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Monday, 9 July 2007

Graduation Week

It's the beginning of a new week again and it's University of Sunderland's Graduation week. I'll be one of the participants but until now I still feel indifferent. Alvin's ceremony, engineering school, will be in around 8 hours time from now and mine and Nic's, business school, will be at 12th, that's coming Thursday, final day of the ceremony.

Alvin will be leaving for home on the 11th, before my ceremony, and Nic will be leaving for home on the 14th, while me, big possibility of leaving Sunderland to somewhere else on the 20th if I don't get any response of the job applications in this few days. Moving again... sigh~~

For the past few days, besides meals, sleep and daily routines, I had been watching a TVB Series with Alvin, and only until this afternoon we finish watched it. Rushing everyday from noon till after midnight and sleep late for few days continuously. Well, nothing to do actually, that's why I watch..

For this coming week, besides preparing for the ceremony, I might be starting on my slide show project if I got the mood, but I'm wondering if there's enough space in my harddisk to fit in my project... such a pain that my harddisk's volume size is small.... if anyone got any unwanted usable external harddisk, don't hesitate to GIVE me... hahahaha.... cos I can't afford to get one at the moment.. broke already... and DVD Writer as well... My Laptop model is a Dell Latitude D510. Please tell me if there's one for it... hehe....

Coming up with the graduation ceremony photos if it's available in the next few days.


SabrinaW said...

Hey man.. congrats lots lots!! It's like in 2 days.. are u excited?

Jeremy Tay said...

well, as I said in the post... i feel indifferent till now... maybe i'll be excited on that day?? hehe...

shariena said...

wah, jeremy, u got a blog n sooo rajin to post ur progress in,what do u think of that particular day?crazy kwa,me the first person. scary yet plain.

Jeremy said...

hello shariena... didn't expect u here though. well... just trying to write and share my life experience though... anyway, can I have ur contact please?