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Friday, 18 May 2007


So today I'm reflecting on this word, backstab. Why the hell am I thinking about it? It's complicated. You might tell me that don't care what others say and just be myself, but it matters me as well. why? I backstab others as well, unfortunately. Now I'm thinking of how much harm had i made to others. Maybe someone out there is doing the same thing to me for the mistakes I had done as well... I wonder had someone had hated me before for knowing from others that I said something bad about them. Sorry for that and I mean it as I don't feel nice too when the same thing happen to me.

Just a thought. No offense to anyone yea. It's a free place to say how I feel right?


Moo said...

I understand that. You reminded me that I, as well, have ever done it.

Moo said...

And.. I'm very jealous!
You were inside Audi TT 2007 ?!


Jeremy Tay said...

more photo to come Moo... just took photos just now!!