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Friday, 30 March 2007


FINISH!!! finally FINISH!!!! My goodness... I finally finish Okike's assignment... It's been days since I rush for it last minute due to difficulties of looking for references.. I had no choice but to use other ways to write my assignment.. I hope I can get better marks than I thought of.

Handing the assignment in 7 and half hours time from now... After handing in... the spring holiday officially start!! But there's no spring holiday for us.. sigh~~ have to start another assignment and finish dissertation.. which is hard work... and the worse part is that we all have to prepare for EXAMS!!!! My exams will be on from 3rd May to the 11th. 4 modules.

My eyes are closing.. urghh... didn't nap in the afternoon.. sitting in front of my laptop doing my work whole day... and now...


Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Mr Bean's Holiday

Walking down town this few days I saw posters on bus stops about Mr Bean's Holiday. so, he's back with a new movie which all Mr Bean fans waited for long... After such a while.. i really miss his movies though.. Hoping that it will be greater than ever... well.. he's gonna be stupid as usual.. haha.. It will be showing on screen on 30th March which is this coming Friday.. so here are the 2 trailers which is hosted on Youtube.

The International trailer

So which one is better? Looking forward to this new Bean movie...

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Muse - Knights of Cydonia

Browsing in Imeem again to listen to some songs as Martin, Adrian and Vincent was in my room just now. Looking for Muse's music videos as I just known them recently because of Jade's blog's song. Knights of Cydonia is quite a long song, 6 minutes 7 seconds but the intro music is very good. I really like it. When I saw the video just now, it's even better! Amusing as well! hehe...

So here is the music video of Knights of Cydonia.

Hope you enjoyed the video.

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Power Rangers

Being moody for whole day.. just now I searched through Imeem for songs to listen, searching the ones which suits my mood to post here, but power ranger theme song appeared! It really do cheered me up a bit.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the first generation of Power Rangers by Haim Saban and Shuki Levi. It is the best of all Power Rangers, even until now. Bringing back a lot of childhood memories.. I was around 7 years old by that time. Its a long way back. I remembered that I draw the logo in art period when in school. The teacher even stick my picture on the wall, which I'm so proud of it. Below is the opening of first season.. how much can you remember?

Well, that's the opening video. Everyone is so familiar about the song which it still bring smile to teenagers faces.. bringing back their memories, like me.
This is the earliest 5 members of Power Rangers, after some time, Green Ranger appeared on screen with its Dragon Zord. I still love first generation Mega Zord, still the best of my choice of all generations of Power Rangers. It's built up by 5 zords, made up of some dinosaurs and some ice age animals.

The following video is taken from YouTube. It's the morphing of Mega Zord. It was edited already so it seems a bit unconnected in some places. Enjoy.

That's something interesting which I come up tonight. Hope you enjoyed.

Daylight saving is over.. adding an hour later after midnight, that means, we got only 23 hours tomorrow. lose 1 hour.

Saturday, 24 March 2007

In Library

This picture shows a corner of the St. Peters library which I use for the rest of my course this year. I'm now here doing my assignments. Had been quite moody since past 2 days, and this morning that stupid mood turn worse.. sigh~~ That's why I came to library this morning to focus more on my assignments, and to let myself not to think so much which can waste my time sitting there doing nothing. Staying in my room will make it worse and I won't be able to finish my assignments in time as my room usually seems moody. Weather outside is moody again today, sunlight covered up by thick dark clouds again. Switching off my phone and not online on MSN let me feel a bit peace without the signing-in notification keeping on popping up, and nobody looking for me asking me what happen and where am I, hate it when no mood to entertain anyone. Until now I had done a part of my assignments again. My target is to finish this assignment before I go back, after all the library is a 24/7 access. Nobody knows where I am now as I didn't tell anyone where I been since this morning after I went to do my laundry.

It's still quite silent here... making a good atmosphere of concentrating on my work..........

sigh~~ bit hungry though...

