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Saturday, 30 June 2007

2008 BMW 1-Series Coupe

I had tracked the new BMW 1-series coupe since there are spy pictures of it during test driving. I thought it is good for BMW to finally re-launch something small like the legendary E30. Before the launching of it, spy videos and pictures were everywhere on the net. The butt was finally unveiled last week when they do official photography section and pictures were taken unofficially by others.
BMW 1-series has been launched since few years back as a hatch in the BMW line. The coupe finally came out after few years. In Europe, it'll be in 120d single turbo diesel engine which produce 177hp, 123d twin turbo diesel engine which produce 204hp and 135i powered by 306hp powerful 3.0L petrol engine. Such small car with a 3.0L. It's gonna be exciting.

Here is a video from Carscoop which shows the interior and exterior of 1-Series and of course, the roaring sound of the 3.0L straight six engine.

I wonder if there will be any M1 breed in the future. It's gonna be cool if they plant in the M5's 5.0L engine. It's gonna be crazy.


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