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Saturday, 30 June 2007

2008 BMW 1-Series Coupe

I had tracked the new BMW 1-series coupe since there are spy pictures of it during test driving. I thought it is good for BMW to finally re-launch something small like the legendary E30. Before the launching of it, spy videos and pictures were everywhere on the net. The butt was finally unveiled last week when they do official photography section and pictures were taken unofficially by others.
BMW 1-series has been launched since few years back as a hatch in the BMW line. The coupe finally came out after few years. In Europe, it'll be in 120d single turbo diesel engine which produce 177hp, 123d twin turbo diesel engine which produce 204hp and 135i powered by 306hp powerful 3.0L petrol engine. Such small car with a 3.0L. It's gonna be exciting.

Here is a video from Carscoop which shows the interior and exterior of 1-Series and of course, the roaring sound of the 3.0L straight six engine.

I wonder if there will be any M1 breed in the future. It's gonna be cool if they plant in the M5's 5.0L engine. It's gonna be crazy.


Friday, 29 June 2007

The day after birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and today is a whole new day and I get such mood. I hate myself for stepping into something like that. I hate it. I don't even know what am I suppose to feel now. Getting stabbed, slashed, arrowed, chopped, sliced, shot by someone I don't even know on the heart. Is a she. I regretted approving her in my list. I thought the conversation is gonna be fine till she said something so "honest" that killed me totally. Now, I got nothing left. I was so moody since noon....

I thought things would change when i came back with good news and funny news. I was wrong. Everything was ruined by that girl again. Shit. This is when she killed me. KNNCCB!!! I don't even know her and she said something like that to me? And I can't tell much here as it's too disappointing to say and I can't explain here as it's too sensitive to tell. I can't tell why she's in my list as it's again too sensitive to tell.

I can't talk to anyone about the whole incident. I have nobody to talk to. I bury the burden beneath my own. I don't even know why am I so stupid to get involved and now, more and more people are involved. I'm not gonna online on MSN for the time being until I feel want to. I don't want to talk to anyone and I can't trust anyone anymore.

Now I have nothing but myself and a torn heart with shit poured over. I gave out my all already. For those who understand what I'm talking about, I gave out my all already and that's all I have. I have none left! Once again, I only have myself and a torn heart with shit poured over, u get me?

and the weather is so dark and cold like past few days..... like my mood today....

feel like crashing the wall and scream and punch everything I see.... I never get so lousy mood... not even last time I was in such a bad mood..... worst day of my life.... even though I get a free chicken which generates £3 for me...

Thursday, 28 June 2007

27th June 2007

It's a date which is quite special for me.... cos it's my birthday!!!!!!! haha... and this is my 100th POST!! Nic asked me why I got so much to blog about.. well, maybe I just like to share my thoughts and life with others by words.

So, what's on my birthday?? Sleep?? haha... slept quite late last night as I played Monopoly with Alvin, Nic and Felicia. That was before 12 o'clock. I lost badly like usual when playing Monopoly.. so sad and disappointed though.. but after finishing first round, we played another round and I win it!! Ah.. at least I won the game... then slept at around 4a.m. till 11a.m. When wake up, Alvin straightly start playing DOTA. Why the heck is he so crazy about it.. and even now he's still sitting beside me continuing the game.

The weather today is just.. wet.. raining again and that makes us quite disappointed as we were planning to go to Newcastle for buffet as it's my birthday. We went out anyway... and arrived Newcastle at around 1.30p.m. We went to The Gate to tryout Wokmania which we saw for some time but never get to try out the buffet there. The first impression, its decor is nice. I like its design, simple and clean.
So this is the main entrance of Wokmania, Chinese Buffet.
The interior decor...
The food served, which is quite nice for a Chinese buffet in England. The Malaysian curry is surprisingly nice, but the level of hot which is medium as specified on the sign doesn't represent the hotness of the curry at all. I think is even less than mild for that level...
Eating with Felicia, Alvin and Nic for second round of the buffet. We ate until we were full that we can't walk straight.... till now, 8.16p.m., I'm still full like just finish my meal. £5.90 per person for buffet and £1.80 for refillable soft drinks per person. £7.70 for a meal which can let us full until we only need 1 meal a day, that's really worth it, just that we need to add £2.50 for the Metro tickets to go there... £10.20 for a day spent, not bad though.

