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Sunday, 17 June 2007

Leaving Sunderland???

Am I gonna leave Sunderland? or am I staying? I really wish to stay back here, but things seem to have force me to leave.... Walking from one job agency to another, the job opportunities are zero, even restaurants and takeaways which all need only drivers to deliver food, which I can't do as I don't have a car.

Everyone is asking me to go down south to London to get jobs. It's not that I don't want sometimes, it's just that there's something here which drives me to stay back.. but for the sake of continue living here in the Kingdom, I think I really need to leave Sunderland, and hope that something in Sunderland will still be there for me...

Earliest leaving date? Very soon, if I don't get any jobs here, in Tyne & Wear. Maybe this coming week or next month or whenever needed.

I have to be strong and decisive. I have to pray to God to give me wisdom to make choices. I wanna know God's will in me. Please pray for me that everything will be fine and go on smoothly.


Jean said...

The art of growing:

To know which to hold on to and which to let go.

Alvin_Ong said...

Either leaving or thing you must think is "what you want" in the 1st place. Then think about the way to achived it.

Once you make the decision then just go ahead and don't look back although no even regret. I will be here for you if you need someone to talk.

Wish you good luck.