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Saturday, 11 August 2007

Emma Griffiths

I just watched Big Brother on TV just now, and continue watching Big Brother Big Mouth (BBBM) after that. This is my first time really ever sitting down watching Big Brother!!

Well, that doesn't matter now as it's not about Big Brother. It's just when I start watching BBBM, I realized the host.. Emma Griffiths... OH MY GOODNESS!!! She is SO Gorgeous!!! Her eyes are so gorgeous... damn it...

This are some limited photos I can find online. She's not pretty enough here though... The one I saw just now on TV, she's great!!

So what do I like about her? Once again, EYES. That is the first impression for me when I first seen a girl. Eyes attract my attention. Click the first photo for enlargement so you can see her eyes. Love her eye colours...

This is BBBM few weeks ago. Play the video to see her on the show. I love her voice as well.. hihi... rather see her in video than in photo though. Sadly tonight is her final show hosting BBBM. Don't know when can I see her on TV again...

I think she is gorgeous, what do you think about her?

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Angel Valerie said...

testing, testing... hehe