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Music this week - All My Life by K-ci and Jojo

This is a song which was released a long time ago. I still have it in my Media Player playlist as I really like the music as well as the lyrics. It's quite meaningful, sweet, happy. Looking at the lyrics... I can't dedicate to anyone at the moment... maybe in future? hehe...

So here are the lyrics...

All My Life

Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby

I will never find another lover sweeter than you,
sweeter than you
and I will never find another lover more precious than you,
more precious than you
Girl You are Close to me just like my mother,
Close to me you're like my father,
Close to me you're like my sister,
Close to me you're like my brother
You are the only one my everything and for you this song I sing

All my life I pray for someone like you
And I thank God that I, that I finally found you
All my life I pray for someone like you
And I hope that you feel the same way too
Yes, I pray that you do, love me too

I promise to never fall in love with a stranger,
You're all I'm thinking of I praise the Lord above,
For sending me your love, I cherish every hug,

All my life, I pray for someone like you,
And I thank God that I, that I finally found you
All my life I pray for someone like you
And I hope that you feel the same way too
Yes, I pray that you do, love me

You're all that I've ever known,
when you smile my face always seems to glow,
You turn my life around,
You pick me up when I was down,
You're all that I've ever known,
when you smile my face glows,
You picked me up when I was down,
You're all that I've ever known,
when you smile my face glows glows,
You picked me up when I was down
and I hope that you feel the same way too,
Yes I pray that you do love me too!

All my life, I pray for someone like you,
And I thank God that I, that I finally found you
All my life I pray for someone like you
Yes, I pray that you do, love me too

All my life, I pray for someone like you,
And I thank God that I, that I finally found you
All my life I pray for someone like you
Yes, I pray that you do, love me too
All my life I pray for someone like you

Interesting catch...

I just got the photos of Priscilla's and Felicia's Birthday from Nic's which were taken by his camera. It's been a week already. So I checked all the photos and found out there are few photos.. which was taken continuously, which I think it might be fun to share... check out what Alvin is doing.. Never thought he's that kinda sneaky guy.. haha...

So.. He held a bottle of Vodka drinking, and sneak behind Priscilla and Adrian... Don't know what is Alvin trying to do but... it's interesting eh.. haha... The photos were captured by Nic and I was standing in front of them laughing and Alvin was quite surprised that Nic took his photos.. Thanks to Nic's camera which can capture photos fast enough.

Wednesday, 21 March 2007


So, finally can sit down in front of my computer to post all the photos that I collected for whole day. This morning when I just waked up by the alarm clock, I heard snow flakes hitting my window.. thanks to that I wake up in time. looking out the window, seems like it's a snow storm. it stopped a while before 8.50.. then continue, but not that heavy anymore. On the way to uni with Nic, I manage to take some photos of snow on the ground which still looks fresh.

That's the scenery when I walk to the Metro with Nic. The first picture is the guard house of Precinct, where I live. Second one is the Royalty which I pass by everyday when going out. When arriving university St. Peters campus, it's not that heavy afterall. The University Square isn't covered up.

That's the St. Peters campus this morning. After the lecture, the sun comes out already and melt all the snow.. sigh~~ can't take more photos of the snowy car park.. At night, I took some photos from Alvin's room before going out to play snow.
That's the guard house again. It's quite dark as my camera doesn't have sufficient flashing power. Should have add more money to get a better one. After that we went down to play snow. We met a bunch of Chinese students with a South African guy who were already playing before us. They ask us to join the war by throwing snowballs at us.. sigh~~ we played with them for a while.. then heated our body up. we decided to make snowman.. hoho.. enough to make several snowman though... so we made 3...

but after Lily took photo with the tallest snowman... it collapsed.. sigh... the body is bigger than the leg.. you can see the snowman falling towards Lily in the photo below... luckily I was fast enough to click before it collapsed.
After that, Adrian's block's guys come down and declare war.. FUHYO!!! but I don't wanna go there to fight with them. So we took a few photos then go away... cos its tiring.. haha...
Only left 2 snowman... but it seems quite horrible without proper face though. Thanks to Adrian for helping to take this photo.

