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Saturday, 18 August 2007

Some Questions for All Readers

Please leave feedbacks on the survey questions below. Anonymous comments are welcome. I hope I can get as much information as possible so I can improve this blog!!!

1. What do you think of the postings in this blog? interesting? boring?

2. Did you finish reading the post everytime? or just glance through? or only read when it attracts you? or anything?

3. Which type of posts do you like?

4. Did you ever use anything on my sidebar other than the chatbox?

5. Give additional comments if there is any.


clement said...

it's your blog, u can put anything u wan, ha ha, as long i get updates from any fren, i won't complain about wad they put.. too bad, i dun bring a cam to kk this time, so, readers missed a whole lot.. :P

Jean said...

1)some interesting, some boring loh.
2)some finished reading, some stopped half way loh.
(jeremy sure geram with these two ans de:P)

3)i don hav any preference on what u put. as long as u are kicking and living well.
4)the links to other ppl's blog

Done!hehe.. remember to thank me ar..*bluek*

SabrinaW said...

Depends when I'm reading them. Sometimes when the post gets too long, I'll just glance through. The songs player is good but if de-automatic it I think it would be better because sometimes the music thing slows down the openin of ur blog

Ken said...

why do I get this feeling I'm looking at a business assignment XD

what clement said.

Berberboo said...

i like post with pictures!!! =D