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Thursday, 7 June 2007

Trip to Bristol - Bath - Oxford - London - Cambridge Part 3

Continuing from Part 1 and 2.

Day 4 (31/5)
We went to the Tower of London to see the crown jewels, armors, weapons and etc. It cost us £13!!! My goodness it's expensive... but luckily there's a lot to see and quite interesting inside.

We had fish and chips for lunch after that. It's quite filling though, and consider cheap.We went to the Natural History Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum and luckily we don't have enough time to go into the museums or else we'll be staying there for long time again. Just took some photos of the outside views.

We walked along that area and went to Kensington Park where the late Princess Diana used to live next to Kensington Palace. We passed by Royal Albert Hall and the Albert Memorial Monument.

That's the girls with Kensington Palace as background. After visiting, we headed to Greenwich at East London. It's a place which I had never been to so it's quite fresh for me. We pass by the University of Greenwich. It's a nice place and as we walked towards the Royal Observatory which the Greenwich Meantime took place, we pass by Maritime Museum, and and the back of the museum, the park is great with lots of people around playing.

We arrived the Royal Observatory at the top of the mountain and took some photos. The view of Canary Wharf from up there is simply spectacular.
This is the 00:00 Greenwich meantime line which is on the floor.
So that's the view of the Museum and Canary Wharf at the back.

We headed straight to Cutty Sark which was burnt at 21/5, and went back to London Central to see London Eye.
This picture shows the burnt Cutty Sark from the side, for bird view, see the link above.
As the London Eye was quite expensive and only a short ride adding that we have to queue to get in, we decided not to get on. We went for dinner after that at Spaghetti House which we chose finally after looking for all the restaurants nearby Tottenham Court Road.
It's an Italian Restaurant. The food taste fine and it cost us a bomb. Life in London. After dinner we went back to Travelodge and that's the end of Day 4.

To be Continued.


Sabrina said...

Does that mean, on the other side of the meantime line it's another time?

Jeremy Tay said...

nope, that'll be till another line. then it'll be +1 or -1 hour.

MyviKiller said...

I went to Bath as well. You know the houses at the big roundabout there? Costs at least 650,000 for each unit, so expensive.

Anyway my dog nearly jumped into the weir...hahaha