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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

3800hp Motorcycle

Holy SHIT!!! Look at this!! I was laughing like crazy when I saw the pictures of the jet powered motorcycle. I dunno but it's just funny when you see the picture... The motorcycle is totally insane!!! What did the Aussies done to the bike!!! How can someone ride it!?!?

Anyway, here are some details which I grab from WorldCarFans and Jalopnik which is the original source of the story.

Powered by a Rolls Royce Viper Turbojet aircraft Jet Engine, the motorcycle really can fly with its 3800hp. I really don't know how they ride it and how fast will it go. It might fly to the moon I guess.



  • ROLLS ROYCE VIPER MK.202 TURBOJET - Originaly Installed in Macchi Jet trainer orJet Provost aircraft.
  • Thrust = 2,450 lbs aprox 3,800 horsepower + after burner another 1200 horsepower.
  • Air Flow = 32,000 CFM aprox
  • Pressure ratio = 4.3 :1
  • Compressor = 7 stage axial flow
  • Engine Weight =290 KGs


  • Built by MAD
  • Seamless sched 80 tubing
  • Wheelbase = 3.4 meters

Front end

  • FJ 1200 Yamaha

Rear end

  • Dragway rims mad built hub twin discs no chains or sprockets to break.

Like a guy's comment in Jalopnik with this picture... I just wanna laugh out loud.
Do you wanna ride this to school? Bring it for a race with the Mat Rempits in KL...

Source 1: WorldCarFans
Source 2: Jalopnik


Why am I having a headache now?

Well, again, flat. Godammit!! This flat is driving me crazy. Since last payment of the rental at 15th April, the lady, wanna leave the flat, before the term ends. That means, we still have 3 more months to bare the cost between me and my friend. Astronomical figure. We decided to 'eat' her deposit if we can't find any tenants to stay for 3 months in the next few weeks before the next rental payment.

Headache... I put advertisement for 1 week, there is no e-mail, no text, no calls whatsoever. Even I reduce the price there is no answers. If we 'eat' her deposit, we can only hang on one more month before we have to start paying humongous figures of rent. I really hope we can find somebody, anybody, whoever to share our damn rental before i go busted.

ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so tired......

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Streatham Kite Day

2 weeks ago, 13/4/08, was Streatham Kite Day. Felt too lazy that's why for the late updates.

It was a very wet day and was raining since the morning, which is not good. Around noon time the rain stopped so Kevin and I went to Streatham Common for the event. The ground was so wet and as many people walking on it... it became muddy...

The first thing we saw is few people flying kites in a closed area. Can you see their kites?? Click to enlarge to see more clearly as it's quite small.
Then we walked down the grass to the tent which sells kites.

This kite is only palm size which is quite interesting. The packaging states that it flies. We bought a kite which is purple in colour. No special designs or such. It cost us £5.99 for that. I think in Malaysia RM2 can get one already. £5.99 if convert is around RM35 which is expensive... :P The most expensive one I saw selling is around £150. Not sure what is so special about it as I'm not a professional kite flyer.
A father trying to fly a kite with his son.
Sky full of kites....
Our kite in my hand while Kevin went to get string extension. The string is too short to fly the kite higher. This is the maximum length of the fitted string.
Do you see the Octopus? Unfortunately it only maintained at that height for a while then dropped as the wind is not strong enough to fly higher. All the strings were attached to its head. I really don't know how they fly it.
Is that a plane or a kite?

All tangled up... then after that....
The Kite Flyer.... Well... this photo is taken after the string extension. You can see the kite so small that it is so far from the ground. We fly the highest kite among all other people after string extension. After that the rain started to pour again. It took us around 20 minutes to wind down the damn string after flying it so high. We even walk back to the tent to continue bringing down the kite. The people who wait at the tent were so surprised that our kite was miles away... haha...

Anyway, that was my first time actually flying a kite. It's quite an interesting experience. I heard the organiser said that the next one will be at Black Heath during mid of June. Will we be going again to fly the purple kite? We'll think about it.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

City of Luxurious Cars

Yesterday, as usual, I went out on delivery when I start my shift at 11a.m. This week was surprisingly quiet. Not so crowded in Tube, busses, on the streets... but not on the road though.. Our shop is very quiet as well. The shop will be empty after only around 3p.m. which is a bit unusual.

Anyway, back to the main story. As I went out on delivery, I saw few quite luxurious cars around the shop area. I didn't take all the photos though. But to let you all know, I find some pictures to let you have a look.

First, I saw an AMG S55 like this one below, in light blue. It's just Mercedes S-Class right? No, it's an AMG tuned machine. Actually saw quite a lot like this one around the shop I work, but what I saw is AMG, not usual S-Class, most of them are just S350 with AMG rims.
Then after I came back from 1 delivery, I saw this. Another S-Class? No. AMG S65. Updated model of the one above. Again I didn't manage to catch a photo of it so get it on web. These cars are not cheap at all. I'm not a Mercedes fan but the quad exhaust really turn me on.

