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Monday, 2 July 2007

Beginning of July

It's the beginning of a new month, the second half of 2007. Time really flies and I'm here for 9 months already. I thought it's gonna be bored and slow here but in fact the opposite. I got my results transcript at 29/6, that's last Friday. Quite disappointed with some of my results though, didn't expect some to be that bad. But at least I graduated already.

This few days, I didn't update my blog as I was busying PLAYING GAMES with Alvin and Nic and sometimes myself. Playing from morning till night. What did I play? I installed Need For Speed Underground 2 again as I'm too bored. Guess what, another game is Warcraft... I actually play DotA with Alvin and Nic!!! Ah... at least I had improved my skills a bit. LOL~~~

Today, I bet I'm still gonna sit here and continue play that 2 games. Waiting for the job that I applied to reply me... sigh~~ I need MONEY!!!!! so poor now....

Nic will be leaving for London to meet his family at 4th, then come back for graduation at 10th. Alvin will be leaving at 11th. Nic and me will be attending the graduation ceremony at 12th, then Nic going other places again the next day then going back to Malaysia at 16th. Then it'll only be me. What will I be doing by then? Will I be moving house again??? I really hope to stay back to work for a while before moving somewhere or else I'll really go crazy moving around in short period.

It's noon now. Start my day!!

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