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Saturday, 18 August 2007

Sam & Amanda

I had been watching Big Brother 8 for 2 weeks now, and it's nearly the end of this season. Among all the house mates, the twins Sam & Amanda are the most appealing among all.

The twins are from Newcastle-under-Lyme, 18 years old and studying social work in Manchester Metropolitan University. They call themselves "Twincredible". Bubbly is the perfect word to describe them. Never seen them argue with anyone, cheering everyone up... The house would never be as lively if they are not around. Just love to see them. People say they are the nation's most favourite twins!!

Left: Sam - Right: Amanda

Overall, I love Amanda more, only one reason - - She's more pretty!! LOL~~~ and more gorgeous eyes...

This is a slideshow that I found online which featuring few more pictures of them. Click for latest pictures of Amanda HERE and Sam HERE.

What do you think about them? Which one looks more pretty? Give your comments...

Click HERE for more about Sam & Amanda.
Click HERE to know more about Big Brother.


Jean said...

i find both of them looked the same. but in the pictures u posted, amanda does look more pretty 'coz of her more mischievous smile. other then that, those two are of the same 'standard'. the wonders of identical twins.haha..

Jeremy said...

nope... they don't look the same.. hehe... Sam looks a bit more chubby and her eyes are not same as Amanda... look closer... I can identify them anytime on tv now.. hehe..

Jean said...

still think they are the same *shrug*