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My feelings

I'm officially broke..

Sunday, 3 June 2007


Seems like I can't trust anyone else other than God and myself, even my closest friends who get along together everyday. I felt so disappointed and I feel deeper and deeper from day to day.

One thing I wanna confess.


Disappointed and angry even though I didn't show my emotions. I NEVER have good financial background among all people here but I swear to God that I'm not stealing anyone's money! For goodness sake! I don't know how many people "suggested me to be suspected for stealing" and I don't wanna know who.

Fuck I feel so disappointed. I trust nobody anymore.


Anonymous said...

So finally u know the feeling of gettin accuse when u did nth wrong..

been there..

sheng wei..

Anonymous said...

Don let it get to your head or you will just make the same mistakes I did.. good luck tho

sheng wei

Sabrina said...

It hurts to think back of being accused of stealing things even though you didnt. I remembered I was accused of stealing my friend's stamps in primary school. His dad came, my mum gave me a long lecture.. damn it! I tell you.. I remember that &^%$#@ uncle until now, but yeah, still trying to forgive and forget. Hahaha...

I don't know what to encourage, but just think of the rainbow after the storm. =)

Angel Valerie said...

that was what i felt when that someone accussed me of something that i never did n i was never and will be never the person that he described me as...

this kinda so-called 'friends,' dump them. u dont need them in ur life. u still have more wonderful friends...

jeremy, if u need anyone to talk to, do remember, ur ol' pal here will always be there for u.

be strong!

Jeremy Tay said...

well, it's not the first time ppl accuse me of doing something, and they are only suspecting me, didn't really accuse though. since young, even teacher accuse me doing something which i didn't do n cause me to stand outside de class wit another girl who is also guilty. Had been accused for talking during assembly by those stupid prefects and forced to wash toilet as well. still have many experiences like this, but only one thing i can't stand is suspected for stealing MONEY. Too sensitive for me as I had bad memories bout it.

Anyway, I think i'll forgive them as I think it is not necessary to end a friendship with such little things. I got more important things to care about at this moment of my life.

Chill out ppl. that's just a feeling after something happen. I'm fine now. Thanks for supporting ppl.

Anonymous said...

confident abt not doing anything wrong if u are

thus make the accusers eat their own words u shall


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

get back to your country, europe is not your homeland you wetback

Anonymous said...

part of life..

when u walked past through it,
it's just a storm in teacup..

been there too..

jia you~!
Have faith in your almighty God~!

Anonymous said...

there's nth worst than backstabbers who made you the enemy of the class...

Jeremy Tay said...

haha... I'm fine ppl... first time see so many comments in my blog in a day. not bad though... stay tune for updates!