Having a great day today.. There's snow.. there are happy things happening... *grin*

Will there be more snow tomorrow? looking forward for more snow... hope so...

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Trip to York - Part 2

Well, this is the second part of my trip to York.

After we went to York Minster, we had our lunch at a church next to it and head off to town, walking down the streets to get to the Jorvik Viking Centre. It is a tourist area so it's pack full of people walking around.
It's so old but the view is nice... As we walk down we saw a shop selling weapons, so we stop by and have fun in it.

Look at that.. all people attack me but I manage to defeat them with only one sword in my hand.. How good am I...

After that we went to the Viking Centre, but didn't manage to take much photos inside as I was too busy looking at the 'sceneries' inside. You'll be sitting on a time machine to go back to Viking age... you can see what there are doing... you can smell their toilets... you can smeel their life... you can see them 'bang sai' as well.. you can also see their houses and tools and activities.. town.. etc.. it's very very nice. then after that we came back to the future, we had fun putting on viking costumes, but as we have a lot of things carried with us, we didn't put on too many... just the guy there who wears the battle suit... and he scared Jeffery as he suddenly move when Jeffery stand in front of him... Jeff thought he was a fake doll.

After all this photos, we manage to get our names written in runes, viking alphabets. Then after that we stop by at a small shack there looking at a lady producing viking coins.. of course its fake as a souvenir and its made by pewter. I get a few so can give out to people whom I feel special to be given, and one is to be kept by myself.

After coming out from there, we walk down to Shambles, an old street where butchers used to do business. Many hooks are still in front of many shops making it unique. The shops there are not built in a row. It's built one by one so it's not in a straight row. Of course, there are no more butchers there as it's a tourist spot, so they sell expensive items there.

After visiting Shambles, we walk back to the bus and that's the end of York trip... It's a nice place to visit and I'll be there again in the future if I got chance.

Monday, 19 March 2007

About me!!

Well, before I go to class in 7 minutes time, before I post Trip to York Part 2, I wanna post this first! URGENT!!!!!!! Well, I read Angel's blog just before this post, and I laugh by myself at the lounge of Business school in front of the computer by myself! LOL.... so, u ppl out there! you must read.......


and write some comments about it!

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Trip to York - Part 1

Delayed this post as I was tired yesterday and was doing something as well. So, today, gonna share my experience to York Yesterday (17/3) which was organized by Globe Cafe.

York, which previously named Jorvik, pronounced as Yor-Vik, is a place which is full of historical places. We went to visit York Minster and the Jorvik Viking Centre. It's really a very fun and knowledgeable trip.

York Minster was built since 627AD. It took 250 years to build until the one right now. It passed through damages, rebuilding and add-ons. (For more history about York Minster, click here) It's so huge that you can't imagine how they built it at the past with only bare hands and some tools.
Picture Above: Chapter House.

The stained glass were founded all over the building which is very artistic. The ceiling of the building is nicely built and good as well. The ceiling photo below was taken using a mirror provided near the entrance of the Minster.

There are many historical stuff in the Minster which you can see. Really should spend more time exploring the whole building if got chance to go again.
Picture shown above is the Hindley Clock. The clock's movement dates from 1749. The two oak 'quarterjacks', Gog and Magog, which strike the quarters are early sixteenth century. This clock has to be wound every 2 days.
The astronomical clock is a memorial to the Allied aircrews who flew from airbases in Yorkshire and the North-East and lost their lives during World War II. It was dedicated in 1955. On one face is shown the precise position of the sun in relation to the Minster at any time and on the other, the position of the northern stars by which aircrew navigated at night.
This is the Quire Screen which dated to the 15th century. The entrance to the Quire appearing to be guarded by the 15 Kings of England from William I to Henry VI. At the top of the screen is the pipe organ.

