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Thursday, 7 June 2007

Trip to Bristol - Bath - Oxford - London - Cambridge Part 2

Continuing from Part 1.

Day 2 (29/5)
We arrived London after the trip to Oxford. We headed for Piccadilly Circus straight away from Paddington Station to see and take photo of the big signboard.
The white Valiant signboard actually is the Coca-Cola sign but it changed when we took photo of it. After that we went to Leceister Square then straight to China Town to have our first dinner at London.

We had our dinner there and after that we head straight to Travelodge near London City Airport at East London or so called Docklands.

Day 3 (30/5)
We went to Big Ben, Parliament House, then we went to Buckingham Palace to see the change of guards at 11a.m. We stand there and it started to rain and it's crap, really. It's cold as well. we waited for the guards to go in and come out, it took us one hour standing there waiting most of the time as we can't see anything in the fence as we stand quite far away, so we can only see when the guards come out or go in, and listen to the band when they played music.
Even change of guards need to play more than 3 songs??? sigh~~ Poor those guards. After everything finished, we head straight to Bayswater to have Duck Rice which is very famous there. The shop is call Four Seasons. Didn't took any photos though. Chloe left the gang after lunch to continue her own journey.

We headed to the British Museum straight after lunch. Took a very long walk inside the huge building until our legs sore and started complaining. Trust me, it's really huge and we started complaining to Adrian that we don't wanna visit anymore museum. LOL~~
That's a part of the museum. It's too big that we can't take the picture of the whole building by standing inside it. After the tiring walk, Alvin left us to see his friend while we all headed to Canary Wharf, which is a place which I wanna visit during this trip. It's a modern financial centre which have many tall office buildings and nice shopping complexes with various kinds of restaurant.
Took this photo in front of Canada Square. After some visiting around that area, we went to Wagamama for dinner. Sound strange? well, it's a Japanese restaurant which serves good food, basically noodles, rather than Sushi.
So we ordered our own food, I think Adrian has the best order though. The main reason is that he ordered noodles in Miso soup, sorry people, I really forgot all the names of our food already.
Adrian's food, which comes with a tissue and big spoon for soup.
Liwan's food, rice in some kinda soup, I forgot dy.
My food, and Cathy's request, and she ordered as well, noodles, and again, I totally forgot what's the name.
And this rice was ordered by Jeannie. It's quite a big portion with Miso soup and some pickles.

We had our great dinner and we went out for a walk outside the building as the sky is still bright. It was around 7.30p.m. when we walked out from the building.
After a short walk, we just end our day and back to rest for the next day.

To be continued.

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