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I'm officially broke..

Monday, 30 April 2007

Sunday, 29 April 2007


Now the time is 9:50a.m in the morning of a cloudy Sunday. Slept before 1a.m last night which is considered as very early already as I don't feel any mood at all in doing anything since yesterday morning. Ah... it happens at least once or twice a month though. This time it happens during the preparation period for exams. Wasted me a day for not compiling my notes for exams. sigh~~

First module will be on 3rd May which is coming Thursday. I don't even have the book to use!!! Holy sh*t!!! When I browse through the university library website, it was like... MY GOD!!! at least 2 to 3 reserves for each copy of that book!!!! I just realised everything was too late... I swear I really forgot that book already till the day I hand in my dissertation which is last Friday. Luckily a friend got it and I'll be getting it from him later. That book now is used by 3 person including me, so I have to bring back, then start dating with Cathy's printer so I can scan most parts of the book which I need into soft copy, then return the book to my friend tomorrow. What the crap.. doing this only for that darn module...

I really do hope I won't have any book difficulties anymore for the coming modules on 8th, 10th and 11th May. After 11th May 4p.m.... I'll be free man!!!! After Nic as his final module is on the 8th... :( so fast... but mine is second.

Anyway, I'm gonna start doing my work for exams today under any circumstances!!

my goodness... still have to cook dinner tonight.........

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Monkey... Penguin... Polar Bear...

Uh... What's all those animals about?

Recently friends start to call me names again.. I thought I'll never face it anymore here.. but... sigh~~

Vincent put my name in his online game in a character which looks like monkey.. so I become monkey. What the heck... then Liwan start calling me penguin as she say I walk like penguin.. with big belly... =.=" then just now... Chloe calls me polar bear... =.=" why polar bear??? weird.. I look so dark.. don't have fair skin though..

Well, what's next? come on.. leave some animal names for me in your comments.. LOL~~

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Wisdom tooth

Cathy seems happy today, especially after she went to the dentist to get rid of that "rotten" wisdom tooth of hers...

Past few weeks she was complaining about her tooth, saying that its painful until headache.. but she insist not to take medication, check-up and whatsoever.. everytime when we tell her, she cover her ears... like this....
Then 2 days ago, she was in pain again... we then advice her again to see the dentist.. but she keep on saying going back to Kuching before getting rid of it as her mom can take care of her.. hmmm... Seems like a very big deal though.. and she thought it would be expensive.. as we also think something like that. So, yesterday she went to the dentist, make an appointment, the appointment is at 3.35pm today.

She seems so scared and worried before going... but when she came back... she was smiling all the way... non stop talking... with her mouth half numb.. funny.. hahaha... but really happy to see her not complaining about her teeth anymore... and hope there won't be anymore problems. So now she's not like the monkey up there anymore... she is like...
LOL... well.. just using monkey to describe... cos she used to do like this... but the truth is... she's actually nice looking... click here for more about her.... and here for more pictures of us and her...

Anyway... wish you recover soon!!!

Tuesday, 24 April 2007


It's raining outside.. now..
and I don't feel well..
Pray that I won't fall sick..

Feel bit sad..
of what I saw just now..
Why sad?
No reasons..
Just the easily affected emotions of me..
I can feel it myself..
That's me..

Who am I?
I'm Jeremy..

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Avril Lavigne - Alone

Well, the new song I post now is Alone by Avril Lavigne in the new album "The Best Damn Thing"which was released only around a week ago. Alone is the bonus track in the Japanese album which features Travis Barker on drums. I like Avril Lavigne and I like Travis Barker on drums as well... I like the music of this song a lot and the lyrics are meaningful as well, so this makes it a perfect song... LOL... By the way, maybe someone can dedicate this song to someone else... if you know who you are...

Here are the lyrics... enjoy the song...

Uh uh oh oh oh
Uh uh oh oh oh
Hey man.
Tell me what were you thinking
What the hell were you saying?
Oh come on now,
Stop! and think about it.
Hey now,
maybe you should just listen,
maybe you should stop talking for a second.
Shut up, listen to me.

You're so obvious,
you're so oblivious,
and now you wonder why,
you're the one alone.
So don't apologize,
you don't even realize,
you screwed it up this time
now you're the one alone

Uh uh oh oh oh
Uh uh oh oh oh

Hey bro,
I'm just tryin' to let you know,
you really think that you're special,
oh come on now,
I've seen so much better,
hey there,
did you actually think that I cared?

Don't know if you want to go there,
oh come on now,
keep on, keep on dreaming.

You're so obvious,
you're so oblivious,
and now you wonder why,
you're the one alone.
So don't apologize,
you don't even realize,
you screwed it up this time
now you're the one alone

If you,
want to,
be my,
uh uh oh,
you know,
you can't,
play games,
and you know what I mean,
but you don't,
get my,
I'm gone,
you're still,
about me,
over and over and over and over and over again.

