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Friday, 31 August 2007

Happy Birthday

It's the final day of August and it's the official Malaysian Independence Day. Happy Birthday to Malaysia, my beloved country.
Apart from Malaysia, there are 2 more out there whose Birthday is around the same day.

First of all, my beloved brother. 30th August.
and second, Maple a.k.a. Liwan a.k.a. Panpan, my 'niece'. She has a Merdeka Birthday which is on 31st August.
Happy Birthday to you all!!


clem said...

your twin bro? ha ha

Jeremy said...

no la... 3 yrs younger...

Charles a.k.a mojoKarl said...

Hey bro, what's up ?
Nice blog you've got here, you ought to get your own domain lah since you can write better that most of the people I know.
So you have just finished your studies huh ? How did the interview go ?

Jeremy said...

hi Charles welcome to my blog... yea i finished my studies. The interview went on ok and now waiting for de company to reply me.

getting own domain? not so soon I guess. wait till I got enough traffic to get my own domain.. hehe... n thanks for de compliments yea..