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Friday, 15 June 2007

My feelings now

I got nothing to do for the whole night. So I stay in shower for 40 minutes, seldom stay in shower for that long. After that I continuously watch Bleach for 9 episodes... till now. I never wanna watch Bleach as I don't feel like watching... but I watch today like there's no tomorrow... so to let myself not be so sad and moody... been like that since last night, but I can't show. Today is the worse day in my life here in Sunderland. Even till now I'm still extremely emotional. I can't help. Don't blame me, don't scold me please. I really can't help myself. Pray that I'll be strong for months to come.... as I'm missing someone extremely badly out there.... wonder if she's sleeping soundly now.


Angel Valerie said...

be strong, my friend, be strong. dont forget u still have me to be with you when you need someone. although i cant be there for u as before, at least, you can still complain to me if you've anything. i'll lend u my ears to hear, eyes to see and read and shoulders to cry on.

u're my best buddy.

i know the feeling of missing someone but you cant reach out to him or her. it's really tough... but it's all about what time can prove.

Sabrina87 said...

Don't think too much lah k? I'm sure time will heal. =) go to its a websites tat has lots of movies to watch.. =)

Jeremy Tay said...

Thanks Sabrina. Well, I'm fine already. Just that I got other things to worry about. Do pray for me k. Thanks.