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Friday, 13 July 2007

My Graduation Ceremony

It's my graduation today and until now after over 12 hours of the ceremony I still feel indifferent like usual days. Since I woke up this morning, the weather is not very good. It rained. Luckily the cloudy weather doesn't gave us much problems throughout the ceremony, just some sprinkles during the ceremony, no big deal.
As you can see in the picture above, I look horrible. Taking picture early in the morning with indifferent feeling, in that gown... troublesome... and I look short and nerdy though.... I can't imagine how will be my official graduation portrait look like... LOL~~~

School of Business, Law & Psychology has lots of graduates this year, maybe more than 300 in amount, didn't bother to count though. Most of the time for the ceremony goes to the "shaking-hands & get the paper procedure". LOL~~ luckily Lord Puttnam, our Chancellor, has great sense of humour during his opening and closing speech.
After the ceremony, I had taken some photos with my fellow course mates, lecturers and tutors and had some food at the buffet before going back.
This one is my favourite of all the photos taken this morning and mom like it as well. She's just a bit disappointed as I didn't have the mortarboard on my head in this photo. Anyway, I think I look better without the mortarboard on. kekeke....

As today is my "big" day, I brought along the bag which is given by the 7 girls, Cathy, Alison, Jeannie, Liwan, Chloe, Lily, and Jacquelyn for my birthday. It looks compact, but I'm quite surprised of how many stuff I can put in. It's a Malaysian local brand, Fred Lenzo. Thanks girls. I like it. Proud to bring it out for the first time on my graduation ceremony.
Finally, this is the ticket and booklet for this morning.
The ticket wrote "kickoff: 10.00am" so funny.... Academic Awards Ceremony with kickoff time... what to do... it's a football stadium standard ticket.

And final of final, congratulations to my uncle on obtaining his PhD in Beijing.
Should I say double happiness??? I wonder....


Angel Valerie said...

congrats, buddy!

wish i could be there!

SabrinaW said...

wah.. congrats to ur family!! =)

can see that life is so relaxed now.. and bored..haha

Jeremy said...

Thanks peeps. well, life really is boring now... LOL~~~ and poor as well!!