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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Day-out to Basildon

Last Saturday I went to Basildon, the heart of Essex. The weather is extra fine that I felt like eaten by the sun.
This is the Westgate Shopping Park that my aunt and I went. It's quite a huge place that it has an Eastgate Shopping Park that connected to it, but we didn't go due to lack of time.
This tower here, I don't know what it is. It just have huge bells at the top of the transparent building and you can see it functioning. I was lucky enough to hear those huge bells ding-donging. Surprised that it doesn't sound nice at all.. no melody at all and it's just disturbing and noisy. Damn it. Even the bells that the monks hit in the temple sounds better. And how the hell is it for? It's not a clock tower as well!! It's just simply annoying. I'll go nuts if I live nearby.
Anyway, we're back to the complex and the bells still ding-donging... That Toni & Guy building is an individual building which I found quite special. Behind it is Costa Coffee, also an individual building. As we can see from the blue banners, there is a motorshow happening this coming weekend. Not sure will I be able to get there or not as I depend on other people's transport.. Hope I can get there to have a walk this coming weekend.

Well, we walk straight to Primark, choose and there I go... a set of suit. Sorry about the picture though. Of all the photos I took in the changing room, this one is the best one to show even though it's still lousy. I look totally like a jerk in other pictures. £25 for the suit and £10 for the pants. I grab myself a bargain!!
We went to Woolsworth to get some birthday presents for a 4 year old kid after that. I get myself a bar of Guylian Chocolate!!!! Costing only around more than £1 but less than £1.50.
I just tried it yesterday. It tasted marvelous. Melted in mouth but not sticking on teeth, leaving the fragrant and taste of cocoa in mouth... MmmMmMmmMm.....

That's my day-out last Saturday.


Angel Valerie said...

phweit... lengzai jeremy, lengzai!

Jeremy said...

hehe.. wait till i take a more lengzai pic la... this one lousy le...

Anonymous said...



Jeremy said...

hehe.. that suit is preparing myself for work dy...