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Friday, 29 June 2007

The day after birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and today is a whole new day and I get such mood. I hate myself for stepping into something like that. I hate it. I don't even know what am I suppose to feel now. Getting stabbed, slashed, arrowed, chopped, sliced, shot by someone I don't even know on the heart. Is a she. I regretted approving her in my list. I thought the conversation is gonna be fine till she said something so "honest" that killed me totally. Now, I got nothing left. I was so moody since noon....

I thought things would change when i came back with good news and funny news. I was wrong. Everything was ruined by that girl again. Shit. This is when she killed me. KNNCCB!!! I don't even know her and she said something like that to me? And I can't tell much here as it's too disappointing to say and I can't explain here as it's too sensitive to tell. I can't tell why she's in my list as it's again too sensitive to tell.

I can't talk to anyone about the whole incident. I have nobody to talk to. I bury the burden beneath my own. I don't even know why am I so stupid to get involved and now, more and more people are involved. I'm not gonna online on MSN for the time being until I feel want to. I don't want to talk to anyone and I can't trust anyone anymore.

Now I have nothing but myself and a torn heart with shit poured over. I gave out my all already. For those who understand what I'm talking about, I gave out my all already and that's all I have. I have none left! Once again, I only have myself and a torn heart with shit poured over, u get me?

and the weather is so dark and cold like past few days..... like my mood today....

feel like crashing the wall and scream and punch everything I see.... I never get so lousy mood... not even last time I was in such a bad mood..... worst day of my life.... even though I get a free chicken which generates £3 for me...


Angel Valerie said...

hey, buddy...

i might not know what happened to u but please be strong, ok?

Anonymous said...

hey hey

dun let those stupid thingy affect u anymore...i must learn to protect ourselves. get rid those that may harm point letting them to spoil our mood.