After meal, we went to have a walk at Eldon Square as Felicia wanna shop for a while cos there are sales happening in the shops. After shopping, we went to the Gateshead Millennium Bridge and The Sage Gateshead which we long want to go and take photos but doesn't have a chance. We walked there and took some photos, and rain falls again... sigh~~ Walking in the rain back to the Metro Station and head back home....
Gateshead Millennium Bridge
The Sage, Gateshead, which is one of the landmarks in Newcastle.

I checked my Friendster and realized that I had more birthday messages than last year.. happy!! and my bro send me a birthday e-card which is from my family...
cute right?? Thanks all for the birthday wishes, and blog post as well.. click here for the post which is about me... and thanks to Cath for the card which you had gave me before we went back to Kuching. I love that custom made card. Thanks Liwan for the SMS and thanks to Nic, Alvin and Felicia for the buffet.

Seems like my first birthday at England wasn't that bad at all...

and that's the end of my 100th blog post.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Life updates

The weather today is just bad. Since waking up this morning, it's raining outside and the sky is dark. After I get up and online, I went back to my bed and continue sleep as Nic and Alvin were still sleeping as well. We start our day at around 11a.m. today. Going to town to get some food then come back. Alvin went to the library earlier and Nic joined him after that to get internet connections there while I continue sleep at around 3.30p.m. till around 6.30p.m. SLEEPING WHOLE DAY!!! my goodness.

After dinner, they went out again to friend's house to play Dota while I stayed at home again. Just can't understand why they can play Dota day and night... I can only play for a while when I really have nothing to do...

So at night, I just replied a mail, quite long though. After shower I decided to set-up the wireless internet in this house. Alvin told me that there might be problems on the router settings so not everyone can have wireless internet access. I tried to figure out the problems and change the settings, and I succeed!! Yippee!! Now everyone in this house can have internet access.. hehe..

Well, at least the cold, wet, sleepy, lazy and bored weather today I manage to do something for all. Quite satisfied though.

Ah... gonna go to uni again tomorrow to see whether I can get results or not. More updates to come soon...

Alvin n Nic haven't come back.... I bet they're gonna play till 3 or 4a.m. again and I'm gonna wait for them again tmr morning... sigh~~

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Bye-bye Precinct...

Since yesterday we were moving our stuff. Yesterday we moved all Felicia's stuff of around 15 boxes, big and small, including luggages. sigh~~ well, we used a supermarket cart to help move our stuff. Speaking of supermarket cart, there are 3 in The Precinct, where we live, 1 from Tesco and another 2 from Aldi. Don't really know why it's there though. We used the Aldi cart as it's bigger than Tesco's. That's our only transportation, and it's quite convenient as it does not require any running cost. No fuel, environmental safe, no parking charges, can park anywhere we want, can "drive" anywhere, no insurance, doesn't require driving license, and it's more attractive than BMW or Mercedes when on the road!!!
So that's the cart we were using, one pushing and one controlling the front so it won't go out of control. We go like that for around 7 times return and the final time today we just pull our luggages. Looks fun? haha... As we walk down the street to our new place which is around 15 minutes walking with the cart, many people look at us as it's unusual to push a supermarket cart along the street, that's why I said it's more attractive than any other cars. LOL~~ Crossing the road is another difficult thing as the traffic lights are fast and some of the pavements are higher a bit than the road. It's tiring pushing and pulling that cart for so many times though. Around 6p.m. today, we manage to finish moving our stuff.
The Precinct, Block 20, which I had happy and sweet memories here.... all the group activities after around February were held in Block 20, including our usual dinner with all my Sunderland family members. From today onwards, for one month, I'll be living here, at Tunstall Terrace, near Park Lane, with Alvin and Nic staying in the room I rented and with Felicia renting for 2 months next to our room. After few weeks, Nic and Alvin will be leaving back to Malaysia and I'll stay until 1 month full, then I'll decide the next move.

Will I be moving again?? God knows....

Thursday, 21 June 2007

It's a great day today....

