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Monday, 28 May 2007

Backpacking down south

In 3 and half hours time, I'll be leaving Sunderland with 6 more people, Cathy, Alvin, Chloe, Adrian, Liwan and Jeannie. We'll be flying down south to Bristol by EasyJet flight number EZY565 at 7a.m.

From Bristol we'll go east all the way till end of journey. That'll be Bristol - Bath - Oxford - London - Cambridge. We'll be using train most of the time of our journey. Weather forecast shows that there'll be slight showers during our days in London. Overall we'll be experiencing quite a bit of showers for our trip. So please pray for us that the weather will be fine, and everyone will have good health and also temper, transport, flight, etc. Thanks peeps.

I'll try to update if I got internet connections.

Till then. Chao.


Moo said...

go kai kai o~.. enjoy!

Sabrina said...

Can't wait for u to be pack.. have fun!

clement said...

anae song

Zhen D. Liu said...

glad to be here, i'm Chinese, i suffered a strong sense of Chinese-English after reading your blogs...