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Monday, 4 June 2007

Trip to Bristol - Bath - Oxford - London - Cambridge Part 1

On 28/5 around 4a.m., we started our trip. 7 of us, me, Cathy, Alvin, Chloe, Adrian, Liwan and Jeannie in a group, going down south backpacking.

Day 1 (28/5)

At around 8a.m., we reached Bristol airport and straightly going down to city centre. It was a bank holiday Monday so the city looks quiet and it was so early by then that we can even walk on the road. When going to the city, the taxi driver showed some interesting places. We then took the tour bus to help us move along in the city.
You can see in this photo that it's so deserted early in the morning in Bristol.
This is SS Great Britain, which taken on the bus tour. We didn't manage to get in as of time constraint, so just pass by and take a photo.
And this is something interesting. The building is the studio for Wallace and Gromit, an animation picture which was quite famous years ago. It's beside the entrance of the SS Great Britain.
So we went to the museum and art gallery to take a short walk. Then we went to the tower, I forgot what name is it. It's on top of a hill and we can see great view of the city.

Actually there's still a lot to show but I have to limit it for the next destination. Bristol is a great place with great scenery and stories. The place has great hills and rivers surrounding and that makes it special.

On that afternoon, we get train tickets and headed straight for Bath as we're planning to go to Stonehenge, but we failed to do so as we need to get to Salisbury to change bus to go. Stonehenge is in the middle of nowhere and it's far away. It's one of the goals not achieved in this trip.... We headed to town and get our shampoo and stuffs as they can't be brought onto the plane. After that we went to the Roman Baths which is a tourist spot in Bath. It's quite interesting but sometimes it get bored though. We have to carry a mobile phone look-alike tour guide around with us, it's quite annoying, they should give us headset instead so our hands can be free.

As you can see in the picture above, Liwan is holding that "phone" and so as others.

After that we head back to Travelodge to rest for next day. We had BurgerKing as our dinner that night.

Day 2 (29/5)
We continued our sight-seeing in Bath in the morning. We went to The Circus. It's not that performing circus with animals and clowns, it's basically a circle which has buildings around it. The buildings are all same and surrounding the roundabout in the middle.
This is a part of The Circus. It's a magnificent architecture.

We walked around town then headed to the railway station and headed to Oxford, which is our next destination.

The reason we went to Oxford is that we wanna see Oxford University. Oxford University is spread out the whole Oxford so we have to find them one by one... haha... Didn't manage to find all by the way.
This is the first 7 people photo we took. Asking passer-by to take it for us though.
We went to the Museum of Oxford which was the Public Library in the old days.
We went to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History as well. Took us some time there until it closed. Basically in Oxford we're going for museum tour.. LOL~~ Actually we're going to another one, just that it was closed already.

One thing interesting about Oxford, the people ride bicycles. You can see tonnes of bicycles around town, with motorcycles joining them. Young and old guys and girls, students, workers, etc, many of them ride bicycles.
As you can see in the photo above, this is one part of the bicycles only. haha...

We headed straight for London at that evening.

End of Part 1.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Jeremy! the 1st photo is OUT! abubu sooooooooooooooo ugly le...change pls?

Anonymous said...

nah... u're pretty as always.

Jeremy Tay said...

aiya.. I look good dy ok liu... haha...

nola... u look cute in tat photo lo.. I don choose lousy photo de.. don worry.. hehe...

Anonymous said...

Yeah no wonder you're standing beside her in all the photos taken.. she must be tat cute huh?

Anonymous said...

double chin ah! (T.T)

Anonymous said...

No there is no double chin. Don worry so much yea.. U look cute and pretty like how u look 2 yrs back in that "penguin" outfit.

So cheer up!!

- sheng wei..

Alvin_Ong said...

nice post...i'm looking forward to the part 2...

Sabrina said...

Really a lot of anonymous posters.. hahaha...

I'm envy cuz you're able to go to so many places. Sigh.. how I wish I was there.. :p

Moo said...

fun o~

Jeremy Tay said...

well, more places to go and update. hehe... watch out yea.