Now, the time is 1.35p.m. but I feel like blogging now. I just come back to my room just a while ago. Went to the university to see whether can get anything or not as I haven't know my results and some assignment marks, and not sure when will the results be coming out.

When arriving uni, saw Kenneth sitting in the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) looking quite disappointed. He got quite low marks for one of his assignment that he failed it. That starts to concern me ans especially Nic as he'll be getting that assignment as well. He barely passed that assignment. both Nic and me went to get APC306 assignment and they went to find the Course leader regarding Kenneth's marks. I waited in the LRC, online. When they come out, Nic told me that everything is fine and course leader tell them that they get quite a good pass for the overall results, while I'm starting to wonder how is my results gonna be. SHIT! I was really really REALLY nervous at that time. As they speak to another lecturer, Boon, I went to see the course leader but he's not in. Disappointed. But luckily I caught him while he passed by where I waited for them. haha... He asked me to wait at his office while he do something first. I waited. NERVOUS!!!!! He came, we walk into the office, give him my name, then he look at me.

"Congratulations, you passed"

It's like.... RELIEF!!! So happy to hear about it.

We then went to look at our new room where we will move into it, and we got the keys.

Everything seems to be so fine today... Thank God for all the blessings He gave me.

Seems like the remaining of my day is gonna be fine........ sunny weather out there. 21'C.... n missing someone out there....

Wednesday, 20 June 2007


WA!!!!!! It's my turn to pack!!! Everyone was complaining that their room is like war... so now I realize it.. even though I don't really have much to pack. Why packing? well, my accommodation here in The Precinct will come to an end at 23/6, so I need to pack and move to another house nearby. By then I think I won't be able to online properly. That house has internet, but the speed is slow and I'm not sure if there's any bandwidth usage quotas, so called fair use policy. If got, then I can't online 24/7 anymore.
Sorry about the quality of the photo though, I used a webcam to capture only as there's no battery in my camera and am lazy to use the phone as I need to plug in to my laptop to get the photo. I got no place to stand.. sigh~~ Now left some small objects and documents need to be tidy up to pack.. feel tired and lazy now so I stop and share with all.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Bleach? Anyone out there watching Bleach as well? It's not the bleach which use to remove or lighten colour of clothes, it's the japanese manga named Bleach.
I never wanna start watching though, dunno what's the reason, just don't feel like watching, but recently on spare time, I really have nothing to do, so I decided to start watching. Alvin said that before we move out this Saturday, 23/6, we need to rush till the latest episode which is episode 130 which will be released this coming Thursday. So this few days, other than usual routine and looking for jobs, both Alvin and I were chasing after Bleach, episode by episode. still around half to go... hehe...

The characters I like. For female characters, I like Kuchiki Rukia.
She's one strong lady but has soft emotions of a lady. Till now I feel some chemical reactions between Rukia and Ichigo, but have to wait and see... she has really bad drawing skills like a kid.. sigh~~

As for male characters, I think Zaraki Kenpachi is hell cool!
Looks like a bad guy? well, he's the 11th squad captain in Soul Society who killed previous captain to get his position now. He got super high reiatsu, or spirit force that he didn't even need to expand his soul slayer (sword) to fight. He didn't even know the name of his soul slayer.

Well, the story still has many more characters though. Watch it to know more. After finishing blogging about this, have something to eat, then continue watch.. LOL~~~

Monday, 18 June 2007

Happy Birthday Chloe!!

So, it's Chloe's birthday today. This post is dedicated to you and can consider your birthday present from me. It's all about you Chloe.

Chloe, a special girl from JB whom I known through Liwan at around October last year. She has a huge sunny smile in nearly every photo and she looks great when she smiles. She always complaint that I take funny and lousy photos of her but I do have many pretty and nice ones though.
and cool ones of course... this picture is me asking her to pose some cool pose. well, I think it turned out to be nice though.
Ah.. talking about Chloe.... She's fun, she's crazy, she's happy, she's bubbly, she's cool.... positive type of person as I know. Seldom see her in lousy mood or thinking negatively. She's the one who had encouraged and adviced me a lot in many issues even though I just known her for less than a year. She makes me happy also even though she pissed me off at first when everytime I look for her to complaint my problems.... She never fail to make me happy....
When she comes to something which she feels unhappy about it, she'll start complaining though. She can't speak cantonese well so friends tend to laugh at her for using the wrong words. As for speaking mandarin, see what she said about herself... well, hehe... only friends who were around her knows though. LOL~~~

