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Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Bleach? Anyone out there watching Bleach as well? It's not the bleach which use to remove or lighten colour of clothes, it's the japanese manga named Bleach.
I never wanna start watching though, dunno what's the reason, just don't feel like watching, but recently on spare time, I really have nothing to do, so I decided to start watching. Alvin said that before we move out this Saturday, 23/6, we need to rush till the latest episode which is episode 130 which will be released this coming Thursday. So this few days, other than usual routine and looking for jobs, both Alvin and I were chasing after Bleach, episode by episode. still around half to go... hehe...

The characters I like. For female characters, I like Kuchiki Rukia.
She's one strong lady but has soft emotions of a lady. Till now I feel some chemical reactions between Rukia and Ichigo, but have to wait and see... she has really bad drawing skills like a kid.. sigh~~

As for male characters, I think Zaraki Kenpachi is hell cool!
Looks like a bad guy? well, he's the 11th squad captain in Soul Society who killed previous captain to get his position now. He got super high reiatsu, or spirit force that he didn't even need to expand his soul slayer (sword) to fight. He didn't even know the name of his soul slayer.

Well, the story still has many more characters though. Watch it to know more. After finishing blogging about this, have something to eat, then continue watch.. LOL~~~


clement said...

i'm still waiting for it's newest series to be released

Valerian Chung said...

oh cool. Bleach reach 130. cool website and cool music. Cheerz~!!!