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Thursday, 9 August 2007

My House

Ever thought of how the house I live now looks like?

Well, not very big, not small for a bachelor, studio type, super huge front door, tiny windows.







This is my house, single storey with an attic, drive in studio type, everything under one roof. Cool during summer, cold during winter. The plants beside the main door provide fresh air to me when I walk out the door.

Let me introduce the interior. I beg your pardon for the messiness in the house as I just finished a project yesterday.
This is my working desk. I got everything I needed on the desk, under the desk and beside the desk.
These are my refrigerators. I got food and drinks stored inside. I got some wine on top there to serve my customers and friends when visiting.
So here are my other supplies of drinks, I got milk, still water, and some lemonade. Some fruits back there as well. The black thing down right is the wine freezer. Got some wine inside though.

So now, let me introduce my transportation, i got a car and a bike. cool eh?
It's a roadster, model: lawnmower. Single seater with big wide rear wheels, sporty. Easy to drive, easy to park, easy to maintain. It has a function of cutting grass in big lawns fast.
This is my bike. Sporty yellow, 65mph top speed, 2-stroke engine, one speed, front & rear disc breaks. Uses only petrol with 2-stroke oil mixture, and engine coolant.

Finally, you people might be wondering where do I sleep. Now I'm gonna introduce my room. My room of course is on the attic.
That's my house. You are welcome to visit at any time when I'm in. Please contact me before coming to visit yea.

*aiya, just my uncle's garage la...*


Anonymous said...

i tot it was a workshop..
hows the neighbourhood btw?
snap some if u can..
would like to view how london was like..

Jeremy said...

LOL~~~ did u see the little words at de end of the post?

Jean said...

eee? just a few days didn't drop by and some changes to your blog already.

haiya~ garage also so nice to show..

Jeremy said...

haha... just babbling around...

SabrinaW said...

I was just thinking.. houses in UK is like that one meh.. luckily it was only ur uncle's garage.. LOL

Jeremy said...

hehehehe.... having fun posting this one... kekeke....

clement said...

looks fun, found any playboy stash around there? ha ha

Jeremy said...

nope... hehe..