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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Blogging feelings

For the past 6 months blogging here, I'd post around 140 posts. Wondering why am I blogging, what is the purpose of blogging.

Before starting my blog here, I write some posts in Friendster blog to share my life experiences with my friends, then after I read more and more blogs, I decide to change to Blogger for more functions. Using the same title, I started blogging here since end of February.

At first, only friends were reading what I posted, then since I attached a counter in my blog, I realized that the numbers were growing at snail pace. I decided to spread more words about my blog, then learn online on how to attract more readers and so on. Numbers of readers increased bit by bit, then I tried put on advertisements, like other blogs. After some weeks, I just realized that the advertisements are just for decorations as it generates me nothing.

At times I feel like I got so much to say as I experienced a lot, but I felt quite lazy to write more than one post, but sometimes, like today, I just don't have anything to write about, as I'm stuck at home and achieved nothing!! Not even making the new roller coaster functioning!! *sob*

Anyway, thanks for reading my crapping if you manage to read until this point. I don't know what am i writing up there.. -.-"


MonkeWong said...

U dun what to write n still can write so much, lihai lah u :P

Jeremy said...

just babbling and crapping... no specific interesting topic lo...hehe...