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Thursday, 12 July 2007

Feel like Saying Something....

Before I update this, I don't even feel like updating anything as I don't have anything to say, but now I feel like writing something. What to write?

Just now MSN notification popped up, showed AiChing Lee is online... I just finish watching an episode of drama back then. So, who's AiChing Lee?? She's a lecturer back in my college, Computer Science Department Head.
Although I never had her lecture as I'm not in Computer Science, but we get to knew each other though my friend. She got 2 kids back then, but not sure about now though. We're like friends more than lecturer-student relationship. That photo above is Mdm Lee with my junior, which is taken this year at the prom night. She didn't change at all.. haha...

Looking back at my college's website, it improved a lot. Pilley Heritage, our newsletter, is available on the net as well. clicking it lets me missed my college life. Memories.... and what's interesting, Lily told me that she was a TOEFL English course student at MPI, then I found something that she wrote for Pilley Heritage. I even saw her in the group photo... hehe... click here to view it. It is an Adobe file and Lily's stuff is at the last page, page 8. You can find her in the top picture.

Other than that, I can be found in some of the pictures back in previous volumes as well, but sadly, I'm too small to be found in the pictures. I found my photo here in page 5. The yellow shirt guy is me... haha.... I was one of the committee members of Pilley Heritage that year, you can see my name at the end of the 2004 volume 3 issue 2 copy as well...

Ah... just a brief introduction of my college life back in the days... really miss all of the staff and friends whom I knew back there....

Anyway, sleeping now. 7 and half hours to the ceremony. can only have 5 and half hours sleep from now. Be right back tomorrow night for updates on the ceremony.

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