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Friday, 31 August 2007

Happy Birthday

It's the final day of August and it's the official Malaysian Independence Day. Happy Birthday to Malaysia, my beloved country.
Apart from Malaysia, there are 2 more out there whose Birthday is around the same day.

First of all, my beloved brother. 30th August.
and second, Maple a.k.a. Liwan a.k.a. Panpan, my 'niece'. She has a Merdeka Birthday which is on 31st August.
Happy Birthday to you all!!

Friday, 24 August 2007

What I feel now....

It's been a month since I moved here.

I lived alone during my final 2 weeks before moving out from Sunderland. I can do whatever I want that nobody cares. I can go out whenever I want. I can do my own stuff whenever I want.

My life now is better. Aunt taking care of my dinner. Having proper food. Got nice place to shower. Got internet for free. Got TV to watch. Spending nil for all those while getting cash to spend if going out. but, I just can't take it easy on myself when I stay here. I feel pressured sometimes as I'm living in someone's place. My lifestyle is different. I have my own ways in some daily chores, tasks, habits and etc. I felt that I can't do anything wrong as I felt that if I did, I'll be in trouble. I'm thinking that, am I sitting in front of my laptop everyday making them saying stuff about me? I just have no motive and bored that's all. There's not really anything that I can do here really interest me. Those that I'm interested in, I don't dare to do it. Maybe others in the house are thinking why I don't wanna sleep earlier, staying up till late and sleep till nearly noon every morning... one reason: I feel more free to do things when everyone went to bed. At least I don't feel someone is looking at me doing things.

I felt lonely as well. I can't tell anyone how I really felt. I have nobody to talk about my feelings in my life. Relationships... myself... my future... my plans... my dreams... and nobody who comes online in MSN everyday can fully understand my feelings. I'm independent, but at times, I need someone to talk to. All my friends who has same interest as mine doesn't come online anymore nowadays. I don't know where are they, what are they doing. Maybe I really need to transform myself into lone ranger after all... like Dr. Suresh in Heroes... pursuing his own dreams alone while nobody listens to him...

Some of the things... I can't let go even I already tried... Others are telling me that I'm too bored, I'm lonely and etc. and that's why I think too much. Since I graduated, I achieved nothing useful. Only some toys like that roller coaster... I failed to complete the second one with my own plans.

I never really felt happy since I moved out from Sunderland. Maybe few times... like, when I helped my friend to solve some computer problems... when I done the roller coaster and compiled the video... I got some positive feedbacks from my interview... when granny says that the food that I cooked is nice... when my blog traffic increased a bit... when I finally changed the sidebar colour of my blog that I tried for 2 days... when I get great comments from readers...

Seems like I got happy times too since moved out huh... There are important things that makes me happy as well... seeing someone's smile... seeing the special someone come struggling me with troublesome problems... Opening an envelope and see someone writing to me that they know me quite well...

After all those babbling and moaning.. I feel better. I'm just bored and lonely thats all. Ready to face new challenges anytime!!

Leaving for London again this Saturday to see my friend, to join a festival, and most importantly, get my misc things done, and my visa done next Tuesday.

Feel like wanna chat with my brother though...

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Stab Proof Uniform for Pupils

****Someone please help me to stop the video from auto playing!! Tried various codes like "autostart" value="false" but I also failed to stop it!!****

Have you seen knife proof school uniforms? Britain is now so dangerous that parents need to invest into some Kevlar uniforms to protect their children from getting stabbed.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Blogging feelings

For the past 6 months blogging here, I'd post around 140 posts. Wondering why am I blogging, what is the purpose of blogging.

Before starting my blog here, I write some posts in Friendster blog to share my life experiences with my friends, then after I read more and more blogs, I decide to change to Blogger for more functions. Using the same title, I started blogging here since end of February.

At first, only friends were reading what I posted, then since I attached a counter in my blog, I realized that the numbers were growing at snail pace. I decided to spread more words about my blog, then learn online on how to attract more readers and so on. Numbers of readers increased bit by bit, then I tried put on advertisements, like other blogs. After some weeks, I just realized that the advertisements are just for decorations as it generates me nothing.