There are many more of the Minster which I didn't take photos of. For more information, click here.

End of Part 1.

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Felicia's and Priscilla's Birthday

It's late now~! I was thinking of blogging about this yesterday or tonight (now Saturday morning) but keep holding it back. Actually I was thinking of blogging about it a day before yesterday when the buffet just finished! But I was too tired and I don't have too many photos. But the fact is, until now I haven't get enough photos, so, just post it.

15/3, Felicia and Priscilla's birthday. both on same day, so we went to Panda Oriental Buffet to have our buffet dinner in the evening. But before that, me and Alvin were busy preparing 2 sets of presents for both birthday girls. sigh~~ We really had no idea of what to get for them. Going out at around 11.30am, only coming back at around 2.30pm. strolling in The Bridges for few hours with Adrian joining us for the first half hour after we went to have our brunch at Lambton Worm Wetherspoon. Headache-ing of what to buy for them, we walk 2 card shops to choose birthday card.. duh.. too many choices but just can't find the 19th and 20th birthday card.. from 18th straightly the next one is 21st birthday. hmm.. so we get others. It's a long story so I cut it short, Alvin and I went to Boots finally, where we get our presents... strolling in Boots for around an hour even though it's not a hypermarket sized shop. Alvin even said that if the securities were looking at the CCTV, we probably were suspicious for walking here and there round and round.. sigh.. then we got our presents, and thinking of what to write in the card as the presents we get are quite.. interesting.. hiak hiak...

So much for the presents. In the evening, we went to the Buffet (finally back to the story). Really having lots of fun together. We didn't really ate much for paying £8.50 for food actually. I just ate 1 piece of everything then feel full already! LOL... 15 ppl eating together. Fun eh.

Too bad I forgot to charge my battery so I didn't bring my camera. All The photos in this post are by Adrian's or Priscilla's camera. Well, everyone seems like having fun taking pictures. Even me, who seldom like to take photos, joined in, cos I didn't bring my camera. sigh~~

2 Birthday girls Felicia and Priscilla holding gifts and cards we gave.

The guys and birthday girls.

My family with 2 birthday gals with Alvin looking super unhappy with face like that don't know what the heck happened to him... maybe too much food??

I love this photo... Feel so proud of myself being reserved by all the girls beside me... sigh~~ don't know what made me so good to be reserved by so many girls.... but sadly I don't have time for all girls so maybe choose a few... now.. whom shall I pick... hmmm...

Anyway, with that nice photo, it ends up this post as there's not much space to put all interesting photos. If you wanna take a look at more photos, Priscilla has it in her Facebook.

yawn... tonight coming back with York trip photos...

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Okay. You marry me then.

This morning, while I was still in bed, my MSN keep on having messages coming in.. urgh.. Then, I can't bare the noise keep bothering me, so I wake up and go towards my computer with my eyes half open. 3 person sending me messages. my goodness.. but I only remembered what my friend Angel send me. All 3 ppl offline already. Angel ask me to send her an SMS and feel like she got something real urgent to tell me as she said...

"I'll offline soon and don't have internet connection at home now"
"send me an sms later when u see this window popup"
"I need to TALK!!!".

so I send her an sms wondering what happen again suddenly as she always have problems one... she replied...

"R U mad???"

o.O (big small eyes as AC always use in MSN)

I was like... wow wow wow.. I just wake up n she ask am I mad.. then 'Ding!' suddenly something in my mind appeared! THE CONVERSATION THAT DAY! hahahahahaha..... read the post in the link until the end, the conversation is at the end of the post.

Then I told her i won't get mad for something like that cos I know she's joking lo... then at the end she say that she had updated her blog and ask me to go see. So as I just wake up and don't feel doing anything, I browse through her blog. then I found out that post... I was shocked suddenly but feel funny after a while when reading it... interesting eh... then I leave her a comment that i'll blog about it as well...

then after that, I went back to my own blog and found new comments in one of my post. I was laughing all the way...

hehe... just something interesting this morning to be shared here... leave some feedback ya...

