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Friday, 8 June 2007

Trip to Bristol - Bath - Oxford - London - Cambridge Part 4

Continued from Part 1, 2 and 3.

Day 5 (1/6)

We rushed out to the famous Harrods which is opened by Princess Diana's lover's father, Mohamed Al Fayed at Knightsbridge and Oxford Street as we're leaving quite late that morning. Our train to Cambridge is at 1.45p.m. and we need to get to the station in time. We had a quick walk around that area then we went to Kings Cross station to catch our train. The train took us 15 more minutes to reach Cambridge due to the delay of previous train to the station. Frustrating as it's the second time having delay on train since London Tube which we were trapped in it for some time, very warm and feel like running out of air. Reason is that the rail signal malfunctioned on one of the station. Anyway, back to the story.

We reached Cambridge around an hour later, and we head straight to Travelodge. The first thing we see from outside the station is that, it's steaming, the sun is like oven, baking us at Cambridge... my goodness... Can see many lads topless walking around and many bicycles and motorcycles around. We walked under the hot sun and reached Travelodge. When we get into the room, we realized that this Travelodge has AIR-CON!! For all the Travelodge we lived, none has air-con, only heaters. This one has it. surprising, but unfortunately, the air-con doesn't produce cold air at all. darn... and the window is a one piece glass which can't be opened for ventilation. sigh~~ this is the day which I need to go straight into shower and pour some cool water throughout my body to cool myself down.

We decided to go out around 5.30p.m as the heat is not that high already. We walked downtown and passed by a great field and University Arms Hotel, which I think it's a weird name.
That's the University Arms Hotel as background. The street is narrow and old but you can see huge trucks and buses running in the narrow old street with cars parked by the side of the street. I just admire those truck and bus drivers, sitting on the driver's seat, turning the huge steering wheel controlling the huge and long vehicle. We reached River Cam which is very nice.
You can see the punts along the river, chauffeur driven. I don't know how much it cost and didn't have the chance to sit on it as Adrian who lead us, tell them that "we had already done yesterday" since the first time seeing them promoting it. Mostly youngsters standing there promoting and punting. After a quick looking at the website now I know the price. So we just walk along the area to see Cambridge University buildings.
So this is one of the university buildings which I already forgot what college is it. sigh~~ poor memory. As we continue walking, we start look for food to eat as we're starving already. As we walk, we passed by Lion Yard Shopping complex which had already closed at that time as it's already nearly 7p.m. at that time.
We finally reached the famous Browns Restaurant. Many people dining in at that time that we waited for our food for nearly an hour. Our food arrive. Appetising!
This is Cathy's burger.
Jeannie's Hot Pot with mashed potatoes, which I love the most among others.
Liwan's chicken with chips which the chicken is grilled. Smell and taste nice as well. The top red part is bacon.
This is the minute steak by Adrian. It's really grilled for a minute only.
Alvin's Pork chop with mashed potatoes in red wine sauce.
And this is mine, Salmon fish cake, which looks so little and sad. But I get the chance to taste more of others' food as my food is not very much. LOL~~

We went back to Travelodge after that and come out again after finish watching football live, England vs Brazil that night. They had a 1:1 tie at the final additional minutes with Brazil equalizing with a goal. We went downstairs to the back of Travelodge, a leisure centre. As night falls, the neon lights of the building looks nice.

That ends the day when we went back to our very warm room and don't really enjoy our sleep very much that night.

Day 6 (2/6)
It's the final day of our trip and we packed our things before going out. Basically we're going to the same place which we had gone before last evening. We went to see the Trinity College which is a famous campus of Cambridge University.
This picture is taken across the bridge. As claimed by Adrian, it's the postcard photo of Trinity College. hehe... We walked downtown again and I stand there watching this guy performing untying himself in 3 minutes. Not bad though. Got a video of it but lazy to upload. haha...

After that we saw a parade which were held at the town and they went shopping at Lion Yard Shopping while I sit and wait for them in Pret-a-Manger sipping juice while reading newspaper which I bought as I was so lazy to walk shopping complex.

We left Cambridge after having lunch at Nando's Chicken Restaurant. Stop by Peterbrough for an hour to change train. At around 9p.m. we were all back to Sunderland and that's the end of this trip.

Quite fun but tiring for the trip. Some objectives not achieved but it's ok though.



Sabrina said...

Those food make me hungry...!! ish

Jeremy Tay said...

haha... but i still miss Malaysian food... :(