At times I feel like I got so much to say as I experienced a lot, but I felt quite lazy to write more than one post, but sometimes, like today, I just don't have anything to write about, as I'm stuck at home and achieved nothing!! Not even making the new roller coaster functioning!! *sob*

Anyway, thanks for reading my crapping if you manage to read until this point. I don't know what am i writing up there.. -.-"

Sunday, 19 August 2007

My Project

For the past 2 days I was building this to make use of my free time. K'Nex Rippin' Rocket Roller Coaster.
2 days ago when I just started building, before dinner, it came out like in the picture below.
Yesterday at around 3p.m., I completed it. It took me 333 minutes to finish it. 2 launching motors to launch the car around the track. The highest point is around 160cm. The facts wrote that if it is in life size, the highest point will be around 15 storeys and the loop will be 3 storeys high. The speed of the car will be around 190km/h.
As it is a used unit, the launcher is not that powerful due to used batteries. I didn't manage to get new ones, so I need to modify the track so it can go around without stopping. I modified a bit at the lower part as you can see. The original is above and the modified one is below. I detached the track from the structure and the lowest part was lifted a bit higher so the car can go pass it by the limited momentum.
I tried to take some photos when the car is moving. Manage to catch this one without flash. Can you see the purple lines going up above the orange launcher motor?
I tried again last night with flash and managed to catch it when passing through the launcher.
Anyway, I edited a video which I took when the coaster is in action.

That's all. What do you think?

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Some Questions for All Readers

Please leave feedbacks on the survey questions below. Anonymous comments are welcome. I hope I can get as much information as possible so I can improve this blog!!!

1. What do you think of the postings in this blog? interesting? boring?

2. Did you finish reading the post everytime? or just glance through? or only read when it attracts you? or anything?

3. Which type of posts do you like?

4. Did you ever use anything on my sidebar other than the chatbox?

5. Give additional comments if there is any.

Sam & Amanda

I had been watching Big Brother 8 for 2 weeks now, and it's nearly the end of this season. Among all the house mates, the twins Sam & Amanda are the most appealing among all.

The twins are from Newcastle-under-Lyme, 18 years old and studying social work in Manchester Metropolitan University. They call themselves "Twincredible". Bubbly is the perfect word to describe them. Never seen them argue with anyone, cheering everyone up... The house would never be as lively if they are not around. Just love to see them. People say they are the nation's most favourite twins!!

Left: Sam - Right: Amanda

Overall, I love Amanda more, only one reason - - She's more pretty!! LOL~~~ and more gorgeous eyes...

This is a slideshow that I found online which featuring few more pictures of them. Click for latest pictures of Amanda HERE and Sam HERE.

What do you think about them? Which one looks more pretty? Give your comments...

Click HERE for more about Sam & Amanda.
Click HERE to know more about Big Brother.

Friday, 17 August 2007

Journey to Magna Park

Yesterday was a very important day for me as I went for my first interview since I graduated. I went to Magna Park at Leicestershire which is quite a journey from where I live. As there is no trains passing by, I need to stop at a place call Rugby which has the nearest train station to Magna Park.
This is my first time using Virgin Trains. The interior of the train is quite modern and they did a good job decorating it. It's something like in a spaceship in some parts. Due to that I travelled too early in the morning, I was too sleepy to think of taking photos.
Rugby, a small town which can be finished walk within an hour.
The station's location is quite strange as it is not that near to the town centre. It is like in the middle of no where. 15 minutes walk to the town though. Luckily I met 2 Canadian travellers, Danny and Simon who stopped by to visit Danny's granny and waiting for Danny's mom who came earlier, to pick them up. I get a free ride with them to town. It's great to know that they went to Thailand, Laos and China before coming to England. It's been few months since they start travelling from Canada.
After I get myself a bacon and mushroom burger, which I forgotten to take photo of it again, I walked back to the train station to wait for my job agent to fetch me up.
This is the warehouse I went for my interview. It's a logistic company. After around an hour and half of the interview, including showing me around the warehouse, everything ended by getting a free ride back to the train station by one of the employee there. She's from Poland.

