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Saturday, 21 July 2007

Final hour....

Well, final hour in Sunderland now... leaving at around 1p.m. later to catch the 1.20p.m. Metro as I'm carrying hell lots of luggages, and I don't wanna rush in such a weight... damn it... 2.58p.m. train from Newcastle to London. Guess I'll either be watching Detective Conan or sleep when on board.. hehe...

Just quite concern about the transit by tube from Kings Cross Station to Liverpool Street Station as there's only around 50 minutes in between arrival at Kings Cross and departure from Liverpool Street Station. What's more... stairs... many mini stairs which only have a few steps, up and down in both stations and I'm carrying like heavy... no lifts at all for those steps....

Anyway, more updates to come tonight if I still got the energy to blog.

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