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Sunday, 2 September 2007

Nottinghill Carnival Part 1

*Finally come up with my carnival trip as I was too lazy to edit the pictures and videos. Sorry about that*

I arrived London at 25th August in longer time than I thought. It was unexpected that there is engineering works happening half way of the rail track. I was forced to change bus at Billericay to Laindon to continue my journey.
Damn the train delayed 20 minutes then forced to change train again at Upminster due to some faults. I continued my journey by tube as I was fed up. I arrived around 2 hours later than usual time. Went for a nice meal after that with my mate and off to the carnival!!

It was around 4.30pm when we arrived Hyde Park where the first day's event took place.
The weather was fine and many people were there enjoying the sun and holiday and of course, the carnival!!

First day of the carnival is the National Panorama Championship which Steel Bands take part to compete against each other. Wondering what is steel bands? Basically, steel music is a type of Carribean music which their instruments were mostly made of steel. Thinking of pots and pans and those big steel oil barrels? Well, not pots and pans of course... they are professionals though.
How were they sound like then? Watch the video below. First part of the video is the practice session of one of the bands and second part is another band in the competition. There were altogether 7 groups competing that day as it was the finals.

That's the end of Nottinghill Carnival Day 1, National Panorama Championship.
This photo was taken at around 6.30p.m. Love it.

Part 2 for day 2 and 3 coming up shortly...


clement said...

i forgot what that instrument is called, last time read about it somewhere... something drum... i love the sound

Jeremy said...

steel drums?? hehe...

Anonymous said...



Jeremy said...

yea... that's the crowds for that competition only... the last day is the highlight... update soon. millions of Londoners and tourists... hehe...

Anonymous said...

wa.. c = cathy... hrmm


Jeremy said...

C is my cousin...