Well, now I can only pray that I get the job as I feel that I like this job role a lot. It's the manager's decision now between me and another guy from China. Looking forward to the agent's phone call already.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

What does this song remind of you...? Familiar with this song??

For me, it's been quite a long time since I heard and sing this song. Thanks to LydiaBubla who inspired me with this song in her post. A funny and interesting one.

So I started to browse in Imeem and get a few version of it which I quite like it.

This is the original English version and the following is the mandarin version which I also sang during my young age...

This one is one of the re-sing version which I found out quite nice as well.

Nice? Either yes or no, you MUST listen to this following version!!!!

How was it? This is the one LydiaBubla attached in her post... I laughed for quite a while after listening though. (Pardon me, I'm not racist, just feel funny)

Which one do you think is the best one?

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Speed Master

Browsing through a forum and I came up with this new movie showing in Japan at 25/8, that is around 10 days from now. The movie is called Speed Master. When I clicked the website, I can't understand most of it as it is written in Japanese.

It is a story about 4 main characters, and featuring 2 legendary Nissan models and 2 Mazda legendary models.
Nissan Fairlady Z 300ZX. Driven by the only female racer in the movie.
Nissan Silvia 180SX
Mazda RX7 FD3S
Mazda RX7 FC3S

This is the movie trailer.

The movie seems quite interesting for someone who loves cars though. When will global movie goers get some Mandarin or English subtitles for it...

Visit Speed Master webpage @

Sunday gathering

It is a boring Sunday morning that I didn't really enjoyed much. At around 2p.m., the clouds suddenly covered the sky and made me sleepy suddenly...

But then, there was a gathering of my uncle and aunt's friends in late afternoon. I hid in the room until uncle and aunt came back from the 4 year old girl's birthday party. When I went out... Holy crap!!! Why all the upmarket cars!!!!!
As you can see, this is an Audi A4 Convertible which is cool enough for me to have one. That 'botak' man, Daze, owns it and as I asked him, he said that he would change his car to new Audi A5 coupe when he gets back from holiday next week. It's only a 3 years old car!!!
These are some of the food on the table. We got burgers, drumsticks which is extremely tender and just nice, with juice pouring out from the meat when bitten, lamb, steak, pasta which I don't really fancy, boiled new potatoes, fried rice which I didn't taste and sausages. Sorry that I didn't took photo of all those yummy food as I was really enjoying the food that I forgotten to take photo. Usual me though.

As you can see from the background above, the kids are all playing golf... all under age of 12 and were all playing golf!!! What a life they have...

So what do they drive? Apart from the Audi A4....
Chris drives the Mercedes CLK230 sports convertible while another lady whom I forgot the name drives a Bimmer (BMW), that's the silver one at the back. The front firey red one is my uncle's TT.
BMW 530!!!! model code:E39!!! My favourite BMW 5 series!!!

A gathering turning out to be a gathering of fine upmarket German cars: Audi, BMW, Mercedes.

My goodness....

Day-out to Basildon

Last Saturday I went to Basildon, the heart of Essex. The weather is extra fine that I felt like eaten by the sun.
This is the Westgate Shopping Park that my aunt and I went. It's quite a huge place that it has an Eastgate Shopping Park that connected to it, but we didn't go due to lack of time.
This tower here, I don't know what it is. It just have huge bells at the top of the transparent building and you can see it functioning. I was lucky enough to hear those huge bells ding-donging. Surprised that it doesn't sound nice at all.. no melody at all and it's just disturbing and noisy. Damn it. Even the bells that the monks hit in the temple sounds better. And how the hell is it for? It's not a clock tower as well!! It's just simply annoying. I'll go nuts if I live nearby.
Anyway, we're back to the complex and the bells still ding-donging... That Toni & Guy building is an individual building which I found quite special. Behind it is Costa Coffee, also an individual building. As we can see from the blue banners, there is a motorshow happening this coming weekend. Not sure will I be able to get there or not as I depend on other people's transport.. Hope I can get there to have a walk this coming weekend.

