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Wednesday, 20 June 2007


WA!!!!!! It's my turn to pack!!! Everyone was complaining that their room is like war... so now I realize it.. even though I don't really have much to pack. Why packing? well, my accommodation here in The Precinct will come to an end at 23/6, so I need to pack and move to another house nearby. By then I think I won't be able to online properly. That house has internet, but the speed is slow and I'm not sure if there's any bandwidth usage quotas, so called fair use policy. If got, then I can't online 24/7 anymore.
Sorry about the quality of the photo though, I used a webcam to capture only as there's no battery in my camera and am lazy to use the phone as I need to plug in to my laptop to get the photo. I got no place to stand.. sigh~~ Now left some small objects and documents need to be tidy up to pack.. feel tired and lazy now so I stop and share with all.


Sabrina87 said...

I hate moving house.. all the packing and unpacking after that!! :p r u goin to stay in Sunderland to work?

Jeremy Tay said...

Well it depends I got job or not. If no then after a month staying I'll go somewhere else.