Remembered that I first start knowing her by waving through the window through Liwan's window. When I browse through her Friendster... I realized she's hot, seriously. I first saw her in real person when she walked down to lecture on the street with others... I still remember she wore black coat that time. I was waiting for the bus across the street. hehe.... speaking of colour, she seriously loves RED. "Chloe Loves Red" is her nick on MSN always.

By the way, she's clumsy sometimes. She loves to eat burnt pear, burn it by using heater though. That's Chloe's finest recipe!!! She loves prank as well, but Liwan sure is happy about that prank!!!! ^_^ ain't you Liwan??? LOL~~~
This is one of the photos she likes and I think it looks nice as well.

Videos, I have few videos featuring her, but, I'm gonna put only one here... If I put others, Chloe sure gonna kill me when she sees me... nenenene.... u can't catch me!!! hohohoh!!!! well, the following video features only her, and it's the shortest video of her I got.

So, the video is basically about her seeing my camera and she thought I was gonna take a photo of her, but unfortunately, all her preparations for photo and expressions were recorded down in the video. LOL~~~ cute right???

Finally, this is one photo I always like it... no reason why I like, I just like it. kekekeke......
I love her hair. Silky and shiny.... girls will envy her hair though. She loves polka dot, she got polka dot garment, got polka dot duvet cover as you can see from the picture above... what's so special about polka dot?

She cares a lot when see some other girls, even she dunno ones, passed by with similar garment as her... I mean SIMILAR, not SAME. She'll hide behind us, peeking at that girl and tell us that she looks better than that girl who passed by... HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! but not wanting to "let that girl see" her wearing the SIMILAR garment.

Ah.... for more about her, click on her blog to see about her life.

Chloe.... miss u so much... it's so quiet here without you around.. hehe... enjoy your holiday and your Perth trip this end of month.

Most importantly,


Sunday, 17 June 2007

Leaving Sunderland???

Am I gonna leave Sunderland? or am I staying? I really wish to stay back here, but things seem to have force me to leave.... Walking from one job agency to another, the job opportunities are zero, even restaurants and takeaways which all need only drivers to deliver food, which I can't do as I don't have a car.

Everyone is asking me to go down south to London to get jobs. It's not that I don't want sometimes, it's just that there's something here which drives me to stay back.. but for the sake of continue living here in the Kingdom, I think I really need to leave Sunderland, and hope that something in Sunderland will still be there for me...

Earliest leaving date? Very soon, if I don't get any jobs here, in Tyne & Wear. Maybe this coming week or next month or whenever needed.

I have to be strong and decisive. I have to pray to God to give me wisdom to make choices. I wanna know God's will in me. Please pray for me that everything will be fine and go on smoothly.

Friday, 15 June 2007

My feelings now

I got nothing to do for the whole night. So I stay in shower for 40 minutes, seldom stay in shower for that long. After that I continuously watch Bleach for 9 episodes... till now. I never wanna watch Bleach as I don't feel like watching... but I watch today like there's no tomorrow... so to let myself not be so sad and moody... been like that since last night, but I can't show. Today is the worse day in my life here in Sunderland. Even till now I'm still extremely emotional. I can't help. Don't blame me, don't scold me please. I really can't help myself. Pray that I'll be strong for months to come.... as I'm missing someone extremely badly out there.... wonder if she's sleeping soundly now.

Look at this video....

As I was browsing through the blogs I read everyday, I saw an update on CK's blog, Geek on The Go. This update, lets me suddenly feel emotional again, after feeling so emotional after sending them off to the train station this morning.

The little girl sounds so so so brilliant, even Simon Cowell is touched by her voice.

