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Friday, 20 July 2007


I was tagged 77 days ago (saw from Technorati Profile) in Sabrina's blog, but I didn't even bother to do it until now. Well, she didn't do it for a period of time as well as you can see from her post... keke.... So... here I go....

Layer One : On The Outside

Name : Jeremy
Birth Date : 27th June
Current Status : Available
Eye Colour : Black
Hair Colour : Black
Righty or Lefty : Righty

Layer Two : On The Inside

Your Heritage : Pure chinese
Your Fear : Failure
Your Weakness : Moody always
Your Perfect Pizza : Thick cheese topping, thick tomato base with pineapples & mushrooms!!

Layer Three : Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Your Thoughts First Thing When You Wake Up : What to do today?
Your Bedtime : Recently around 3a.m.
Your Most Missed Memory : None.

Layer Four : Your Pick

Pepsi or Coke : Coke
McDonald's or Burger King : McDonald's
Single or Group Dates : Single
Adidas or Nike : Adidas
Tea or Nestea : Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla : Both
Cappucino or Coffee : None

Layer Five : Do You ...

Smoke : Nope
Curse : Sometimes
Take a Shower : Of course!!
Have a Crush : Yes
Think You've Been In Love: Yes
Go To School : Yes
Want To Get Married : Not now
Believe In Yourself : Not really
Think You're a Health Freak : Nope

Layer Six : In The Past Month

Drank Alcohol : Nope
Gone To The Mall : Yep
Been On Stage : Nope
Eaten Sushi : Nope, never.
Dyed Your Hair : Nope

Layer Seven : Have You Ever ...

Played A Stripping Game : Nope
Changed Who You Were To Fit In : Nope

Layer Eight : Age

You're Hoping To Get Married : Infinity

Layer Nine : In A Girl/Guy

Best Eye Colour : Blue
Best Hair Colour : Depends
Short Hair or Long Hair : Depends

Layer Ten : What Were You Doing

1 Min Ago : Typing answers above
1 Hour Ago : Watching Detective Conan
4.5 Hours Ago : Browsing with Firefox
1 Month Ago : Starting to prepare for moving out of The Precinct
1 Year Ago : Working, sitting in office, bored.

Layer Eleven : Finish The Sentence

I Love : Cars, Music
I Feel : Indifferent now
I Hate : Being alone (sometimes)
I Hide : My true self to others
I Need : Job, Money

Layer Twelve : Tag Five People

1. Angel
2. Berberboo
3. Chloe
4. Ellen
5. Jeannie

Why all the tags are girls???


SabrinaW said...

Lol.. I forgot that I tagged u also.. so damn long ago..haha

AC said...

well you just got pealed layer by layer like an onion. normally we cut them but whtever.

Jeremy said...

Haha Sabrina.. u even left me a msg in my blog telling me that I was tagged. and ac ah... why u relate it to onion le... =.="

Berberboo said...

lol... can i pretend im not berberboo? hehe...

Jeremy said...

:P nope... kekeke....

Angel Valerie said...

aiyer... why u tag me la???

Jeremy said...

hehe... cannot tag u meh... keke...

Angel Valerie said...

cannot tag la...

tag me, must belanja me eat.

Jeremy said...

wait till i go back la....

Angel Valerie said...

then, come back faster!