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Thursday, 5 July 2007

Sending Nic off and.....

Feeling so sleepy now... YAWN~~~~~ but I still can't sleep yet as I just finish dinner with Alvin and haven't take my shower. Introduction to what we ate for dinner first.
Lamb Casserole. It's easy to prepare and delicious to eat. Alvin and I prepared it with another stir fry cauliflower and rice.

So why am I so sleepy? I woke up at 6a.m. this morning with Alvin and Nic to send Nic off to London to meet his parents and sister who were here for his graduation ceremony. We took the 6.57a.m. Metro to airport as Nic's flight is at around 9-ish. So, again, I stepped into the airport again and I lost count already of the times I visited Newcastle Airport.
As the weather for past few days were really crap as it rains like never rained before, we were glad that today's weather is fine and quite sunny. 8a.m. in the morning, both of us were thinking of where should we go as we don't wanna waste the ticket... it's more expensive to get it before 9a.m. everyday!! We then decided to go to The Coast at Cullercoats again as Alvin didn't join me, Nic, Jeannie and Felicia for that Metro yellow line round trip last time.
We stop at South Gosforth from Airport then change train to The Coast at Cullercoats. Last time I didn't manage to stop there as it's quite late and we were quite tired already. This time Alvin and I stop at The Coast and walk.... It was 8.30a.m. in the morning and the whole street is quiet... so nice....

Many dogs on the beach.. fine weather, windy, just nice. Alvin and I continue to walk down the beach and reached the ruins which we haven't visited since we came here. Never know it's there till today.
The ruins is actually called Tynemouth Priory and Castle as you can see from below. It is the Guardian of the River Tyne.
We didn't go in as it requires admission fees and we never bother to ask for the price. As we were there, we realized that we walked a long way from Cullercoats to North Shields already. My goodness...
As we were holding the MetroSaver and it is applicable for the Ferry, we decide to try it out as we won't have chance anymore if we miss it.
Wow.... first time see the Shields Ferry....
This ferry's name is called Spirit of The Tyne....
Such a nice view from the ferry when crossing River Tyne... from far, the white ship is the DFDS Seaways cruise to Europe. We saw it entering Tynemouth from far since we arrive The Coast.
After few minutes, we arrived South Shields and we went to Boots to see Felicia as she's having placement there and brought Alvin around South Shields for a visit. We went to Asda to get some groceries as it's quite cheap. After that we went home and arriving home around 1.30p.m.

Why not taking a nap as I wake up so early this morning? After lunch, I was quite full, then for some reasons, my MSN keep on blinking... my goodness... I dunno why so many people wish to talk to me today... so I didn't sleep till preparing dinner, then now.

Now, shower, online a while, then sleep. YAWN~~~~


Anonymous said...

next time dont want bother u liao lo


SabrinaW said...

what is that red stripes in the first picture? capsicum?

Jeremy Tay said...

hehe... that's red pepper. Ingredients are lamb, red pepper, onions, tomatoes, instant casserole powder and water. cover and bake in the oven at 190'c for over an hour or till the lamb is tender to serve.