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Sunday, 24 June 2007

Bye-bye Precinct...

Since yesterday we were moving our stuff. Yesterday we moved all Felicia's stuff of around 15 boxes, big and small, including luggages. sigh~~ well, we used a supermarket cart to help move our stuff. Speaking of supermarket cart, there are 3 in The Precinct, where we live, 1 from Tesco and another 2 from Aldi. Don't really know why it's there though. We used the Aldi cart as it's bigger than Tesco's. That's our only transportation, and it's quite convenient as it does not require any running cost. No fuel, environmental safe, no parking charges, can park anywhere we want, can "drive" anywhere, no insurance, doesn't require driving license, and it's more attractive than BMW or Mercedes when on the road!!!
So that's the cart we were using, one pushing and one controlling the front so it won't go out of control. We go like that for around 7 times return and the final time today we just pull our luggages. Looks fun? haha... As we walk down the street to our new place which is around 15 minutes walking with the cart, many people look at us as it's unusual to push a supermarket cart along the street, that's why I said it's more attractive than any other cars. LOL~~ Crossing the road is another difficult thing as the traffic lights are fast and some of the pavements are higher a bit than the road. It's tiring pushing and pulling that cart for so many times though. Around 6p.m. today, we manage to finish moving our stuff.
The Precinct, Block 20, which I had happy and sweet memories here.... all the group activities after around February were held in Block 20, including our usual dinner with all my Sunderland family members. From today onwards, for one month, I'll be living here, at Tunstall Terrace, near Park Lane, with Alvin and Nic staying in the room I rented and with Felicia renting for 2 months next to our room. After few weeks, Nic and Alvin will be leaving back to Malaysia and I'll stay until 1 month full, then I'll decide the next move.

Will I be moving again?? God knows....


Jean said...

Remember to put photos of you guys in your new room/house. I'll be waiting '.^

Jeremy Tay said...

haha... okok... will got chance de..