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Friday, 23 February 2007

Block 20 Top Floor

Remembered when I first came, I should had live in Block 8, with Jeannie, but due to some reasons, I live in Block 32. Then I met my 'family', then Alvin pursue me to move to Block 20 together, then Lily and Jacquelyn's confirmation lets me made decision overnight. There we have, we become Block 20 Top Floor Family.
From left, Alvin a.k.a. Alvina (mom), Lily (elder daughter), Jacquelyn (younger daughter) and me (father). Photo taken at December at Metro station when Alvin and Lily send me and Jac off to airport.

What to say about my family?

That is Alvin holding the ugly snowman in front of his room, made during second and maybe last snow in Sunderland this winter.

Same age as me, older than me for less than half month. Known him since 31/10/06. From Johor Bahru. Final year in E&E Engineering. Not available already (but not mine ah!!). He is quite caring, that's what I found out about him since knowing him.. had lots of life experience, knows a lot about a lot of things, from technologies to life to politics.. nearly everything though.. he even can play piano.. hmm.. that's what I found out recently.. oh, he's quite good in computer stuff. Now he's known as our computer doctor.. hehe.. Super tidy guy! His room is more tidy than mine for hundred times even I just finish tidying my room!

Younger 1 year than me. Known her since 6/10/06. From Sibu, my home town. First year in Pharmacy. Now not available already. When I first saw her, I was quite attracted to her, true! At that time she still lives at Millfield. One reason I move into Block 20 is because she move in as well.. hehe.. I'm honest! She's cute, and.. likes babies a lot.. got many baby photos in her room.. She needs a lot of encouragement as she's quite lack of confidence sometimes. Think too much. Sometimes quite emotional.. But she's improving a lot since I first know her. Glad about that. Without her means less fun.. as me and Alvin always makes fun of her.. and of course tickle.. haha.. she's immuned already now.. sad... hehe..

Lily with Jac at Lily's 21st Birthday

Younger than Lily a bit. Known her since 31/10/06 also. From Bintulu but hometown is Kuching. First Year Pharmacy as well. Unfortunately, also not available already. (sigh~~ left me single) She can be quiet, she can be super noisy, she can be crazy, she can be serious... well, her room.. loads of stuff.. remembering when we help her to move her stuff from previous accomodation.. urgh... 1 shopping basket of shampoo I carried! nearly all bottles used only few drops.. fuh.. and poor Martin carries her cartons of books till 'faint'.. haha.. she likes perfume, she likes to see leng zai, looks good in photos, trendy, loves shopping, emotional when talk to family.. Alvin more close to her as he always bring her out in past few months..

Well, that's what's in my mind about them at the moment. Me and Alvin will be leaving them after June. What's gonna be like...? hmmm.. Still remembered when me and Jac went to London, Lily sobbed when sending us off... for only few days we went... I hope nobody will feel too sad when we graduate..


Chloe Chong said...

still hav another 5 months or so.. don't make them cry now .. i guess they will after reading this entry. but nice one!

Jeremy Tay said...

thanks.. well.. 5 months fly fast.. hv to cherish every moment we can..

Anonymous said...

mana abunene!!!!tao yan ni!

Jeremy Tay said...

Abunene don't live in Block 20.. hehe.. next time write about you...

jacquelynyeon said...

so glad to see this blog. i dun want to leave u guys for sure. not to make us (me n lily) cry, then dun leave us. we r still young, need u guys to protect us. without u guys, i hardly been through the time when my laptop broke down and all sort of problems.
thank u for u guys in my life.
thanks n appreciate.


Jeremy Tay said...

trying my best not to leave Sunderland.. haha.. pray for that to happen oh..