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Sunday, 10 June 2007

Trip to South Shields & Newcastle

6/6, I went to South Shields with Nic, Jeannie and Felicia to see Felicia's workplace for her summer placement. We took bus to go and the journey took us around nearly an hour. South Shields is basically a small town only so nothing special about it.
This is taken from the Metro Station. It's the High Street of South Shields, well, a small part of South Shields of course. We basically just walk around that area for a while then we decided to leave for Newcastle already.

We reached Newcastle at around 11.45a.m. and start walking in the shopping complex. The girls chose some souvenir to be brought back next week when going back home, then we head to China Town and back to that shop where we always go which named "天天" in Mandarin, and I think it's call "China Express" in English... forgotten... anyway the food there is nice. We had a great meal and four of us were full... ridiculously full... We walk around that area and took photo with the China Town gate which we never bother to care and realize there's an old wall behind that area...
The grey building behind the China Town gate is the Stadium for Newcastle Football Club at St. James Park.
So after a short walk, we decided to walk somewhere else. We walked to the Life Centre, which, again, I never realize it was there. I only know there's such building there when Nic told me about it.
Too bad it was closed already at that time so we didn't manage to get into it to see some exhibition. We then decided to do something which me and Jean thought for a long time but haven't got chance. Go on the Metro ride on the yellow line for a round.
Click the map to enlarge. the red arrows shows where we went for a round. We take the Metro from South Shields to Newcastle in the morning, then we took from Central Station for a round. The journey took us nearly an hour. Note that we live near University Station. 6/6 is Wednesday, and that day Metro has Wednesday Saver, so we bought it and nearly maximise the value of the ticket by going nearly all stations... LOL~~ we drop off at Monument Station and head straight back home after that.

Basically that's my day at 6/6, just to share my life though. Updates on Trip to Durham coming soon.


Sabrina said...

The map looks like melbourne tram map too. LOL.. looks like u had a great time. Hehehe

Jeremy Tay said...

well, yea.. kind of.. haha...