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Thursday, 28 June 2007

27th June 2007

It's a date which is quite special for me.... cos it's my birthday!!!!!!! haha... and this is my 100th POST!! Nic asked me why I got so much to blog about.. well, maybe I just like to share my thoughts and life with others by words.

So, what's on my birthday?? Sleep?? haha... slept quite late last night as I played Monopoly with Alvin, Nic and Felicia. That was before 12 o'clock. I lost badly like usual when playing Monopoly.. so sad and disappointed though.. but after finishing first round, we played another round and I win it!! Ah.. at least I won the game... then slept at around 4a.m. till 11a.m. When wake up, Alvin straightly start playing DOTA. Why the heck is he so crazy about it.. and even now he's still sitting beside me continuing the game.

The weather today is just.. wet.. raining again and that makes us quite disappointed as we were planning to go to Newcastle for buffet as it's my birthday. We went out anyway... and arrived Newcastle at around 1.30p.m. We went to The Gate to tryout Wokmania which we saw for some time but never get to try out the buffet there. The first impression, its decor is nice. I like its design, simple and clean.
So this is the main entrance of Wokmania, Chinese Buffet.
The interior decor...
The food served, which is quite nice for a Chinese buffet in England. The Malaysian curry is surprisingly nice, but the level of hot which is medium as specified on the sign doesn't represent the hotness of the curry at all. I think is even less than mild for that level...
Eating with Felicia, Alvin and Nic for second round of the buffet. We ate until we were full that we can't walk straight.... till now, 8.16p.m., I'm still full like just finish my meal. £5.90 per person for buffet and £1.80 for refillable soft drinks per person. £7.70 for a meal which can let us full until we only need 1 meal a day, that's really worth it, just that we need to add £2.50 for the Metro tickets to go there... £10.20 for a day spent, not bad though.

After meal, we went to have a walk at Eldon Square as Felicia wanna shop for a while cos there are sales happening in the shops. After shopping, we went to the Gateshead Millennium Bridge and The Sage Gateshead which we long want to go and take photos but doesn't have a chance. We walked there and took some photos, and rain falls again... sigh~~ Walking in the rain back to the Metro Station and head back home....
Gateshead Millennium Bridge
The Sage, Gateshead, which is one of the landmarks in Newcastle.

I checked my Friendster and realized that I had more birthday messages than last year.. happy!! and my bro send me a birthday e-card which is from my family...
cute right?? Thanks all for the birthday wishes, and blog post as well.. click here for the post which is about me... and thanks to Cath for the card which you had gave me before we went back to Kuching. I love that custom made card. Thanks Liwan for the SMS and thanks to Nic, Alvin and Felicia for the buffet.

Seems like my first birthday at England wasn't that bad at all...

and that's the end of my 100th blog post.


Ken said...

blessed birthday

Jeremy Tay said...

Cheers Ken!!

SabrinaW said...

Happy belated birthday!! =) Looked like you enjoy urself very much.
God bless!