, free of road tax, free of parking fees in London, free of congestion charge of £8 a day which is quite high. And, they can park like this. look at that Mercedes S-Class beside it... huge and expensive, taking up so much space... this tiny little car, a bit smaller than Smart fortwo (but uglier), just squeeze into this tiny space...

Well, just a picture sharing post... hehe... that's all...

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Poor thing....

My laptop... :(

Spam virus infected... sending spam mails like crazy when in normal mode, now I'm running my windows under safe-mode with network, but no sound... well, at least I can still online with network options on. Now I'm just gonna wait for Alvin to send me the Windows XP DVD which I used last year... and thinking of how to backup my files.. around 10GBs of data.. where to put.. no money to get external hard drive at the moment.. :(

Meanwhile, I don't feel well myself as well, went back from work earlier yesterday, today rest whole day still don't feel any changes.. feeling like not breathing normally, need to deep breath all the time.. what happen to me... work again tomorrow.

What a life this week.... geee...

Monday, 10 March 2008

Old Lift

Last week at work, I went out for delivery like everyday. It was a new office that I never been to and I think it is one of our new customers as well. When I arrive the building, it is nothing special, just like all other buildings around, but when I go into the office building, something interest me. A very old type of lift. Unfortunately at that time it was out of order so I need to use the stairs to go up... no chance to use it yet... gee....

The photos were taken when I reached the top floor where the office is located. This is the life which you have to pull the door manually... like what you see in the old movies...

When will I be able top try it... hehe... it's gonna be a different experience...

Friday, 7 March 2008

Stepping into March

It's the 7th day of March already and there isn't really much to say in my blog nowadays except complaints about my job... so I rather don't update all those crap here to depress you all...

Just an update of my life now. I'm still working at the same place; being rejected by an accounting trainee interview; my printer DIED after using for a month, send it for warranty repair, then get a new replacement 2 days later after I sent out, which is 2 days ago.

Good that I get my printer back, in such a short time. My printer was having problems with the feeder as it doesn't 'suck' in the paper when it wants to print, paper jam error message appear and there goes... I can't do anything with a printer like that, and very lucky that I just past 28 days exchanging policy of PCWorld where I get my printer, so I need to send it for warranty at Canon.

Ah... an update of my life turned out to be babbling about my printer... anyway, my life isn't changing much at all...

till then... tata...