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Friday, 20 July 2007

Second Last Day in Sunderland

It really come to an end of my life here in Sunderland for 10 months. Time really sure flies. As there is lack of job opportunities here, I have no choice but to leave, although I quite like to stay back here. Even though is quite boring around here, but its small and convenient, adding that the living expenses is lower than many parts of England.

Well, just some random photos of Sunderland to share with all.

After the graduation ceremony last week, I never had a proper meal... eating left over ingredients, hoping to finish as much as I can, and I succeeded!! There's only some bacon left and I'm prepare to throw it away before I go as I can't do much about it anyway. What else?? some noodles, 1/3 can of canned fruits, 1 frankfurter, a little bit of Bovril, a little bit of frozen mixed vegetables, 1/3 Häagen-Dazs limited edition Mango & Passion Fruit ice-cream, and a little bit of pasta sauce. Sounds a lot? Not really. I got more junk food than all those. I can smell my house mates eating some other food but I'm only eating the same thing everyday, they had Chinese takeaways, or chicken wings etc... I can only smell and envy... ARH!!!! *sob sob* so today I went to town to get myself one whole ready roasted chicken... but the chicken I got today is over-cooked.. ARGH!!!!! damn it!! First time eating some over cooked dry chicken from that shop after buying so many times... and KFC in Sunderland was closed since December last year... see.... so sad.... :(
The nearest one is at Newcastle... sigh~~~ I want fry chicken!!!!!!!!

Hungry again now.... still need to tidy and pack up some remaining stuff.... back to work.....


Anonymous said...

well well..
juz ate McD fried chicken a couple of hours ago.
jia you ba..

Jeremy said...

McD here few chicken choices le... mostly burgers... :(

Berberboo said...


Jeremy said...

in Malaysia the price is crazy a... only got the chance to try out here as the price doesn't seems that crazy here... but it's still expensive if compare to usual ice cream...

Ringo said...

Very pretty pictures, especially the first one! :)

Jeremy said...

Thanks Ringo...