Music this week - Angels or Devils by Dishwalla

This week's song is by Dishwalla. Those 5 guys in the picture which I never heard of them (again) and they don't really look handsome whatsoever. But one song attracted me - Angels or Devils from the album Opaline which was released in year 2002.

This is a nice song which I heard from Gloria's blog. Her version is the album version. That is the first time I heard that song and when I saw the name, I feel so strange as the group's name is call dishwalla, which I don't even know what it means, and when u read it, it sounds funny. But anyway, the song is nice, so I go search for it in Imeem again. I found piano version! the piano makes me lost in the song... beautiful song... So, here are both versions of the song (The piano version is on as u read this post this week, probably from now till after 7 to 10 days).

This is the album version

Piano version

The lyrics are shown below.


this is the last time

that I'm ever gonna come here tonight
this is the last time - I will fall
into a place that fails us all - inside

I can see the pain in you

I can see the love in you

but fighting all the demons will take time

it will take time

the angels they burn inside for us
are we ever

are we ever gonna learn to fly

the devils they burn inside of us
are we ever gonna come back down

come around

I'm always gonna worry about the things that could make us cold

this is the last time

that I'm ever gonna give in tonight

are there angels or devils crawling here?
I just want to know what blurs and what is clear - to see

still I can see the pain in you

and I can see the love in you

and fighting all the demons will take time

it will take time

the angels they burn inside for us
are we ever are we ever
gonna learn to fly

the devils they burn inside of us
are we ever gonna come back down - come around

I'm always gonna worry about the things that could break us

if I was to give in - give it up
- and then

take a breath - make it deep

cause it might be the last one you get
be the last one

that could make us cold

you know that they could make us cold

I'm always gonna worry about the things that could make us cold

Music: Dishwalla and G. Wattenberg

Do enjoy the song and give opinions whether this week's featured song or last week's better.

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

She's BACK!!!!

Who's back?? Elewechi Okike!! omg... are we saved or nightmare coming back?? sigh~~ both.

She's giving lectures on Corporate Governance and Audit, one of the boring subjects I have this year. She lectured the first 2 months, then went away of some reasons which i just known few weeks back. she said she might come back at early January, but now it's March already, and left 2 more lectures from her only. At the period when she went away for operation on her leg, which she didn't told us, a middle-east lecturer came to give us lecture, which at the start we think it's quite annoying as he speaks Arabian accent English.. hehe... but after a while, we think he's better than Okike in the first place. Not wasting time! Wasting time? why?

Well, this lesson is 3 hours once every fortnight. In the 3 hours, she'll start crapping n say a lot which is not necessary, then start to click on the slides, then one by one, she read out the names in the name list to take attendance.. like primary school huh. that takes around 5 minutes. then when lecture start, she'll start asking question by calling names on the name list, one by one. then she'll start to check all student's homework given in previous session. Checking work eh.. like primary school again. That will leave all of us sitting there nothing to do for nearly an hour as she check every single person's work... and our class is not small... for that, an hour n half gone. left half of the time, then rest 15 to 20 minutes. come back, start lecture but suddenly crapping other stuff again... then suddenly back to topic. then the final hour just gone like that... usually she can't finish the topic, when near to the end, she'll say, we don't have much time left so I'm gonna make this fast. most of the time she craps and do unnecessary things. While the Arabian lecturer doesn't do that. just give lecture from start till half, then rest, then continue. giving as much guidance as possible. She always goes to dunno what meeting here and there and always makes us having joined session. and I heard that is owned by her family and she keep promoting that website so we'll get books there, but the service is not very good as someone tried before. interesting eh...

Today Okike come back, only 2 hours lecture as she still can't stand properly.. leg pain all the way... she really do make her effort to come today. But, as usual, she craps a lot.. only talk a bit about today's topic. but at least she do give some questions for us to prepare for exam.