You're so obvious,
you're so oblivious,
and now you wonder why,
you're the one alone.
So don't apologize,
you don't even realize,
you screwed it up this time
now you're the one alone

You're so obvious,
you're so oblivious,
and now you wonder why,
you're the one alone.
So don't apologize,
you don't even realize,
you screwed it up this time
now you're the one alone

Uh uh Oh oh oh
Uh uh Oh oh oh
Uh uh Oh oh oh
Uh uh Oh oh oh

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Holiday Ending

Ah... Holiday ending soon. In less that 48 hours time we're going to continue our life in uni. What have we done in the spring holiday? play, play, and play. Our relationship had improved a lot since then. Wondering how long will our friendship last.. I hope it's forever as i really cherish every moment with them.

Things had happen lately and we're concern about it. Hope everything will past very soon so everything can be back to normal again. Hope the person with that problem really can make full decision of it so we won't be so worried.

It's 5:26am now and it's not that I wake up early.. I didn't sleep.. so as other PK team members. just finish our food and i might start work soon... or maybe sleep? or nap a while then continue work? Decide after posting this though.

We all have our things to do.. and we all have our own exams to prepare!! so, get started before it's too late!! good luck everyone!!!!

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Dedicate to Cathy

Remember that you got us and we all love you!!! Be Strong!!!

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Happy Birthday to April Guys and Girls

14/4, Saturday night, is our party made for all guys and girls who were born on April. Nicholas, Deborah, Jacquelyn, Alison, Vincent. Additionally, Vita as well.
We did steamboat again that night and it's quite interesting having around 20 people in the house. The weather is not cold that day and adding up steam from the pot and body temperature from 20 people, we felt really warm inside. Preparations are made since afternoon. The girls start to decorate the kitchen with balloons and words so it looks like a birthday party. Took them hours to blow around 100 balloons... but mostly by using bicycle tyre air pump. haha.. As for me Alvin and Adrian, we start preparing the Treasure Hunt stuff. Thanks to others as well for helping in the kitchen. Kah Huey, the "big cook", really cook nice Tom Yam soup!!!

Dinner started at around 8.40pm. We had 2 pots of soup, Tom Yam and usual chicken soup which is not hot, and made for those who can't eat spicy food. Tom Yam flavour is definitely better than chicken flavour!! Look at the first picture... red soup, bit spicy, sourish.. smells nice... tempting!

I didn't really took much of the photos when dinner as I was rushing with Alvin and Adrian to finish asap so we can start doing the treasure hunt stuff. Didn't really had time to enjoy the nice Tom Yam soup.. sigh~~ and only after the game I started to catch some photos. Talking bout Treasure Hunt, we hide all the clues around Precinct, front and back, top and bottom.... and we divide them into 4 groups which the treasures are toothpaste, toothbrush, lip balm, and of course.... banana... LOL~~ we only manage to take photos of 2 groups, toothpaste and toothbrush...

The 2 groups up there is first and third place. First place has to set punishment for third while second place set for fourth place. So, Toothpaste group ask Toothbrush group to sing birthday song with actions to birthday peeps.
After that some of them went back but the show continues as we start to PK (tickle) the girls.. haha.. This is the PK team photo. Me, Alvin, SPGK (Vincent), TT (Martin) and AC (Adrian). Our duty is to tickle the girls.. victims include, Cathy Abubu, Maple Pan Pan, Chloe, Jac Jac, Deborah, Jeannie Baby, Alison... haha....
This is when we were pk-ing Chloe... she seems quite enjoying though...
Well, we spend hours chatting and discussing about the treasure hunt and taking photos... These are some interesting photos taken throughout the night.... First... Chloe eating banana....
Jefferey looks funny... look at what Vincent is doing... classic...
Martin and Alvin look so gay.... since when Alvin turn into gay????
And this is our group photo for the night less 3 person as they leave earlier.
Happy Birthday to all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 16 April 2007

Visit to Sunderland Museum, Winter Gardens & Mowbray Park

3 days ago, April 12, we went downtown to visit the Museum, Winter Gardens and Mowbray Park, which is together in a place. Previous weeks we were planning to go but because of time (after 5pm), all closed already. So this time we went visit at 3pm, which is nice. Weather that day is fine but the breeze is quite chilly.
Sadly Cathy and Chloe didn't wanna join us. or we'll have more fun. In the museum, seems like Martin is having lots of fun... look at that... so naughty.. (Click to enlarge)
After the museum we go straight to Winter Gardens which is in the same building. It's a giant Greenhouse with tropical plants in it, like a mini jungle with a fish ponds with some Koi fish inside.

Nah.. nothing much to see though. So we head straight outside to Mowbray Garden, which has much better scenery.. and more people around as the weather isn't that bad. At the first sight, ah... people here in Sunderland are too kind to the geese and ducks in the pond... but the animals seems fed up of eating these bread which they feed, making the pond floating with bread. sigh~~

but other than that, the scenery is fine. As it's spring now, the flowers are nice... colourful flowers around... not like tropical flowers.. quite boring though..

Look at those flowers!!!! My my... Love it!! And look!!! I got big *****!!!! hahahaha.....
We had lots of fun riding this as well!!! my goodness we're so childish... thanks to Martin who suggested us to sit on it!! hahahah!!!
Everyone nearby were watching us playing it... my goodness.... it's so funny... and here's the video taken by Adrian.