One more car I saw yesterday that is quite shocking but usual. Actually I saw 2 of those yesterday. I just took the one which is parked in front of my shop. O.O This in front of the little sandwich takeaway shop where I work??? Can't find a parking space at Hanover Square maybe?
Anyway, at 4th April, I saw the first Audi R8 in real. OMG!!! I saw it after I finish work and walk towards Oxford Circus.

The V8 roars.... Muscular.... You just feel the power only by listening to the sound of V8. Anyway, I saw another one 2 days later on the road which is of different colour, again I was on delivery so I can't take photo of it.

Other cars which I saw before.... Porsche Cayenne Gemballa GT. This is not my photo but I swear I saw the same one. This photo is taken in London as well. A real powerful SUV.
Well, apart from luxurious cars... I saw this. I don't have any idea what car is this. Maybe its a modified G-Wiz electric car?
Other than all the above, I saw with my own eyes, Ferrari F430, which I saw over 10 times, Bentley Continental, Lotus Elise, Maserrati Gran Turismo, Lamborghini Gallardo, Ford GT, SL65, Aston Martin and lots more. You name it, I saw it. Nearly all. I am still waiting for rarer cars to appear, like the McLaren, Ferrari Enzo, Bugatti Veyron, Porsche Carrera GT.

Ah... London, city of luxury. Give me some money...

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Pearl Jam - Jeremy

This song's name is my name. I didn't know about this song at all until Fernando and Dagmara, both my colleagues told me about it. They actually told me quite some time already and I never searched online. Today Fernando let me listen to it so I decided to find it online just now.

This song was released in the year 1992. The story about this song is actually quite sad. You can find the stories of this song in Wikipedia. It had even won 4 MTV video music awards back then for its music video.

At home
Drawing pictures
Of mountain tops
With him on top
Lemon yellow sun
Arms raised in a V
Dead lay in pools of maroon below
Daddy didn't give attention
To the fact that mommy didn't care
King Jeremy the wicked
Ruled his world
Jeremy spoke in class today
Jeremy spoke in class today
Clearly I remember
Pickin' on the boy
Seemed a harmless little fuck
But we unleashed a lion
Gnashed his teeth
And bit the recessed lady's breast
How could i forget
He hit me with a surprise left
My jaw left hurtin
Dropped wide open
Just like the day
Like the day i heard
Daddy didn't give affection
And the boy was something mommy wouldn't wear
King jeremy the wicked
Ruled his world
Jeremy spoke in class today
Jeremy spoke in class today
Try to forget this...
Try to erase this...
From the blackboard.

What do you think of the song?

Monday, 14 April 2008

2008 Olympic Torch Relay - London

Last Sunday, 6th April, was snowing in the morning then after that the Olympic Torch Relay started at Wembley Stadium at North West London. It is rare to see Olympic Torch passing by in front of me so I decided to go to central London to see the event, of course to see the Tibet protests as well. I arrive Oxford Circus around noon, waiting for Sugababes which will pass by, carrying the torch on an open deck bus. Then after some time waiting.....

OoooOOooOooo.... The truck in front is fully loaded with reporters and cameras which will send it live all across the globe... there is the bus!!!

It passes by in just 2 seconds.... where the hell is the torch!!!!?!???!??!?!? Can you see Sugababes? yea think so... 1 of them? maybe?
So the torch is at the other side of the damn bus...

I was so disappointed by then I ran towards the next destination nearby which I can see the torch in front of me more clearly, Piccadilly Circus.
After waiting patiently, the torch bearer finally appear... with massive amount of Chinese Olympic Torch Protection Squad and Polices with cycling helmets running together... =.=" The red circle in the picture is where the torch bearer is.

Fine.... next destination... Trafalgar Square...
So did you see the torch? yea... you can see them under protection of the blue guys and polices. With a Tibetan flag behind... Trafalgar Square was in chaos I tell you. Then along the street down to Big Ben/Parliament House....
Asian guy, I think is Tibetan... caught by police as of the disruptions he made to stop the torch from continuing. I ran down together with the crowd to see what is happening down there. A police officer stopped the people from going onwards to prevent disruptions of the Torch Relay... There we go, protestors.... huge amount of them gathering around near to Parliament House.
I gave up to chase the torch and went to the tube so I can get to Canary Wharf which the torch will pass by. It was around 1pm. It was too early as the people who work there said that the Torch will only arrive at 5pm. I was like... O.O"

So I hang around Canary Wharf for like 1 and half hours then decide to visit the O2 which is the final destination. Took photos of it but will post up later (maybe) then waited for around 2 more hours... That was horrible. It was freezing and there is no warm place to sit, except Starbucks in The O2, which is jammed packed with people.