Joined session again next week. 2 groups gonna sandwiched in one room for an hour before we can use the lecture room. sigh~~ how are we gonna sit in the room like that. :/

Monday, 12 March 2007

Still got lots of time?

Yesterday morning I went to church as usual, but only with my blockmate Deborah. It's a quite meaningful meeting as we sang an african hymn song and we had a guest speaker coming. After church when going back, I chat with Deborah (Debby).

We chatted about trip to Amsterdam which will be happening next month. I told Debby that I don't have enough money so I won't be going as I'm depending on my family for financial support and I don't wanna waste parents' money to go for holiday. Then Debby told me that if it's her, she won't have any problems like that as her dad told her that if she wanna go visit anywhere, just go before it's too late, before she finish study... thoughtful. I tell Debby that I 10,000,000% agree what her dad told her, and told her that my parents are thinking the opposite way that I'll still have tonnes of time to go for holiday after I finish study and start work.

Debby's dad said that, a person with role as a father who said that. I can only agree because that's what I'm thinking always. My parents told me that I'll have tonnes of time going for holiday after I graduate and I'll be earning enough money to go play. But the fact is, LIFE GOES ON!

What does that mean? After I graduate, I'll start working, working means tonnes of overtime, my time will be occupied by job, and living needs, as I'll be living by myself. I'll have to pay everything by myself, pay debts, pay this and that. It's all about paying, and I'll only left some money left to be saved as emergency usage. Timewise, I'll spend it overtime, work, church, cook, laundry, maybe study part-time, grocery, etc. We won't know what will happen in our daily lives. After all this, do we still have time to go for holiday? maybe.. if only we're not organising a family. Again, LIFE GOES ON!

If it's going on normally, we'll be having girlfriend or boyfriend and be together several years, in that several years, we have to spend some money on them. of course! so.. money spend on them... after several years.. the 4 words "would u marry me" will appear (if guy). so, all savings spent again to get married, then go HONEYMOON, A HOLIDAY!! so.. savings start from the beginning again. WE STILL HAVE TO WORK! got a family now. assume that we plan and do everything we should to prevent pregnancy and did it, for the first few years of marriage, we don't have to spend money on children. BUT! we still have to pay for utilities, car loans, car expenses, housing loans, food, everything... then if both work, we can manage it together, then save some money for holiday, maybe by earning extra by overtime, but tax still kills. again but, of course a family is incomplete without children right?

Before baby born, money is spent again on wife to check this and that and do all procedures needed. money needed. after 9 months, baby born. TIME! MONEY! all spend on kids... as they grow up, we as parents have to pay for the best for our kids for everything right? so, no extra to go holiday again. no time to go holiday as LIFE STILL GOES ON! work, overtime, fetch kids, kids go school, boss don't allow leave... LIFE! at that time, maybe its around 40 years old already. We still have to save for children's further education which is not cheap! if got more than 1 child, then finish lo! hehe... we have to work for that money! no time to go holiday!

After children finish education, 55 years old. children's life will continue like us if we don't give them a chance to go for vacation on their own. 55 years old, are u gonna try something that will make ur heart jump out from ur body during your holiday? i bet u don't want unless ur body is still 25 yrs old condition... Can you fly here and there like when u're young? I don't think so. Do you still have money to go vacation after using all for your children's education? not sure. Feelings of vacation at 55 yrs old and 25 yrs old, will it be same? are u gonna go vacation with friends at 55 yrs old? or u rather go with your family? everyone will only be teenagers once in their life. Time flies.... u'll plan to go for holiday next year but next year will never come.

Anyway, this is all just assuming that we have a normal salary life unless we got high salary jobs with not using most of our time working overtime or overseas. how u gonna get that? working for ur dad? so, all teens out there, especially those who're studying overseas with limited financial support, go get urself a part time job and go vacation before ur study life ends and u'll regret for not going vacation with ur friends when u start working. Unless u're those who only knows study, eat and sleep. For those who can afford to use their parents money to go vacation, I got no comment.

