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Friday, 17 August 2007

Journey to Magna Park

Yesterday was a very important day for me as I went for my first interview since I graduated. I went to Magna Park at Leicestershire which is quite a journey from where I live. As there is no trains passing by, I need to stop at a place call Rugby which has the nearest train station to Magna Park.
This is my first time using Virgin Trains. The interior of the train is quite modern and they did a good job decorating it. It's something like in a spaceship in some parts. Due to that I travelled too early in the morning, I was too sleepy to think of taking photos.
Rugby, a small town which can be finished walk within an hour.
The station's location is quite strange as it is not that near to the town centre. It is like in the middle of no where. 15 minutes walk to the town though. Luckily I met 2 Canadian travellers, Danny and Simon who stopped by to visit Danny's granny and waiting for Danny's mom who came earlier, to pick them up. I get a free ride with them to town. It's great to know that they went to Thailand, Laos and China before coming to England. It's been few months since they start travelling from Canada.
After I get myself a bacon and mushroom burger, which I forgotten to take photo of it again, I walked back to the train station to wait for my job agent to fetch me up.
This is the warehouse I went for my interview. It's a logistic company. After around an hour and half of the interview, including showing me around the warehouse, everything ended by getting a free ride back to the train station by one of the employee there. She's from Poland.

Well, now I can only pray that I get the job as I feel that I like this job role a lot. It's the manager's decision now between me and another guy from China. Looking forward to the agent's phone call already.


Anonymous said...



Jeremy said...

Thank you. :)

clement said...

this is where hu lampa comes in handy... ha ha

Jeremy said...

well... this company... use a bit enough la... they got good culture.. great company to work with... The manager who interviewed me is quite fun to talk to. Something like casual chat actually.

Alvin_Ong said...

wish u all the best....
good luck to u...