Enjoy the video.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Trip to County Durham

8/6, we decided to go to Durham for a walk since it's not very far away, just around an hour trip by bus to go there from Sunderland. Durham sure is a very pretty place, but quite small though. Really love the view there. Thank God that was a sunny day which was lovely for trips.
The background shows Durham Castle. It's beside River Wear which I'm standing above it.
That's the Durham Cathedral which was beside the castle. This is the view from across the river. Trust me, the sight was fascinating. As we walk along the river side, we saw this.... the view is like in the story books....
It's nice right....? so we continue walk along the river and crossed a bridge to the cathedral and castle.
There are people canoing on the river and people sitting beside the river enjoying the fresh air surrounding.....
This is the cathedral, we went inside to pay a visit. Cameras are not allowed in the building so I didn't manage to get any photos inside. Climbing up the tower requires £3 admission which I don't bother to pay and go up. They paid and go in but found out that there's more than 300 steep and small steps to climb to the top. LOL~~
This is the castle which they claimed to be the one which was featured in Harry Potter. We haven't got a chance to get into it that day as they closed it for preparations for some party for next few days... sad.... my main objective to Durham is this castle and it's again, not open. sad.

As it's not open, we headed to town for a visit to the high street then walk towards the Durham Light Infantry (DLI) Museum. As it's a museum, and I visited too many museums already, so I didn't bother to go in, and so does others, just Adrian paying the admission fees to go in for a short walk. I think it's basically about some war stuff. The art gallery is inside the museum as well.
As you can see from the picture, there's a big lawn in front, we, who didn't go inside, stayed at the field, sitting there, taking photos and having fun... while the surrounding is just peaceful and quiet.

These 2 photos are dedicated to Chloe as she keep saying that she doesn't have anytime to blog.
The only picture which I took alone with Cathy that day... haha....
Well, as I was sitting on the grass as well with others, Liwan attempted rolling down the slope... This is what I catch.. LOL~~

Anyway, as they were all under the tree playing some games, I decided to go around the area to explore so I found this steps to go up the hill.
Bees, squirrels, hares, birds, flowers... nice view up there.... and can see the cathedral from the top. As I continued walk, I went into the small forest... it's cool and the air is fresh there, but I didn't manage to walk the whole round around the DLI museum as I was already tired and not sure when are they leaving... After a while of rest after I came down from that hill, we went back to the city to catch the next bus to go back. And the result of the trip.....
All sleeping soundly on the way back..... Durham, I'll be there again next time when got the chance...

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Trip to South Shields & Newcastle

6/6, I went to South Shields with Nic, Jeannie and Felicia to see Felicia's workplace for her summer placement. We took bus to go and the journey took us around nearly an hour. South Shields is basically a small town only so nothing special about it.
This is taken from the Metro Station. It's the High Street of South Shields, well, a small part of South Shields of course. We basically just walk around that area for a while then we decided to leave for Newcastle already.

We reached Newcastle at around 11.45a.m. and start walking in the shopping complex. The girls chose some souvenir to be brought back next week when going back home, then we head to China Town and back to that shop where we always go which named "天天" in Mandarin, and I think it's call "China Express" in English... forgotten... anyway the food there is nice. We had a great meal and four of us were full... ridiculously full... We walk around that area and took photo with the China Town gate which we never bother to care and realize there's an old wall behind that area...
The grey building behind the China Town gate is the Stadium for Newcastle Football Club at St. James Park.
So after a short walk, we decided to walk somewhere else. We walked to the Life Centre, which, again, I never realize it was there. I only know there's such building there when Nic told me about it.
Too bad it was closed already at that time so we didn't manage to get into it to see some exhibition. We then decided to do something which me and Jean thought for a long time but haven't got chance. Go on the Metro ride on the yellow line for a round.
Click the map to enlarge. the red arrows shows where we went for a round. We take the Metro from South Shields to Newcastle in the morning, then we took from Central Station for a round. The journey took us nearly an hour. Note that we live near University Station. 6/6 is Wednesday, and that day Metro has Wednesday Saver, so we bought it and nearly maximise the value of the ticket by going nearly all stations... LOL~~ we drop off at Monument Station and head straight back home after that.

Basically that's my day at 6/6, just to share my life though. Updates on Trip to Durham coming soon.

Friday, 8 June 2007

Trip to Bristol - Bath - Oxford - London - Cambridge Part 4

Continued from Part 1, 2 and 3.

