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Monday, 18 June 2007

Happy Birthday Chloe!!

So, it's Chloe's birthday today. This post is dedicated to you and can consider your birthday present from me. It's all about you Chloe.

Chloe, a special girl from JB whom I known through Liwan at around October last year. She has a huge sunny smile in nearly every photo and she looks great when she smiles. She always complaint that I take funny and lousy photos of her but I do have many pretty and nice ones though.
and cool ones of course... this picture is me asking her to pose some cool pose. well, I think it turned out to be nice though.
Ah.. talking about Chloe.... She's fun, she's crazy, she's happy, she's bubbly, she's cool.... positive type of person as I know. Seldom see her in lousy mood or thinking negatively. She's the one who had encouraged and adviced me a lot in many issues even though I just known her for less than a year. She makes me happy also even though she pissed me off at first when everytime I look for her to complaint my problems.... She never fail to make me happy....
When she comes to something which she feels unhappy about it, she'll start complaining though. She can't speak cantonese well so friends tend to laugh at her for using the wrong words. As for speaking mandarin, see what she said about herself... well, hehe... only friends who were around her knows though. LOL~~~

Remembered that I first start knowing her by waving through the window through Liwan's window. When I browse through her Friendster... I realized she's hot, seriously. I first saw her in real person when she walked down to lecture on the street with others... I still remember she wore black coat that time. I was waiting for the bus across the street. hehe.... speaking of colour, she seriously loves RED. "Chloe Loves Red" is her nick on MSN always.

By the way, she's clumsy sometimes. She loves to eat burnt pear, burn it by using heater though. That's Chloe's finest recipe!!! She loves prank as well, but Liwan sure is happy about that prank!!!! ^_^ ain't you Liwan??? LOL~~~
This is one of the photos she likes and I think it looks nice as well.

Videos, I have few videos featuring her, but, I'm gonna put only one here... If I put others, Chloe sure gonna kill me when she sees me... nenenene.... u can't catch me!!! hohohoh!!!! well, the following video features only her, and it's the shortest video of her I got.

So, the video is basically about her seeing my camera and she thought I was gonna take a photo of her, but unfortunately, all her preparations for photo and expressions were recorded down in the video. LOL~~~ cute right???

Finally, this is one photo I always like it... no reason why I like, I just like it. kekekeke......
I love her hair. Silky and shiny.... girls will envy her hair though. She loves polka dot, she got polka dot garment, got polka dot duvet cover as you can see from the picture above... what's so special about polka dot?

She cares a lot when see some other girls, even she dunno ones, passed by with similar garment as her... I mean SIMILAR, not SAME. She'll hide behind us, peeking at that girl and tell us that she looks better than that girl who passed by... HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! but not wanting to "let that girl see" her wearing the SIMILAR garment.

Ah.... for more about her, click on her blog to see about her life.

Chloe.... miss u so much... it's so quiet here without you around.. hehe... enjoy your holiday and your Perth trip this end of month.

Most importantly,



Carol said...

Happy Birthday to Chloe!She looks really nice in all that she has worn.Good luck!

Jeremy Tay said...

Hi Carol... A friend of Chloe? Well, I tried my best choosing nice photos to post up though. haha... or else she's gonna kill me...

Chloe Chong said...

HEY U!!! i have better pic than that.. dont deny it. haha :)

thanks carol. nope i dont know her.

u pick all those me-wearing-the-same black top with the same scarf. Got nothing else?? i tot u have tonnes of my pics lol :)

but thanks neway.. *tears*

Jeremy Tay said...

haha.. too many pictures till dunno which one to choose... don cry Chloe... I never see u cry before.. hehe... come on.. GREAT BIG SMILE Chloe!! :D