Well, we walk straight to Primark, choose and there I go... a set of suit. Sorry about the picture though. Of all the photos I took in the changing room, this one is the best one to show even though it's still lousy. I look totally like a jerk in other pictures. £25 for the suit and £10 for the pants. I grab myself a bargain!!
We went to Woolsworth to get some birthday presents for a 4 year old kid after that. I get myself a bar of Guylian Chocolate!!!! Costing only around more than £1 but less than £1.50.
I just tried it yesterday. It tasted marvelous. Melted in mouth but not sticking on teeth, leaving the fragrant and taste of cocoa in mouth... MmmMmMmmMm.....

That's my day-out last Saturday.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

20 Friends Tag

Clement tagged me few days ago so I need to prepare to write this post. I recall my memories and searched through my Friendster and folders to look for photos to see who am I gonna put in this 20 friends list. So here I am starting to write about it.

These 20 friends are my old pals, some of them since kindergarten, some of them primary school , secondary school or college. Not gonna write much about my usual uni friends as you can find quite a lot about them throughout this blog.

So here I go.

First category, College mates.

1. Double Daniels and Eva

First Daniel and Eva are my seniors actually and second Daniel is my course mate.

I met first Daniel and Eva during my first meeting at Worship Committee, that was when I just step into my college a few months. Eva is bubbly, cute and active and getting a lot of attention though. First Daniel, the first time he talked to me is after that first meeting and I was staring at a Mitsubishi Lancer parked outside the building. He came up to me then we found out that we had the same interest -- cars. Second Daniel, He is quite shy though. Known him since first day of my college. After second year, Eva and Daniel graduated but we continue keep in touch. It's been more than a year that 4 of us had gone out for supper... miss those days the most!!!! laughters and joys when together with them...

2. Dinah
Sigh~~ Can't get her whole face though, quite good looking... Got it from her Friendster. She used to have a full face photo but now when I need it, she deleted them, so I can only get this. Why she is on the list? She is one of my course mates in my batch as well. Finished studied ACCA and I'm not sure has she start working as an accountant. Sometimes I really hate her as she's quite annoying but sometimes I feel that she's nice to be with.

3. Leon
This is Leon with his girlfriend. He is my drum sifu. Fun to be with, plays music instruments very well... as in DotA they say... GODLIKE!!!!! He plays drums, acoustic guitars, electric guitars and electric bass. He sings as well!! Serving in church's youth band. He is a cold and lame joke king as well. Attempting to get his Kembara tuned to look cool, but I haven't seen a long time already so not sure how is it now.

Second category, Secondary school mates

1. Aloysius
This guy here, I known him since form 1, a transfer student who comes 2 weeks later than us. His hair is extremely curly and tiny, so he got nicknames like Maggi head, KiuKiuMo, etc. He's extremely active in extra curricular activities and sports. I learned a lot of computer skills from him though. Now he's studying computer science. Great guy.

2. Jack Hong
This leng zai here is Jack Hong, who caused me scolded by maths teacher during form 1, a transfer student as well who sits behind me. At that time it was maths test, that damn teacher gave us test only after a week starting school... His house has lots of porn VCDs laying around in living room in front of the TV.. that surprised us a lot when we went to his house.. haha... Don't see him looking like lalazai, he's actually a nice n cool guy to be with...

3. Samuel
This guy here, he was one of the first person I met since form 1 as well. He got tonnes of nicknames as his name is Samuel. From Samo (in foochow it means louse) then turn into Amo then adding in some foul language etc etc... LOL~~ He was fat when we were all still in secondary school, now looks thin though, like his dad. He plays computer games like there is no tomorrow, even until now, still DotA like there is no tomorrow... haha... a future dentist though.