Day 5 (1/6)

We rushed out to the famous Harrods which is opened by Princess Diana's lover's father, Mohamed Al Fayed at Knightsbridge and Oxford Street as we're leaving quite late that morning. Our train to Cambridge is at 1.45p.m. and we need to get to the station in time. We had a quick walk around that area then we went to Kings Cross station to catch our train. The train took us 15 more minutes to reach Cambridge due to the delay of previous train to the station. Frustrating as it's the second time having delay on train since London Tube which we were trapped in it for some time, very warm and feel like running out of air. Reason is that the rail signal malfunctioned on one of the station. Anyway, back to the story.

We reached Cambridge around an hour later, and we head straight to Travelodge. The first thing we see from outside the station is that, it's steaming, the sun is like oven, baking us at Cambridge... my goodness... Can see many lads topless walking around and many bicycles and motorcycles around. We walked under the hot sun and reached Travelodge. When we get into the room, we realized that this Travelodge has AIR-CON!! For all the Travelodge we lived, none has air-con, only heaters. This one has it. surprising, but unfortunately, the air-con doesn't produce cold air at all. darn... and the window is a one piece glass which can't be opened for ventilation. sigh~~ this is the day which I need to go straight into shower and pour some cool water throughout my body to cool myself down.

We decided to go out around 5.30p.m as the heat is not that high already. We walked downtown and passed by a great field and University Arms Hotel, which I think it's a weird name.
That's the University Arms Hotel as background. The street is narrow and old but you can see huge trucks and buses running in the narrow old street with cars parked by the side of the street. I just admire those truck and bus drivers, sitting on the driver's seat, turning the huge steering wheel controlling the huge and long vehicle. We reached River Cam which is very nice.
You can see the punts along the river, chauffeur driven. I don't know how much it cost and didn't have the chance to sit on it as Adrian who lead us, tell them that "we had already done yesterday" since the first time seeing them promoting it. Mostly youngsters standing there promoting and punting. After a quick looking at the website now I know the price. So we just walk along the area to see Cambridge University buildings.
So this is one of the university buildings which I already forgot what college is it. sigh~~ poor memory. As we continue walking, we start look for food to eat as we're starving already. As we walk, we passed by Lion Yard Shopping complex which had already closed at that time as it's already nearly 7p.m. at that time.
We finally reached the famous Browns Restaurant. Many people dining in at that time that we waited for our food for nearly an hour. Our food arrive. Appetising!
This is Cathy's burger.
Jeannie's Hot Pot with mashed potatoes, which I love the most among others.
Liwan's chicken with chips which the chicken is grilled. Smell and taste nice as well. The top red part is bacon.
This is the minute steak by Adrian. It's really grilled for a minute only.
Alvin's Pork chop with mashed potatoes in red wine sauce.
And this is mine, Salmon fish cake, which looks so little and sad. But I get the chance to taste more of others' food as my food is not very much. LOL~~

We went back to Travelodge after that and come out again after finish watching football live, England vs Brazil that night. They had a 1:1 tie at the final additional minutes with Brazil equalizing with a goal. We went downstairs to the back of Travelodge, a leisure centre. As night falls, the neon lights of the building looks nice.

That ends the day when we went back to our very warm room and don't really enjoy our sleep very much that night.

Day 6 (2/6)
It's the final day of our trip and we packed our things before going out. Basically we're going to the same place which we had gone before last evening. We went to see the Trinity College which is a famous campus of Cambridge University.
This picture is taken across the bridge. As claimed by Adrian, it's the postcard photo of Trinity College. hehe... We walked downtown again and I stand there watching this guy performing untying himself in 3 minutes. Not bad though. Got a video of it but lazy to upload. haha...

After that we saw a parade which were held at the town and they went shopping at Lion Yard Shopping while I sit and wait for them in Pret-a-Manger sipping juice while reading newspaper which I bought as I was so lazy to walk shopping complex.

We left Cambridge after having lunch at Nando's Chicken Restaurant. Stop by Peterbrough for an hour to change train. At around 9p.m. we were all back to Sunderland and that's the end of this trip.

Quite fun but tiring for the trip. Some objectives not achieved but it's ok though.