In Around 4.30pm, people start to show up and there was a big screen showing.....
Sugababes were unable to perform due to Amelle's illness... =.=" WHAT!! So they disappoint me again, first on the bus now here. Anyway, I continue stay there so to see the Torch arrive. There were some performances by some random people who I don't really know who they are.

and protestors.... again.
Live TV broadcasting....
The arrival of the Torch on the boat heading towards the pier near to The O2.
While the Torch bearer jog towards the stage from the pier, fireworks were released as you can see from the background and live broadcast on the screen.
The Torch arrives on stage...
Lit up the giant torch.
After some anonymous VIP talks, this Chinese old chap starts to talk... then....
This was shown on the screen when he was talking.... so sarcastic...
Anyway, after he talks, then some souvenirs exchange among the VIPs and such, it's time to keep the fire in the lantern
Then bringing it to the next destination, Paris....

Then Monday during the relay in Paris... same protests happen again.... sigh~~ controversial.

Anyway, that's my coverage of the 2008 Olympics Torch Relay in London.

Friday, 11 April 2008

I Want My Own Flat!!!!

URGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had enough!!!!!!!!!!!

I am SO SO SO PISSED OFF!! Living here for 4 months really test my patience to the limit! I don't care anymore I'm gonna write about it here. I don't care if anyone in my household is gonna read or whatever....

I got 2 flatmates, a woman in the 50s and a friend from Sibu (unfortunately). The woman in the 50s has less problems when compare to the guy who is same age as me. The lady has the en-suit master room, which means having it's own bathroom, for me, unfortunately I need to share with a person who's lazy that there's no tomorrow for him. For those who I chat always, you know how he does things. Never wash bathroom, never clean kitchen, only tidy up his room when he got mood and that's like he hasn't even tidy once since he move in at mid December. I admit that I don't vacuum my room floor that often as well, but at least I throw my rubbish into the bin and keep my room as tidy as possible.

So much for that.

Today, he pissed me off again. Well, he cooked food in the oven, I know it's him as he use my aluminum foil, and left his food in the oven again. I don't care if he is sick or whatever (he is sick now) just bloody take the food out from the oven!!! He's gonna say "oh.. I still want to eat it..." So i don't even bother to ask. He's not gonna clean the oven tray nor gonna clean the dirty oven. Again, I was cleaning it just now, before I use. He never throw rubbish, maybe once.. or twice? since we moved in during December.. After he cook, me or the lady need to throw it for him. When the lady ask him to throw, he's like... "oh..." then at night or next morning, the lady throw. Is he unconscious when someone is talking to him? or Deaf? or just plain fucking lazy? I don't believe that he forget things easily... he passed his professional accounting course already!!! and got a bloody damn accounting job!!! and his life is like those who never had any education.

Bathroom, he wet the floor again!! Bloody hell!! )*^^%@#$$% I was telling him so many times that he felt annoyed and scold me... and say... "I KNOW I KNOW!!!!!" and as usual, he never knows. I gave up washing the bathroom already.

Few weeks ago, he had diarrhea, so you can imagine the toilet bowl. I left a message for him asking him to clean, very politely, as previous night I just cleaned HIS SHIT which stuck on the toilet bowl and unfortunately SEAT & COVER!!! He replied my message, left on my table: "ok ok.. I wash I wash... This is NOT your private bathroom." I was like.... MOTHERFUCKER!!!! THIS IS NOT YOUR BLOODY FUCKING PRIVATE BATHROOM AS WELL!!!!!!! YOU NEVER WASH THIS BLOODY BATHROOM AND NOW YOU'RE SAYING SOME SHIT LIKE THIS!

GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!

Every time I wash the bathroom, it's like 3 weeks once as I never gave up hope waiting for him to wash. In the end, I'm gonna scrub the bloody black bath tub which I dunno if he's wanking or shitting inside. PISS ME OFF!!! I once let him see, he was like, "EEE... what's that?" I told him it's the result of washing once every 3 weeks... then he walk away saying nothing. After I wash, I tell him, oh, next week is your turn as I wash this week. He'll reply "so u wash then feel unhappy yea!?!?!? nobody ask you to care that much!! YEA YEA YEA I wash next week." After 3 weeks, it all happen again.

Well, tomorrow the landlord is gonna come with some actuarial who is gonna make property valuation. I warned him already yesterday telling him that the landlord is coming Friday. He's like:"oh.. but I'm not in then how?!!?" I tell him its fine just letting you know. Then tomorrow the landlord is gonna see his pig stall. I'm gonna open his room door before going to work tomorrow to see the situation. I bet the landlord is gonna faint.

Now he is sick, the lady is starting to get sick as well today... bloody hell... I don't wanna get sick!!

I WANT MY OWN FLAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

I'm Coming!!!!

2 days ago... I got....


OMG!!! I can't believe after hesitating for so long I finally get it. Well, as the ticket went on sale since December, so can't expect to have a very good place, but well, at least I got a seat which is better than I thought would be. My seat will be at BK408 Row A Seat 624, which is at the yellow corner left to see the stage. Click to enlarge.
And the view would probably be something like this angle.
04-JUNE-08! I Am Coming! Gonna take day off that day so can make it there on time. Oh.. and most probably I'm going alone...

(I got this poster by the way)

O2 Arena, The World's Most Popular Venue.