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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Life updates

The weather today is just bad. Since waking up this morning, it's raining outside and the sky is dark. After I get up and online, I went back to my bed and continue sleep as Nic and Alvin were still sleeping as well. We start our day at around 11a.m. today. Going to town to get some food then come back. Alvin went to the library earlier and Nic joined him after that to get internet connections there while I continue sleep at around 3.30p.m. till around 6.30p.m. SLEEPING WHOLE DAY!!! my goodness.

After dinner, they went out again to friend's house to play Dota while I stayed at home again. Just can't understand why they can play Dota day and night... I can only play for a while when I really have nothing to do...

So at night, I just replied a mail, quite long though. After shower I decided to set-up the wireless internet in this house. Alvin told me that there might be problems on the router settings so not everyone can have wireless internet access. I tried to figure out the problems and change the settings, and I succeed!! Yippee!! Now everyone in this house can have internet access.. hehe..

Well, at least the cold, wet, sleepy, lazy and bored weather today I manage to do something for all. Quite satisfied though.

Ah... gonna go to uni again tomorrow to see whether I can get results or not. More updates to come soon...

Alvin n Nic haven't come back.... I bet they're gonna play till 3 or 4a.m. again and I'm gonna wait for them again tmr morning... sigh~~

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