4. Angel
This girl here looks familiar to my readers right? She's Angel who writes about me all the time and come complaint to me about her relationship problems and such.. LOL~~~ Always driving all the way from her house to find me out accompanying her n her friends... known a lot of her friends since knowing her. We actually met in mIRC at that time, she's in next class. Then our friendship continues until now, and she's still chatting with me at the moment. She's great that I never regret to be friend with her. Oh by the way, She's nice to talk to even though sometimes annoying... kekekeke.....

5. Gloria
She's one of my secondary school mates as well. She loves dogs!!!!!!! she loves music.... I really don't know how to use words to describe her though... but she's there when i wanna talk to her... Click her blog to know more about her...

6. Clement
He is Clement a.k.a. Bayiu!!! huahuahua... Bayiu is banana in Mandarin. Why some nickname like that? Well, his name is Pak Yew ma... One of the famous Sibu blogger. Visit his blog!!! He's the one who tagged me!!! urghhhh..... he looks chubby and cute right...? hihi.. His dad owns a quite big business in Sibu though... don pray pray ah....

7. Kevin
He is Kevin. Lives next to the school and we always drop by his house. His dad is an accountant and he just finish his ACCA in London as well. Like father like son.. haha... Our parents know each other and his younger brother knows my younger sister as well... So, as a result, we all know each other's family members.

Third Category, Those whom I know since kindergarten or later.
1. Vincent
Known him since kindergarten till now. his house is near to Angel's and Angel admire him for quite a long time though!!! but their relationship are just too strange to be discussed here... Drive recklessly and I feel unsafe when he's driving. It's not recklessly fast but... his cornering skills are terrible... sigh~~~ A future chemical engineer is what he is.

2. Ching Lung
I know him since primary 1 and hanging out even when I'm in college. He's good in maths and always get first place in maths competition during primary school. Always hanging out with Samo and Vincent as well... We're all good and close friends...

3. Richard
Richard, a primary school friend, moved to Kuching during lower secondary. haven't met him since long long time but we still remember each other... haha... Don't know how he's doing already... visit his blog at

Fourth Category, church friends

This young lad here is younger than me. He loves cars like me, can play drum as well, and he's studying the subject he wants, automotive engineering... something related to cars... which can touch cars for the rest of his life... damn... I don't have a chance... anyway, he's famous among girls.. hehe... and he has got a bright future...

Fifth Category, Online Friends

1. Priscilla
She is Priscilla from KL whom I met through Friendster. Never met her in real person before but she's a cute a talkative girl. She introduced many friends of hers to me, I can't mentioned them one by one here though. We are still in contact even until now.. hehe...

2. Lydia
Just met her around a month ago. Not sure if this is really her but never mind. Met her online for some reasons though. Put her in the list as I feel that she's a nice girl. Appreciate her a lot for listening to my grumble about some stuff always... I hope that we can continue be good friends in the future and hope we won't be meeting only because of those reasons.

Final Category, Sixth, University Friends.
1. Justin
This guy here is my course mate. He is from KL and seems lonesome here at the university though. I heard that he got tonnes of friends back in KL. Now he went back home and I think he's enjoying his life. He smoke like there's no tomorrow and that's the bad thing about him... He's crazy and funny all the time and serious when doing his work. Really appreciate him a lot as he helped me a lot on my studies... That photo was taken during graduation day. He wears his cap most of the time as he didn't even bother to cut his long and messy hair...

Finally, the rest of my friends in The Precinct who are fun to be with.
Front row: Vincent, Jacquelyn, Deborah, Alison, Nicholas
Second row: Vita, Felicia, Jeannie, Li Pei, E-Qian, Lai Yee, Hui Sing, Adrian
Third row: Alvin, me, Kah Huey
Fourth row: Cathy, Maple, Chloe, Martin, Jefferey

Not in the picture: Sarah, Lily

That's the 20 friends (more than that) tag to write about... there are still many more friends out there though... Those with links in the post, consider yourself tagged!!! Clement you don't have to la... you tagged me...

*this post took me 2 hours to finish* =.="