On our way home... I saw a dead pigeon beside the street... poor thing... R.I.P.
Anyway, we had our dinner at Lambton Worm Whetherspoon. It's Curry Club that evening and we hadn't tried any of the curry there so we headed to try some. It's quite tempting though.
So, Malaysian Beef Rendang is served there as well!! Adrian ordered it and his comment is positive. due to length of this post I won't be posting all dishes which we ordered, just names...
So that's our afternoon to the park.. and eat... enjoying life while we got tonnes of workloads to be done...

Love 爱

Love is Patient,
Love is Kind.
It Does Not Envy,
It Does Not Boast,
It is Not Proud.

It is Not Rude,
It is Not Self-Seeking,
It is Not Easily Angered,
It Keeps No Record of Wrongs.

Love Does Not Delight in Evil but Rejoice with the Truth.

It Always Protects,
Always Trusts,
Always Hopes,
Always Perseveres.

Love Never Fails.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

爱是恒久忍耐, 又有恩慈.


哥林多前书 13:4-8

Saturday, 14 April 2007

2 Weeks Gone...

Hah!! It's 2 weeks holiday gone and I didn't possessed anything on my studies!! 1 more week before my holiday ends and I'll have to pass up 1 assignment and 1 dissertation and 3rd May I'll be having my first module exam. sigh~~ Looking at the calendar just now and I feel that I'll have to rush like crazy person this coming week to finish my assignments and dissertation, hopefully within few days... pray that I can sit in front of my computer and start to get serious. And do hope that no more distractions which bothers me though... and don't be lazy ah... crap... or I won't be having enough time to prepare my exam.. 4 modules... within 2 weeks time. urgh... and the fact that last night we still get drunk... hehe...

Anyway, before starting to do work seriously, tonight we'll be having a birthday party for April's birthday guys and girls. Steamboat night. around 20 ppl joining tonight, and we'll have games!!! the games were suggested by Chloe and planned by me, Alvin and Adrian. LOL.. I think it's gonna be fun.. if everyone participate according to our plan. Time now is 12.06pm and Alvin is still sleeping like pig. Later this afternoon we have to prepare all things for tonight... and set up the game.

Today's timetable is full again... but not on studies... sigh~~ how to get good results by continue living like this...

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Money Money Money!!!!!!!!!

Keep on counting the money I spent recently... I can't afford anymore... ARGHHHH!!!!! I never had more than 1 note in my wallet for more than 3 days this 2 weeks starting this month. Now I don't have anymore notes in my wallet even though I just withdraw this morning... seriously!!

Where did it go? Food.. as usual, and adding birthdays. sigh~~ I'll need to get more in this few days to cover birthday party steamboat, dinner funds to be paid again this Friday... and presents... too many people born in this month.. wondering why... still 20 days to end this month... Don't know when I can stop spending... sigh~~ Stopped spending for extra junk food already... stop spending on fruit juice which I love to drink already... what else can I ban myself from spending for it?

Lets hope for the goodies my parents sent will arrive within this 2 weeks time...

Overspending for April!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 9 April 2007

To Roker Beach

Today is Easter Sunday. Me Jeannie, Felicia and Deborah went to church in the morning. After church, we decided to walk back from Bede College to The Precinct. On the way back, we decided to go to the beach as today is very sunny.

After having our lunch, Me, Jeannie, Felicia, Deborah, Alison, Alvin, Cathy, Jac, Nic and Adrian start our walk to the beach.
From the image above (right click to open in new window/tab to view bigger picture), the red line is the path we walked this afternoon, and the green line is our plan to continue walk to Seaburn beach but cancelled due to time constraints and tiredness among us.. On the way to Roker Beach, we went to River Wear side to visit and snap few photos as well as bringing them to see St. Peters campus where me and Nic study.
After that we went to the National Glass Centre beside St. Peters Campus to pay a visit. I had never been into the building as well until today. The glass art work displayed in it is spectacular.. and some of them are expensive as well, if you wanna buy it... Before we went in, we take a walk on top of the NGC building roof. Some parts of them are made of glass so we can look through the glass into the building from top. Jeannie and Felicia took photo by sitting on the glass roof...

After visiting, we are now officially on the way to Roker Beach.. as we walk, we can see lots of Convertibles on the road.. so cool.. get one someday.. haha.. and people riding motorcycles as well.. Walking down the road we saw a marina!!! Sunderland got a marina!! It's nice though.
After that we finally arrived Roker Beach. Many people were coming out bringing their families, dogs, cars to the beach...
So that's Roker Beach. There's a lighthouse at the end of the left 'wing'.. Don't know how is that barrier actually call.. hehe... so we walk towards the lighthouse.. and it's a long way out. The wind blow so strong that we felt so tired when walking towards it.

Many people fishing there as well... but I didn't take photos of them fishing though.. but I manage to snap on this... What is Cathy Wong doing again?????? sigh~~~
After coming back from the lighthouse, we get some food there and eat, then visit amusement centre next to the food stall then we go back.

On the way back, I manage to take some photos again. Share this photo which I like with you all... Wearmouth Bridge under the sun....