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Saturday, 16 August 2008

CCK Visits London

Date: 18 May 2008

CCK came down south to London from Sunderland by coach to visit me. I actually forgotten how many days had he came down as I only actually accompany him to come out for a day as I was working back then. It was Sunday. I brought him around London to visit various places and did crazy stuff.

At first we went to Brick Lane which I thought should be nice to show him but in the end he didn't really liked it so I cancelled my plans to bring him to Borough Market. I brought him to the O2 then the fun begins. I didn't actually took photos for the journey we walk from O2. At first I thought it was not far to walk from O2 to Cutty Sark but in the end we keep on walking according to the sign boards at the side of River Thames for more than 2 hours!! Passing by old docks, smelly factories, streets and etc we finally reached Cutty Sark, we went down to the under river passage to walk across River Thames and took DLR to Central London. Weather that day was not fabulous as it was cloudy and drips were falling all the way when we were walking.

Anyway, reaching Central London, CCK wanted to visit 30, St. Mary Axe a.k.a. The Gherkin, which is one of the landmark in London.
It is a commercial building which is very expensive to rent and the companies in it are all very big organisations.

It was so quiet at that area as that day was Sunday. Some visitors were around there as well visiting this marvelous architecture.
Just around the corner, there is the other special building, Lloyds Tower. It really does look like a factory but in fact it is an office building. As far as I know Lloyds is a big souvenirs company and there is one small shop at the building.

And just down there a bit is the Leadenhall Market which is featured (if not mistaken) in Harry Potter movie.

After visiting Gherkin, I brought CCK towards London Stock Exchange (LSE) at St. Pauls Cathedral which he really really wanna see. I didn't took any photos of LSE myself, so, can't show here. We went towards the cathedral at the back of LSE.

Just down the cathedral, we walked towards the Millennium Footbridge.
It is headed towards south bank which the Tate Modern with the tower is situated. From south bank, St. Paul's Cathedral looks stunning.
Continuing our walk at south bank, we walk towards Big Ben to end our day out...
This place is quite famous among the skaters...

I definitely like this photo. It's well taken with the Parliament House as the background.

After that day, CCK didn't really had a good time as I didn't have time to accompany him and he went out alone, with long and tiring journeys, so he decide to go back to Sunderland 2 days later. Then, I decided to visit him that weekend.... which will be mentioned in the next post... stay tuned...

Good bye London

Well, I officially left London 6 hours ago. I'm at Chelmsford at the moment but might go back to London for a few days to finish what I'm suppose to finish before leaving the country.

Feel... strange.... Excited, disappointed, sad, happy, not sure... when I took the train from Streatham to Central London just now, when the train pass by all the views which were so familiar... I'm thinking... this is it... the final time I will see all this views... feel kinda sad really...

What is going to happen in the next 2 weeks? not sure. I still need to plan. I still have problems on my luggage. TOO HEAVY!!!! Too much stuff and I need to get rid of more stuff.

Anyway, I'm going to sleep. Aunt's friend from KL is visiting tomorrow. Gonna watch TV for most of the afternoon tomorrow for the V Festival which is on for 2 days with all the celebrities and music rally...

Friday, 15 August 2008

Final night at Flat 5

I can't believe it... It's my final night sitting in this room writing a post. Tomorrow night I won't be here anymore.... I will not stay in London anymore after tomorrow evening. Even though I might come back next week, it is not permanent stay.

This week, I sold my table, my drawers, the exercise machine, 2 fan heaters and even my paper bin which looks very nice. Didn't really made a lot from selling all those items, but at least it is sold to people who is gonna love and care about it. And the money I made from them will at least let me have some change for moving around in the next 2 weeks.

Really having headache packing. I sent 1 carton of approximately 40kgs back home. The carton just left my room this morning, with my printer inside, which cost the most in that carton. My room has only small items laying on the floor and a shelf which is not sold, my luggage, a bag and laptop bag. I don't think at the moment I can make my luggage be 20kgs as I still got too much stuff inside. I don't even think I can buy more stuff to bring back anymore. I throw away older clothes, gave part of my clothes to charity, and throw away all the stuff which are unnecessary.

Geeez.... After leaving the flat tomorrow, there is no way I will be back here anymore...

I hope I can really catch up with all my dated posts which were all suppose to be up since months ago next week when I'm really free, before leaving this country which has far better quality internet line than back home, which I'm gonna be suffering totally.

All the crap in this post... random mumbling... Gonna sleep now. Good night and good bye to the night view from this window.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

OK Go - Here It Goes Again

What the heck is that? Well, it's a really unique music video. I first heard this song and the video from this year's Big Brother 9 on Channel 4. It was one of their task to perform this music video.

The whole music video is just simple and cheap to make, only time needed to practice all the moves. I think it only involves 8 treadmills and a camera that's all.

Anyway, enjoy the video and tell me what you think.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Too Busy - Too Short - Too Early

I just realized that blogging is not in my "must do" list anymore nowadays and it gets worse and worse. I can see that my post is accumulating, and is getting less and less each month.

It had been a roller-coaster in my life for the past weeks which I didn't write anything here. I still had loads to write about what I saw in this fabulous city, but I just can't get into the mood of preparing the pictures and share with everyone. I am also aware that there are not many people left who still access to my blog, even the usual ones. Even me, myself, doesn't really read others' blogs as I don't really have time for it. Well, maybe just 2 which are related to cars, that's all I do everyday.

My new job is continuing to kill me. It is so bad that I just feel dead everyday when I arrive home. It's too much to explain about the job, but then. I quit again, today. Actually not today officially as I am starting to play with the manager by calling sick for the next few days. I am still in probation period and I already fed up with the whole thing! Sick and tired totally.

It's reaching the end of 6th August 2008, 1 day to the Olympics. Just feel like writing something here. I don't really know what am I thinking now, what am I doing now, how do I feel. Totally complicated feeling. I am leaving this flat in 9 days time, which means I am leaving London for good. Made decision in such a short time. Then from 15th August, around 2 weeks time, I'll be on MH1, seat 47F. I really don't know what am I going to expect after landing, what am I going to expect in the next chapter of my life, what am I going to be anytime soon, when will I come back to this greatest city in the world to stay. What had God prepare for me? How am I going to cope after leaving all the advance technologies and facilities behind which are only to be found here?

It's gonna be more busy from tomorrow. Planning. Packing. 21 days to go. I can't believe it, but I don't really have a choice. It's too early to go, but, life decision.