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Saturday, 14 July 2007

My Day

-Slept at 4a.m.;
-Wake up at 11.30a.m.;
-Daily internet browsing routine - e-mail, blogs, Friendster;
-Tidy files & folders in laptop
-Lunch - spaghetti, chicken breast meat, & Pepsi;
-Continue watch Singapore series - Love@0'c;
-Chat - Cathy;
-Continue series;
-Dinner - instant mee goreng with fried egg, boiled king prawns, boiled Iceberg lettuce & Pepsi;
-Continue series;
-Chat - William;
-Finish final episode;
-Blog browsing - found Lydia's Blog;
-Then now - blogging.

Weather: Morning - Cloudy, Afternoon - Rain, Evening - Cloudy.
Record: See nobody since wake up till now.
Achievements: Freed space in hard drive, Finished watching Love@0'c. :)
Mood: Indifferent, slightly low spirited.
Blog Status: No response. :(
Environment: Quiet.
Bank status: £10 :(
Cash status: £4.70 :(
Refrigerator: Enough food to survive.
Pots used: Lunch - 2, Dinner - 2.

~~~~~End of crap~~~~~

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