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Saturday, 29 December 2007

Last Saturday of 2007

It's the last Saturday of 2007. I am going back to London in few hours time so I just drop a post here. I had been feeling sick for the past 2 days but today I'm alright already.

Just that most probably I still won't have internet during New Year Day, so, wishing all my friends here Happy New Year. Have a great 2008!!

Friday, 28 December 2007

Special Day

So what's so special about today for me? (I mean yesterday 27/12). Well, aunt Lucy, Uncle Stephen, cousin Stephanie and Alex came here to stay. Now we got Aunt Wendy, Aunt Lucy and Aunt Anne in the house. Family reunion eh. It's been long since I seen my cousins though. Quite happy to see them again after all these years.

Anyway, I'll be going back to London in like 8 hours time. Now I'm not sure of going back to London or stay one more day here as it's at my own choice. Decisions decisions. I don't know...

well, gonna chat with them a little then sleeping soon... It's been months since I had so many familiar people around me...

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Happy Birthday Cathy!!

It's 1 year again. I was still in Sunderland at her last birthday party... well... half way through the birthday party while not with her on the actual day... :p This year... I am totally out of her sight during her birthday... Actually I promised her before she left for summer holiday that I'll be attending her birthday party this year... sadly I can't make it... Seems like I'm always not there huh...
Anyway, she's still the same after a year. She still makes me laugh every time we chat. She still complains a lot. She is still known as "Abu". She still say I'm not neat. but as long as she's still original "Abu"... then it should be fine...Happy 21st Cath. Have a great year showered with blessings, lucks, and may all your wishes come true...

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Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Merry Christmas

It's been long since I last update my blog. I was so busy dealing with the new flat and sorting out Christmas presents. So I am now here again at my aunt's, Foxleyend, enjoying my Christmas holiday. Just had Christmas dinner though, it's filling. with 2 glasses of Martini to go with my meal.

Life is not easy in London, but I'm gonna get through it. Wishing myself good luck this Christmas and Merry Christmas to all out there. I'll keep updating when possible.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Avril Lavigne Concert!!!!!

Few days ago when I read the newspaper, I saw the Avril Lavigne 2008 UK tour advertisement!!!! It will be at 4th June next year at O2 Arena.... I went to the ticket website to look at the price... around £29.50 only.

This is the concert I have been waiting for and I'll be there definitely!!!!!!!!1

Love you lots Avril!!!!!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!!

Ticket website
Official Avril Lavigne website

Random photos....

Well... just some random photos to share....

Recently I bought a 8Gb USB drive from eBay... costing around £15 only, which usually cost £35 or above on high street. But... the drive is unstable... gee.... so difficult to use... not secure at all...
These are me 2007 coins collection which I found in the cash machine when I'm working...
This 2 pence seems different right? I thought it is a special edition but after that I found out that it's a 2 pence coin from Gibraltar.
That's just something to share...

Guilherme is leaving!!!

Last Thursday is Guilherme's last day in the shop as he'll go back to Brazil at 12th. We went to the bar next door to have a little drink and bid early farewell to him as he'll be going to Greece the next day to visit his friend.

Ahhh..... we're all gonna miss him damn lots... wishing him all the best in Brazil when he goes back...

Fireworks Display

Early last month, there was a fireworks display happening in London. I'm not sure what is it for, jsut that there's some event like that happening every year. Fireworks are displayed in various locations, some need to pay to see and some of them are free. At East London where I live, there is one at Victoria Park. I took a lot of photos but the results were not really good. I used the Fireworks function on my camera, but most of them seems quite blurry so I don't wanna put it up here. It's not easy to take fireworks photos... -_-

Did you see a human like figure there? It was a huge human rib cage model they set up and the little fire beside which shoots fire is the "Big Ben rocket" model which just lit up. It then shoots up to the sky, of course not real... just using an industrial crane to lift it up.

Anyway, this is a random photo outside Victoria Park, taken with higher exposure. Not bad..
After this event, it will be the motor show which I will go later on, and the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park which will be open until early January. There are ice skating ring there and lots more fun. Many ice rings were set up already and I am yet to visit them.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

I am Pressured!!

Why? Because of something really serious!! I am very frustrated as well now.... Seems like I'm really on my own now and I need to think of ways and pray hard.... I really need to hang on and hope for the best and do my best... I'm going for it.... I am going for it.... no turning back anymore.... no way back.... I hope I can find someone in the next 2 days.... seriously... 

Sunday, 2 December 2007

First day of December

It's the first day of December and I'm having a bad day.... (again complaining in my blog...)

Well, basically, today Oxford Street and Regent Street is closed for transport, so there are only people walking around and lots of activities going on for the whole afternoon.... yet... I was stuck in the stupid shop for whole day..... bloody manager.... and i missed whole day's event...

my schedule today is 11am until 7pm, but Mark the damn assistant manager who is staying with us today told us that the shop will be closing at 7pm... So, is he trying to make a fool out of us? we usually took at least 1 hour to finish close the shop!!! when i asked him about it, he can't answer me at all then walked away... shame on him.... 

but, luckily and unluckily I am sick since few days ago... today gone worse... then i tell him that i'm going home at 7pm in any way as I'm really sick.

When at work, I had my break like 5 hours after start!!! Imagine standing at the counter for 5 hours with customers queuing up non stop since noon!!! i'm like half dead when on break... 

What a day... sick, tired, missed whole day's event.... going home now...