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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

My "Wife's" Graduation

It's such a great day today as the sun shines brightly on the sky. It's a great day for graduation ceremony as well. Alvin, my "wife", went out for his graduation ceremony which was held at the Stadium of Light since early while Felicia and I catch up later as we didn't get tickets so were unable to go in. Chit-chatting with Felicia to pass our time and i managed to grab some photos of the stadium. As you might be asking, Felicia can join as she got an off-day today, just a coincidence by the way, so i tag her along.
Sunderland AFC's Stadium of Light entrance with sun shining above the sky....

After waiting for around an hour, the ceremony ended then we got a chance to go into the stadium to see the grand stand of the ceremony.

Alvin with me.
Alvin with Felicia.
Alvin's course mates throughout the year.

So he had done his, while I'll need to wait until this coming Thursday for the ceremony.

Congratulations Alvin!!

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