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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

2007 Audi TT

It's been 2 months since I went to my aunt's place in Chemlsford. As I promised earlier I'll be updating some photos of the new Audi TT which I had tried.
The second generation Audi TT comes in 2.0L and 3.2L Quattro. The one I sit in is a 2.0L and it's powerful enough already as it produce 200hp, it's a front wheel drive by the way.

As you can see in the photo, this is a retractable spoiler which will automatically rise when reaching 75mph. It can also be manually set by just a button. As a result of the button....
The interior comes with black leather bucket seats which comfortably fits but the leg room will be small if someone sits at the back. As it's a 2+2 design, the rear bench is small and it can be said that there is no leg room for adults. Rear headroom? worse than Gen-2. Foldable rear bench increase the limited boot space.

The I.C.E. system is a CD Player with MP3 and 6 speakers. For me, I don't need any upgrades for that already. The sound doesn't crack when reaching nearly the max volume and I bet it wouldn't have any problems turning to the max.

This is an automatic version with paddle shift. The paddle shift respond fast for gear changes. ESP off and spoiler settings were just a touch of a button. Audio volume and radio tuning on the steering wheel is not the usual button type, just scroll it, easy.

Well, that's my short review of this gorgeous new Audi TT. For the low quality video which I took by my phone in the car, click here. The video is at nearly the end of the post.


Berberboo said...

hey dude... is that ur car? if it is... or owned by someone u know... just wanted to say... COOL RIDE!!! and... nice blog... ^^ i love audi TT... ^^

Jeremy said...

well, it's my uncle's ride. yea.. it's cool!!!

JustAnotherTragedy said...

im digging the audi r8 :D