So, after all the reading of the crap I wrote, what do you think? Do leave some comments if u got anything to say.

Thursday, 8 March 2007

'Gu Gu Ga Ga' - Baby

Wow wow wow... so after debut of Abunene.. now is Baby's turn ya.. That night Baby suddenly said Gugugaga... we're so happy to hear that!! So, Cathy created Abunene, Abubu, E-Bubu, so who's this baby? This baby is not young anymore... old baby =.=" Erm.. She's small in size, so cute, that's why call her baby. hehe.. so.. is a she again. who is she? Her name is Jeannie Law. One of the first girls I met first day in Sunderland. Together with Cathy and Alison, buying food in Tesco. She's real small in size that i can put my head above her head without me stepping on something.
So, this is Jean. See that last picture there? that's Nic's jacket. it's so huge that Jean looks funny n cute in it. Thanks to Nic for the photo. Click the photo to enlarge. Well, that show's her size already actually. More photos later to show.
Jeannie, the youngest girl in our family. Even though she looks very cute like a kid, but she sure knows how to handle a lot of things well. Sometimes if i got some problems, I'll find her first to get some opinions from her.. even though sometimes the way she tell me let me feel like she's acting something like my mom.. -.-" but what she told me were all truth and reality that I have to face. She surely helps a lot in many things. A helper who don't complain a lot.. unlike me.. hehe... and she's the only one who goes to church every week without absent for sleeping as a reason. If not her, I think I won't be going already if I sleep late. Thanks Jean.
Well, actually it's been some time I didn't chat with her as she always go to Nic's place to watch movie or animation or cartoon while eat. Nic feed her with lots of food that she likes.. hehe.. chocolates, cakes, sweets, chinese takeaway, pizza.. etc... even though she's small in size.. she sure has big appetite actually. Sometimes I can't even compete with the amount of food she eat. Well, she eats slowly, but she really can eat. EAT EAT EAT!!!!!!! FOOD FOOD FOOD!!!!!!
Isn't she cute.. awww... see.. with whole table of food, she just sit there finishing all off (really?? of course not!).

Baby vs. Guys
Well, cute Jean versus guys.. she's so small that all guys like to 'bully' her. seems like i'm the one who doesn't bully as much as others do. hehe.. see the following photo.. I'm not in the list of bullying.. only Alvin and Nic!! MUAHAHAHAH!!!!!
Look at what Jean and Alvin doing in the last pic! can u see the electric??? imagine... hmmm... Wonder how Kenneth feels bout it... R u reading this post Kenneth???????? THE TRUTH REVEALED!!!!! Am I bad? nah... Alvin and Nic worse than me right?? I only take photo with Jean only. Nic and Alvin always poke her belly to make her burp.. so.. it works.. and when 'bullying' her, she'll have lots of expressions actually... just that I can't get all of her expressions on photo.. n she'll make some cute sounds as well.. hehe.. like a baby. But sometimes, she'll turn into 'Small Chilli' (mandarin translate), burning! then all guys burned! puff!!!
That photo on the center! LOOK! that's the photo she scare most that I'll post! so it's posted! muahahahaha.... the picture on right upper corner, she's hiding in the curtains laughing non-stop when that day we say wanna cook "Jeannie soup". I'm the one who bully her this time. am I bad? not so bad actually.. just let her laugh.. laugh is the sign of happiness right? the photo on top left is that she was laughing till her eyes watery.. LOL...

So much for that.. well, the following picture is my favourite photo of her.. I mean in my collection of photos...
It was taken when me, Jac, Nic and her went to Seaburn... I asked her to turn around and I just took it with my phone. Don't know how to describe but this photo just looks nice.

Well, that's all in this post.. who'll be the next one that I blog about? Still not sure, but I'll figure it out. Do leave some comments if u got something to say ya...

All the best to Jeannie... and Kenneth as well....